The fund of capital repairs can use means of one house for financing of works in other apartment houses on a returnable basis

25 may 2015 | Kommersant

In the middle of May in Moscow residents of houses met to choose a way to accumulate funds for capital repairs. Actually, the choice is simple: general meeting of residents makes the decision to open the special account for the house and to save means on it or to list them into the fund of the regional operator by the two thirds of voices. It is necessary to make it till May, 29; those who won't be in time will automatically get to the general fund.

Konstantin Shishka
Konstantin Shishka
Directorate for Housing and Communal Services

The Kommersant-Dengi publication writes that the decision which will be or won't be accepted till May, 29 won't become the final and irrevocable. Under the law owners of housing can change a way of formation of  the capital repairs fund at any time. It is possible to pass from the special account to the account of the regional operator all in a month, and in the opposite direction - within two years.

"The fund of capital repairs can use means of one house for financing of capital repairs in other apartment houses on a returnable basis," the adviser to the Directorate for Housing and Communal Services of the Analytical Center Konstantin Shishka commented on this situation. "It means that the regional operator takes into account these means of owners, plans the use of money which will be placed by the concrete house, and needs the time for staticizing the program not to bear additional financial risks at withdrawal of means from fund of repair. Besides, it is possible to return to the version of the special account provided that the house has no debt to the regional operator. It won't release you until you compensate the sum spent for repairs".

Mr. Shishka paid attention to one important point: "the interest charged by bank at placement of the capital repairs fund on the special account forms the fund of capital repairs as well, so it is the property of residents. In case with the regional operator this interest becomes means of the regional operator, and it spends it in the discretion or in the order established by the consistuent entity of the Russian Federation".