I am totally against even the formulation of the question of the gas supply interruption - it will hit the people, not the political elites!

24 april 2015 | TV Channel "TVC"

Leonid Grigoriev, the Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, spoke in the program "Pravo golosa" on the TV channel "TVC".

Leonid Grigoryev
Leonid Grigoryev
Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

Sanctions, which the European Union has imposed against Russia, expire in June. Against this background, the State Duma has already heard statements, that the EU most likely will not extend restrictions and may even mitigate the existing regime. In the program experts discussed whether this is for real.

When answering the question how Europe is dependent on Russian gas, Mr. Grigoriev said that the extent of Europe's dependence on Russia is much more on oil and other indicators than gas. "For gas - 30% of imports, if not to include Norway, and if include, then up to 70%", said the expert.

According to him, all talks about the Russian energy weapon are newspaper hoaxes, rather than political ones, there is no empirical evidence in this direction. "We just supply gas. Therefore, we do not need any problems", said the expert. To confirm his words, Mr. Grigoriev talked about the recent meeting of the International Discussion Club "Valdai" in Berlin: "The tone is such that we are together, we are strategic partners. We have nowhere to go from one another, so let's do away from the confrontation. We do not only make money, we then buy many things for these funds, things we cannot produce ourselves."

Mr. Grigoriev also considers Russia needs to conduct  modernization and use its own technology. And if Russia did not do it, now sanctions make us do it.

"In my opinion, we should resolve the Ukrainian conflict with Europe to a new standard of relations, even through sanctions", said Mr. Grigoriev. "Personally, I assume that some sanctions really can not be canceled. The US ones will remain through the financial system control, even if they are formally canceled. It's for a long time, and we have to live with it."

"I am totally against even the formulation of the question of the interruption of gas supply for the day, for an hour. This is villainy. Let's be logical - it will hit the people, not the political elites", concluded the expert.

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