The main trend of the informatization process in Russia is the creation of e-government

13 august 2014 | Altapress

During the international conference in the Altai territory titled “Information technologies in management: predictable risks and results” were discussed the use of information technologies in different areas of life: education, government services, health care and information security issues.

Aleksey Khromov
Aleksey Khromov
Directorate for Information Technologies

According to the information portal Altapress, participants of the event considered that the key problem is the availability of sophisticated information systems for common users and the “human factor” in different aspects of IT.

The experts discussed the availability of modern information technologies in the context of building an information society in Russia.  According to the Head of the Directorate for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Aleksey Khromov, the main trend of the informatization process in Russia at the moment is the creation of e-government, i.e. providing opportunities for all citizens to receive public services in electronic form.