The list of houses included in the energy-saving program is being discussed at the end of each year

23 september 2014 | Moscow. Doverie

Until 2018, a quarter of all apartment buildings in Moscow, must be equipped with the latest technology that will help save electricity and gas. This way the inhabitants will be living in a more comfortable environment with fewer costs. What to do if your home was not included in the energy-saving program was explained to the “Moskva.Doverie” by the Head of Directorate for Housing and Communal Services at the Analytical Center Maria Shilina.

Maria Shilina
Maria Shilina
Directorate for Housing and Communal Services

“The list of houses included in the energy-saving program is being discussed at the end of each year, - said Maria Shilina. - At the end of 2014 we will know which houses will be included in the list for 2015”. According to her, this information will appear on the websites of the Analytical Center, the Department of Fuel and Energy, etc.

 The expert also spoke about how the inhabitants of a house which hasn’t been included in the energy-saving program, can sign a contract with a company that will install special equipment. “For a contract with energy service organization residents will have to take a few steps, - said Ms. Shilina. - First, they need to organize a general meeting that will take the decision for their home to benefit from energy saving measures”. After that, residents should contact either the Analytical Center, or other competent company, which will evaluate their home’s condition and assess the potential it has for energy saving, said the expert. “As a result, residents will be able to choose between several energy service companies in order to sign a contract”, - explained Ms. Shilina, adding that in Moscow all this work is done free of charge. The expert believes that all that residents have to do is to conduct a general meeting.

Ms. Shilina also spoke about the concept of energy services. According to her, it is a contract that obliges an energy service company to install the necessary equipment at its own expense in an apartment building. “This leads to lesser payment for the corresponding type of resource - thermal or electric energy, - said the expert. – These savings that occur are used to pay the company that implemented the energy saving measures, but this is done for a specified period of time. In consequence the residents end up saving on utility bills”.

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