Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation

New technologies serve as driver of regions’ development

Three roundtables organized by the Analytical Center have taken place within the framework of the business program of the Technoprom-2021 international technological development forum held with the Analytical Center’s support. All of them were devoted to the development of new technologies one way or another.

The Technoprom-2021 forum, organized under the aegis of the Year of Science and Technology, has become a key thematic venue for dialogue between science, business and the government – the main parties to the innovations process. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko noted at the plenary session that work on a new state program of scientific and technological development began this year. There are plans to allot over 1 trillion rubles for the program.

The government supports research in the field of new technologies. This fact has been highlighted, in particular, by the participants in the “Modern Russian Technologies as a Driver of Regions’ Development” discussion organized by the Analytical Center. The attraction of resources for the implementation of strategic initiatives and advanced regional practices that help achieve the targets set by the Russian government have been discussed.

Meanwhile, the “Eco-System of DeepTech Projects – How to Build Chain for Commercializing DeepTech Technologies in Russia?” panel discussion organized by the Analytical Center examined examples and prospects of the use of the DeepTech technology. The “Regional Projects: Problems, Solutions and Prospects of Implementation” roundtable addressed the implementation of national projects on the regional and municipal levels.