Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation

Control and Supervision ReformControl and Supervision Reform

The Analytical Center houses the Project Office to implement the reform of control, supervisory and licensing activities. Its key task is expert-analytical and organizational-methodological support of the reform events.

The reform priorities are enshrined in the Guidelines of Activities of the Government of the Russian Federation until 2024. They include:

  • implementation of a risk-based approach;
  • development of prevention of violations of mandatory requirements;
  • introduction of an assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the CSA focused on reducing the damage and costs of controlled entities;
  • comprehensive update of mandatory requirements.

Effective of January 1, 2021, a new system of control and supervisory legislation was launched. Two main federal laws “On Mandatory Requirements in the Russian Federation” and “On State Municipal Control” have been adopted.

More than 12 thousand acts fell under the "regulatory guillotine" - this is about 90% of all acts containing mandatory requirements. A significant part of them are documents of the Soviet and post-Soviet era. Many of them duplicated each other, and some were not relevant.

21 government bodies providing for normative legal regulation, 33 government bodies fulfilling control and supervisory functions, as well as more than 40 industry working groups are participating in the work on the improvement of the system of state control (supervision) and licensing activities.

Another important thematic area of ​​the Project Office activity is pre-trial appeal of control and supervisory activities. This is a digital service that allows to settle a dispute between a controlled entity and a control body in a pre-trial manner, as well as actions (inaction) of its officials.

Pre-trial appeal of actions and decisions of regulatory and supervisory authorities on some types of control (supervision) is available from August 2020, and will become mandatory for everyone starting January 1, 2023.

Head of the Project Office for the implementation of the reform of control, supervision and licensing activities is Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov.