Russia will remain a bottle-neck of Europe-China transport corridor

19 august 2014 | Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The draft law on transit has been reworked in the State Duma. It is strange to say but the country which is actually a link between Europe and Asia has neither consistent state policy on transit nor mechanism coordinating work among ministries and agencies involved in regulating transportation with carriers.

Mikhail Nizov
Mikhail Nizov
Department for Sectors of Economy

Rossiyskaya Business Gazeta quotes the Head of Directorate for Transport Economics of the Analytical Center Mikhail Nizov who believes that both China and Kazakhstan and even Belarus had done all possible for the regulation of motor cargo transit through the territory of Russia. In the meantime, it is Russia which remains a bottle-neck of this transport corridor, according to the expert.

These issues were discussed at the roundtable “Development of international transport corridors to implement the transit potential of Russia in the motor vehicle sector” on August 5 during which experts tried to identify the causes hindering the transit potential of the country and discussed the compliance of the transport infrastructure and technologies with contemporary international requirements, providing high speed and low cost for a safe delivery of cargos and passengers through the international transport corridors.