What does the second industrialization mean: manufacturing will return back to Europe and North America

5 august 2014 | Slon.ru

Adviser to the Director General of the Analytical Center Yuri Ammosov believes that manufacturing will return back to its homeland - Europe and North America, at a one step distance from the final consumer. But manufacturing will leave Asia– de-industrialization will take its place.

Yuri Ammosov
Yuri Ammosov
Adviser to Director General of the Analytical Center

According to expert, this is nothing but the effects of “mobility of things”, which is discussed in a separate chapter of the report “Four mobilities: challenge to the world and Russia for 2015-2030 years”, presented by the Analytical Center at the 11th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. It analyzes the long-term global innovation trends: mobility of labor, capital mobility, mobility of things, and mobility of education - factors that, according to the authors, can revolutionary change the future in the medium term.

“Mobility of things” - it is an opportunity to radically change the production of goods and move it very close to the consumer. 3D-printing and robotics make this mobility possible. Yuri Ammosov is convinced that if the rate of improvements in technology will remain the same, in a few years, 3D-printing will be able to create quality and complex objects made ​​of any materials in any combination and at prices close to the prices of modern manufacturing. “Since that moment, a lot of very interesting changes, which we have called the second industrialization, will begin” - said the expert.

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