CIOs should determine degree of influence of each component of system on public tasks performance

10 february 2015 | PC Week

A conference "IT alternatives: how to meet the dwindling IT budget" recently took place in Moscow, and was attended by Ivan Kudryashov, the Adviser to the Directorate for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center.

Ivan Kudryashov
Ivan Kudryashov
Directorate for Information Technologies

Speaking on "IT infrastructure of the state authorities in the face of shrinking budgets: how to ensure the correct functioning and planned development", Kudryashov said that the state organization in the crisis  began to reduce IT costs in the first place, despite that IT has already become a condition for many tasks and a mean to improve work efficiency. As the newspaper PC Week writes, the main idea of the analyst was that CIOs when optimizing budgets for assigned parameters should determine the degree of influence of each component of the system to perform specific tasks and functions of government.

Optimizing of financing is a standard issue now for IT departments of state institutions, according to the expert. "The decisions on reduction of any system based on the image characteristics of a project take place regularly. But the result, which the system brings, is not considered or overlooked. The system, which directly affects the operation of a public authority, the achievement of certain results, is not used, while systems that raise the efficiency up to 5-7%, but are trendy, are being developed and implemented. That is unacceptable in the context of budget cuts", bconsiders Mr. Kudryashov.