Quantitative influx of migrants in Russia will decrease in next 3-6 months - result of innovations

5 february 2015

"Vesti. Finance" found out how much the labor migration in Russia will cost. In a crisis the use of patents mechanism as well as other innovations designed to make the system of organization of migrants' labor in Russia more civilized and effective was objectively simplified. However experts discuss whether the new scheme is useful and beneficial to migrants.

Vladislav Onischenko
Vladislav Onischenko
First Deputy Head

The quantitative influx of migrants will decrease in next 3-6 months as a result of innovations, considers Vladislav Onishchenko, the First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center. Because of the costs for "package" expenses of migrants in Russia will increase and final earnings will be reduced so many of them will leave. However, countries from which the majority of workers come, will not be able to employ them, as local labor markets have adapted to less labor, he said.

"Unable to find work at home, these people will have to return to Russia,  accepting a lower level of income, or using "gray" schemes of employment", Mr. Onishchenko commented on the situation to "Vesti. Finance".