Approaches to the solution of issues of cities' heat supply and settlements should be miltifactorial

29 may 2015 | Energyland

The expert of the Analytical center Evgeny Gasho made a report at the traditional power seminar named after A.S. Nekrasov organized by the Institute of economic forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Evgeny Gasho
Evgeny Gasho
Department for Expert Analytics

According to Energyland, in Evgeny Gasho's report prerequisites and conditions of development of systems of heat supply of the Russian cities were considered, the analysis of the happened changes is carried out. On examples of specific projects and calculations the interrelation between a situation on sources, in networks and at consumers, between thermal and electric loadings is shown. Mr. Gasho with figures in hands discredited a number of myths on multiply higher power consumption of the Russian apartment houses in comparison with foreign analogs, showed features of formation of the indicator of power consumption of the Gross Regional Product of Russia in comparison with other countries, proved technological inexpediency of the thermal insulation of buildings over a certain level. 

"Approaches to the solution of questions of heat supply of the cities and settlements have to be miltifactorial, with a clear understanding of the physical sense of the happening processes and knowledge of engineering laws. It is senseless and dangerous to use administrative or engineering templates, planning modernization of power infrastructure of the cities, it demands studying of specific features, comprehensive accounting of a situation," considers the expert.