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Marketplaces May Change Rules of Working with Hotel Business

Marketplaces May Change Rules of Working with Hotel Business

How does price parity influence competition in online booking? Is our antimonopoly authority adequately empowered to counter unscrupulous market players? These themes were discussed by participants in the videoconference “Digital Platforms and Price Parity Terms: competition issues in the travel industry” organized by the Analytical Center.

Adjusting wholesale electricity market regulation to prove more difficult

Methane emissions (which account for 45% of global oil-and-gas industry emissions) are a natural focus of climate policy in the developed oil producing countries, Analytical Center experts said in their new energy bulletin. The IAE and national agencies have different assessments of such emissions in Russia.

Analytical Center using big data for monitoring Covid-19 situation

The Covid-19 monitoring in Russia has set an example of operational management decisions based on quality data, said participants in the roundtable, “Covid-19 Monitoring Practices in the Public Sector and Business: Data Management Approaches, Applied Technologies, and Analytical Services,” hosted by the Analytical Center.
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Reasonable oil price discounts keep oil refining sector afloat

Research supervisor from the Analytical Center’s Department for the Fuel-and-Energy Sector, Housing and Public Utilities Alexander Kurdin has commented on Saudi Arabia’s decision to offer discounted oil prices to buyers in Europe and Asia in September and its influence on the price of Russian oil in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Railroad companies need new opportunities

Measures supporting the railroad industry vary from one country to another, and there is no standard way to be followed, expert Alexey Safronov from the Analytical Center’s Department for Transport Economics and Development told the Pult Upravlenia outlet in comments on the Analytical Center bulletin on countering the coronavirus impact on railroad transport.

Pult Upravleniya

Digitization of Electric Power Supply Industry Reaches Consumers

The use of “intelligent” electric energy meters will enable consumers to telecommunicate the meter readings to power supply and distribution companies; housing owners will no longer have to transmit meter readings themselves, the Analytical Center expert Oleg Kolobov told the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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