Counter measures taken by Russia are justified

7 august 2014 | RBC

Head of Directorate for WTO Policies Anton Melnichuk commented on the compliance of counter measures taken by Russia to the WTO rules.

Anton Melnichuk
Anton Melnichuk
Directorate for WTO Policies

“It should be noted that all sanctions are applied solely by the UN Security Council, - said Anton Melnichuk in the interview to the RBC-TV. - In this case, we are faced with unilateral measures imposed by western countries regarding our economic sectors, banking sphere and protective counter measures. In other words, the Russian Federation has taken protective measures for its markets”.

To the question of the importance of the WTO for Russia, the expert answered that our country is required to stay in the WTO and to protect its rights. According to him, the WTO is a powerful tool for integrating all Russian economic sectors into the global economy.

“And the measures that we are taking now, are absolutely justified, - believes Mr. Melnichuk. – The WTO allows its participating countries to enforce such protective measures regarding both their population and economy. I don’t see any contradictions to the WTO agreement”.