Russian software must become competitive

22 september 2014 | Kommersant

Import substitution program in the field of information technology – are not just empty words anymore, because things may go further than just creating unnecessary national operating systems and search engines. Domestic software developers will be treated with preference in public procurements, and now they play an increasingly important role amid the general decline in the Russian IT market.

Ivan Kudryashov
Ivan Kudryashov
Directorate for Information Technologies

“Kommersant”  has quoted the Adviser to the Directorate for Information Technologies at the Analytical Center Ivan Kudryashov, who believes that the issue of import substitution is important, but the choice should be based on an analysis of relevant factors for the customer. “Civil servants who decide to purchase a particular software, bear personal responsibility for their choice and the failed experiments have serious consequences, - said Mr. Kudryashov. – It’s not that the public sector doesn’t want to use Russian software. It does. But the Russian software must become competitive”.