There should be no crisis in fueling

13 january 2015 | Russian Business Newspaper

Since the beginning of this year the release of motor fuels of emission standard Euro 3 into circulation is banned in Russia. This refers to the civil turnover (some lower grade fuel will be available for special equipment). Will there be enough Euro 4 standard gasoline?

Victoria Gimadi
Victoria Gimadi
Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

There should be no crisis in fueling due to abidance by the technical regulations’ rules "On requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline", commented on the situation to “Russian Business Newspaper” the Head of the Department for Fuel and Energy Sector Victoria Gimadi. "By the end of 2013 the share of gasoline of emission standards Euro 4 and Euro 5 in the Russia’s domestic consumption structure accounted for 86%, diesel fuel oil - 70%", said the expert.

"The cost of motor fuel in 2015 will be influenced by many factors - the change in oil prices and exchange rates, inflation rates, general economic situation. All these specifications are changing quite dramatically now. The act "On tax maneuver" will also influence the situation. Yet it is difficult to determine which factor will be the determinant one", said Ms. Gimadi.