Best Information Analytics Tools Сontest

Since 2016 the Analytical Center has been holding the annual Best Information Analytics Tools contest whose aim is to promote the creation, identification and replication of the best information analytics tools that can help improve the decision-making processes employed by government bodies at various levels.

Invitations to participate in the Best Information Analytics Tools contest are extended to developers of software solutions that can be used by public authorities at the federal and local levels, analytical services, situational awareness centers and project management offices as well as by government officials in charge of making managerial decisions.

What sets this contest apart is that it offers expert assessment for the submitted projects that involves giving the specialists involved the opportunity to talk about the most effective technology platforms, analytics tools and solutions that can improve public administration. It's important to note that the result is not only a set of recommendations for federal authorities on how to use information analytics tools but also a report that can be found useful by various analytics services, situational awareness centers, project management offices and businesses operating across a broad range of industries.

Traditionally, the results are announced and the award ceremony is held at the final conference.

For details see the website of the Contest