The only way to get the managing company interested in energy services is to invite it to take on the role of energy service company

29 april 2015 | Energosberezhenie

The energy service model is being tested for energy efficient modernization of the housing stock in some regions of Russia, including Moscow, since 2013 with the direct participation of experts of the Analytical Center. Editors of the magazine "Energosberezhenie" asked Maria Shilina to tell about the factors, that hinder the development of energy services in the housing sector.

Maria Shilina
Maria Shilina
Directorate for Housing and Communal Services

 "Following the work in Moscow with the apartment buildings, I can name one of the key constraints to the housing sector - the lack of motivation in managing organizations and the inability to exclude them from the process of concluding an energy service contract, because it is necessary to organize and hold a general meeting of owners of the premises," said Ms. Shilina.

The expert notes that there are also problems of legal regulation. In the first place, this is the requirement of assigning a separate line in the payment document for the saving under the energy services contract, that owners continue to pay: "In my experience, it is almost impossible to explain to owners, why they have a new line in the payment document. I believe that this provision should be excluded from the housing legislation, and simply to take into account this saving in the fees for the respective utilities."

The problem of benefits and subsidies is still not solved. "Let me explain with an example. For example, an owner pays for heating 1000 rubles and was entitled to a 50% rebate on public utilities, i. e. he pays for heating only 500 rubles. After energy services savings of 200 rubles was formed. Now, he will pay for heating 400 rubles with rebate. However, he will have to pay the full price, including 200 rubles, which will be allocated as a separate line in the payment document. It turns out, that in fact he will pay 600 rubles, so his costs are increasing. This situation with the housing legislation also should be corrected immediately," said the expert during the interview.