Import substitution of Information and Communication Technology in the public sector cannot be conducted straightaway

7 july 2014 | PC Week

At the end of June this year, Moscow hosted the conference titled "Strategic independence of the government and corporate information systems. Import substitution in ICT ", which was attended by the Advisor to the Directorate for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Ivan Kudryashov.

Ivan Kudryashov
Ivan Kudryashov
Directorate for Information Technologies

As the PC Week newspaper writes, in the report on “Import substitution as a way to improve the stability of application software: problems and possible solutions for the public sector” the expert suggested a progressive plan of possible measures for the transition from imported to domestic software in the public sector.

“Often the activities of public authorities depend on the degree of automation of the management processes, and they are the key to a successful implementation of the functions of a public authority. We should state the fact that public sector application software is directly tied to imports. This creates certain risks and challenges. Based on the nature of government authorities, we tried to identify some of them in order to understand what challenges we are going to face if tomorrow it will be decided that - import substitution is in effect”, - declared Mr. Kudryashov.

According to him, import substitution of ICT in the public sector cannot be conducted straightaway and, in general, it is not needed everywhere. This issue requires systematic and well-informed decisions that are based on the results of research and a justified selection of tools and transition technology. “And, of course, we must take into consideration that the implementation of these tasks will require significant long-term investments and establishment of a domestic production of elemental base” - said the expert.

More – in the article of PC Week “Import substitution of ICT in the public sector: problems and possible solutions”.