The situation with the heating system is difficult, because we cannot regulate the supplied heat volume

10 september 2014 | Moscow. Doverie

During the next three years a quarter of total amount of apartment buildings in Moscow will be switched to an energy-saving scheme of service. Head of Directorate for Housing and Communal Services at the Analytical Center Maria Shilina told to the TV channel “Moskva.Doverie” about ways to save money not only on electricity costs, but also on other communal services.

Maria Shilina
Maria Shilina
Directorate for Housing and Communal Services

“Multifamily apartment building includes the common property, residential and non-residential premises, - said Maria Shilina to the program “Starting the day based on Trust”. - Inside your apartment you need know what kind of fridge you have, because you have to pay for its operation. But we do not think about what happens in the common areas”. So, the washed-up lamp in the entrance hallways is lighting all night, although motion sensors are used abroad for a long time, the expert explained. According to her, there are some problems with lighting equipment, as energy saving light bulbs are not yet popular among the population. “There are old incandescent bulbs in the apartment buildings, - said Ms. Shilina. - But technology has leaped forward. There are a lot of lamps that could provide the same amount of light while consuming much less electricity”.

The expert also spoke about the situation with the heating system. “The situation here is more complicated, because it is not possible to regulate the supplied heat volume in the vast majority of apartment buildings”, - she said. But the solution has already been found. “In the basement level of the apartment building can be set the automated climate regulation assembly, - explained Ms. Shilina. - This system measures the air inside and outside the apartment building, and balances the supply of thermal energy in a way which provides all rooms with the desired comfortable temperature”.