Investments are being reduced due to sanctions which lead to a strong negative effect

5 october 2014 |

Head of the Department for Expert Analytics of the Analytical Center Diana Kaplinskaya took part in the VII annual workshop on retail and FMCG. Participants of the event have discussed the perspectives of Russian and global economics, the events on FMCG markets and tendencies in the e-commerce.

Diana Kaplinskaya
Diana Kaplinskaya
Department for Expert Analytics quotes Diana Kaplinskaya's opinion that the Russian economy is not doing that bad giving that the net export is growing, unemployment is at its minimum level and production facilities are working at a good capacity. However, it is difficult to make certain forecasts as much depends on external factors, considers the expert.

“Investments are being reduced due to sanctions, which leads to a strong negative effect, which will be felt not only in the next 2-3 years but in a long-term period”,  -  said Ms. Kaplinskaya. 

According to her, one of the most important government objectives is to keep current investments and attract new ones. “Many private investments in Russia are depending on public co-financing. At the moment business does not have clear guidelines on the actions which the government will take in a crisis situation and how will costs be reduced”, - Ms. Kaplinskaya believes. – “The government needs to shape more precise expectations”.