American gas won't be able to compete with Russia in the European market

26 february 2015 | TV Channel "TVC"

Leonid Grigoriev, the Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, spoke live in "Events. 25th Hour " on TV channel "TVC".

Leonid Grigoryev
Leonid Grigoryev
Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

The expert spoke about the attitude of Russia to a new European energy scheme. "This is a political step that requires a lot of detail. The development of a new relationship between the EU and its potential partners is quiet enough. It's the lyrics, because Azerbaijan has little gas, and the way to Turkmenistan through the Caspian Sea is very hard. And besides us there is no one to build", considers Mr. Grigoriev. The expert noted that the main thing is to prevent the initiative and independence of members of the European Union in relations with Russia. "It's an attempt to impose its own logic to the Baltic countries and other countries opposing Russia on gas issues. Recall at least the history of Hungary, where the task was not to give them independence. The task is to make Brussels the gas controller. Brussels has always wanted this, it increases its control over the countries in every crisis situation. Now it came to violations of energy sovereignty of the European countries", said the expert.

Answering the question on whether Russia will be squeezed out of Europe, the expert said that this will not happen, because  Russia has 120-140 billion cubic meters of gas there till 2030 under long-term contracts. "It is impossible to leave without our gas," he said. "In addition, we produce 10% of global primary energy, half of which goes to Europe. So there can not be any talk on expulsion".

The expert talked about the alternate version of the "Turkish stream". "Gazprom has a transit contract through Ukraine till November 2019. Gazprom says that it will leave the Ukraine. But it is not clear yet where to go. Therefore, the problem of dealing with the "Turkish stream" is not in seeking alternatives, but in Russia remaining in the Ukrainian transit. All alternative sources of gas are lyrics", said Mr. Grigoriev. Russia is not released from the Ukrainian transit due to the historically established things, as well as anti-Russian trends, considers the expert.

Mr. Grigoriev said a few words about the gas and the United States. According to the expert, the US can not compete with Russia. "There are two reasons. Firstly, they will still buy oil, so it is not the United States who have an energy independence, but the North America. Secondly, the export of gas is expected to be about 30-40 billion cubic meters, it is a little. We deliver 140 - 150 to Europe. Then, if the American gas comes to Europe, it will cost as much as the Norwegian, it will not be cheaper," said the expert.

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