If the pipeline goes via he European Union countries, Gazprom will need to bring it in line with the Energy Package

22 june 2015 | "Kompaniya"

As early as May, Alexey Miller, the Head of Gazprom, announced the construction of the Turkish Stream, a key pipeline for Gazprom. According to a study by Vygon Consulting published on June 8, the Turkish Stream project could evolve per a number of scenarios, and the probability of their fruition depends on numerous risks accompanying the project, first and foremost – on how the European Commission will behave.

Alexander Kurdin
Alexander Kurdin
Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Alexander Kurdin, the Head of the Department for Strategic Studies in Energy at the Analytical Center, noted in an interview with the KO.RU weekly that, if the pipeline goes through the European Union countries, Gazprom will have to bring it in line with Energy Package standards. Otherwise, says Kurdin, the fate of the part of the project focused on the European Union will be on hold.

The publication notes that, when necessary, the EU has shown a readiness to ignore its own rules. TAP itself has been excluded from the rules of the Third Energy Package. Azerbaijan is allowed to fill the pipeline with its fuel at 100%. This exception is approved by the European Commission, and is valid until 2038, but given the EU's commitment to energy independence, Russia should not expect such understanding, the publication concludes.