"Proyektniy Olimp" Contest

In 2018 the Analytical Center is holding the Project Olympus contest for the 5th time. The anniversary edition expands not just the geographical but temporal boundaries as well. Traditionally the Project Olympus would start off in June, but this year it begins much earlier, on the first day of spring.

Since 2018 the Best Project of the Year contest has been an independent nomination in the Project Olympus with its own schedule. It will be accepting applications from March 1 through March 20. The nomination schedule looks as follows: March 1–30: submission of applications (until March 20) and collection of reports until March 30, April 2–25: selection (the reports will be reviewed by the assessors, all the materials will be aggregated and finalists will be selected), May 1–31: the finals (visits to the finalists), June 1–15: the jury evaluation stage. The winners in the Best Project of the Year will be announced during a conference to be held in Ulyanovsk in early July (the dates are being finalized).

Applications for the other nominations of the Project Olympus will be accepted from June 1. Certain things are planned to be different here as well: some of the traditional nominations are going to have different content, there will be some new nominations introduced in response to the evolving demands of project management. The main competition schedule will also comprise a submission of applications stage (June 30 – July 30), a selection stage (August 1–31) and the finals (September 1–30) and then the jury will evaluate the finalists in October.

The winners of Project Olympus 2018 are to be announced in the last ten days of November at a conference that routinely will be held at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation.

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  • 01.03.2018

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