Russia and China aim to build a common economic space in Eurasia

25 june 2015 | Xinhua News Agency

The functioning and development of the Russian economy was a key issue discussed at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. Statements made by Russian officials and experts suggest that the most challenging period for the Russian economy has been passed and now it is performing much better than expected.

Gleb Pokatovich
Gleb Pokatovich
Deputy Head

The Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich and AC expert Daniil Nametkin told Xinhua News Agency in an interview that the Russian Government has approved Key Priority Activities for medium-term social and economic development until 2018. The experts believe that in order to achieve these goals a new growth model has to be put in place but that is only possible on condition that macroeconomic stability can be maintained and the quality of state governance is markedly improved.

The experts also note that relations between Russia and China are evolving towards ever closer partnership with the two countries aiming to build a common economic space in Eurasia. In their opinion, the two countries can cooperate even more than they do now and very soon we could see closer cooperation in various areas