It is necessary to ensure the consistency of informatization plans and the work on ICT development

10 october 2014 | CNews

Head of the Directorate for Information Technologies Aleksey Khromov spoke at CNews Conference “ICT in the public sector: public services and other” where issues of major public projects at the federal and regional levels have been discussed.

Aleksey Khromov
Aleksey Khromov
Directorate for Information Technologies

CNews quoted Aleksey Khromov, who said that the top-priority fields of the public sector are:  the development of the ICT industry as a technological basis for the realization of the ideas like building the information society, the development and implementation of automated models for integration processes regarding the  interagency cooperation, the exchange of data and the electronic document management system, efficiency increase in government authorities activity by creating the “e-government”, and providing services for citizens.

According to the expert, resources are focused on the development of the following sectors:  the strategic and spatial planning (Federal State Information System of Spatial Planning), financial management (“E-budget”), healthcare (Unified State Information System in the Health Sector), Housing Management (Information System for Housing and Communal Services), energy (State Information System in the Fuel and Energy Industry “Energy Efficiency”), as well as regional projects.

“For an effective implementation of the informatizaton in the public sector it is necessary  to ensure the consistency of informatization plans and the work on ICT development at the federal and regional levels of government,” - said Mr. Khromov at the Conference. -  “At the moment this consistency is not clearly observed, which may lead to the fact that instead of a single information platform for government bodies, a new “patchwork quilt” will be created.”