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Experts discuss project management, modern challenges

How do the pandemic and digital transformation change project management? Who’s the project management leader – is that the public sector or business? What qualities should a project supervisor have? The answers were discussed by participants in a panel discussion on the sidelines of the 32nd IMPA World Congress.

The pandemic has shown that project teams and supervisors must work under extreme conditions, President of the SOVNET Project Management Association Alexander Tovb said. “The past two years proved how important it is to be capable of implementing urgent, extreme projects in a fast, quality and effective manner in order to ensure the sustainable development of an entity,” Tovb said, adding that the issue would be actively discussed at the congress.

Global statistical information suggests that 11% of project budget is lost due to bad management, Alexander Ryabinin, managing director and head of the project management office at the Sber construction department, said. In his opinion, statistical data proves that companies, which have chosen the path of project management, are more successful in implementing projects. “Since 2016, when we started to implement project management, commercialization of projects has accelerated seven times. Products are emerging four times more frequently. We understand and accommodate client needs better. About 3,000 Agile teams are now working in Sber,” the expert said.

Project management is developing in public and corporate sectors of Russia, the discussion participants said. Both the authorities and business have best practices. “There is a gap between public and corporate sectors, but there is also a gap between corporations. The public sector, the regional authorities are not rejecting project management. It’s just that everyone is proceeding at a different pace,” deputy head of the Sakhalin regional government Vyacheslav Alenkov said. The Sakhalin region views project management is a key instrument of the implementation of its development strategy and the accomplishment of specific targets that improve the quality of life. In the words of Alenkov, project management methods are embedded in the regional governance process alongside the digital transformation, lean technologies, and key performance indicators, which the public center has borrowed from the corporate environment.

The experts agreed that the key to successful project management is the interest and enthusiasm exhibited by the corporate management in the transformation process. “Before they start to implement project management, the corporate management should understand why that is necessary and what transformation goals they set for themselves, as well as how these objectives are related to the company’s strategic development,” Ryabinin said.

The Analytical Center is a co-organizer of the 32nd IPMA World Congress, which takes place in St. Petersburg on September 21-23, 2021, as the biggest professional project management event in Russia.