Problem of heating became one of primary characteristics of crisis in single-industry cities

16 february 2015 | Ekonomika Segodnya

Evgeny Gasho, the Expert of the Analytical Center told "Ekonomika Segodnya" about current ways to solve the problem of single-industry cities and the need for new cities in Russia.

Evgeny Gasho
Evgeny Gasho
Department for Expert Analytics

- When we began to study this issue it became obvious that one of primary signs of crisis in a single-industry city was the problem of heating. Prior to that, everyone was looking at the economy, unemployment, and there was a problem with heating in a number of single-industry cities due to low workload of industrial enterprises, because factories have transferred the boiler to the city: it requires costs, losses that are not wanted. We have developed a scheme of heat supply for single-industry cities and found necessary reserves.

- Does Russia need new cities?

- We say that Irkutsk has to grow towards the north, the cities just above the Trans-Siberian Railway should appear. These cities are necessary for release of those natural resources that are mined there. There are exemplary developments, there are numbers. This is quite solvable problem. To solve it, we need energy, we need pipes, need power, engineering solutions and we see all these solutions. The State should say: I go to the Far East, I go to Siberia.

- And are people, young specialists ready to go today?

- People would go, if they had normal warm houses, appropriate conditions. Even young people from St. Petersburg would go, who would go after the young people from Kurgan and perhaps Syktyvkar and Norilsk. Young people from these cities go for the central part of Russia, because they can't get a job in regions they live in. And there will be a real job and an arrangement of the territory, plus processing in the Far East, Siberia. Not all of these require insanely big money, some of projects can be quietly implemented at the level of an urban settlement, it simply grabs energy for its' needs.

- Which experts does Russia need for now?

- Now we need engineers who would work on projects: builders, energy experts, waste experts. We, unfortunately, have not learned to properly recycle waste. We need to burn it, our factories are able to do it, and that's energy: we can get there 15% of the energy. There are industrial effluents, we need engineers to work with this equipment. There are developments, and when the demand arises, they will be shaped to the "box" product.

- Was not there a demand for this product before?

- There was a demand for these products before, but it was just bland, there was no need for such a tough statement of the problem, now we have. Life has set us the task.

The source - "Ekonomika Segodnya"