Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation

Sergey Nakvasin
Analytical Center Deputy Head

Applied use of artificial intelligence is on the rise

“In the opinion of artificial intelligence itself (a new language model), artificial intelligence is a self-organizing intelligent computing system. A fairly good definition, given that it is an algorithm, mathematics with a very large number of parameters that lie at the bottom of AI,” Analytical Center Deputy Head Sergei Nakvasin said on Radio Mayak.

Asked by the radio host if there is a risk of a situation in which artificial intelligence would start ordering people, Nakvasin answered in the negative. The average consensus projections of when AI would at least be roughly likened to humans in the ability to tackle creative tasks are expected to appear no earlier than 2099.

There are hundreds applied machine learning algorithms in Russia today, and thousands around the world. The practical application of AI is expanding - from translators and speed cameras to the search for people using neural networks, Nakvasin said.

What professions are in jeopardy in the near future due to their replacement with neural networks? Discussions on this issue are constantly ongoing, and the most common answer is that the routine ones, for example, such as a security guard, since now there is a face recognition system. “But I will say something else - in fact, the number of new professions associated with the AI development appearing today exceeds the number of the old ones that disappear,” said the AC deputy head.

According to Nakvasin, when artificial intelligence starts to deal mainly with the economy, people will be able to assist each other more, especially in the creative and social spheres where a lot of work is in store. The new trend is not just the recognition of voice, images, etc. by neural networks, but also the creation of content. For example, a very fresh solution is automatic dubbing of films with the adjustment of the actors' facial expressions to the Russian language.

The state supports pilot projects in this area, reducing risks for investors, the expert said.