Gaps in informatization of housing and communal services sector affect the whole population of Russia

23 june 2014 | CNews

Head of Directorate for Housing and Communal Services at the Analytical Center Maria Shilina participated in a conference titled “IT-infrastructure: optimal development”. During this event experts tried to understand how Russian companies view the ownership of IT infrastructure and its exploitation.

Maria Shilina
Maria Shilina
Directorate for Housing and Communal Services

“If problems related to the infrastructure of energy companies are their own concern, the gaps in informatization of HCSS affect the whole population of Russia”. - CNews quotes Maria Shilina.

The expert believes that the HCSS has three components - government, society and business. The first include federal agencies and more than 23 thousand municipal entities. The second one is represented by the consumers of housing and communal services, and the third - more than 200 thousand companies from small partnerships to large HCSS corporations at the federal level.

“At the moment, communication between these parties is very complicated and confusing. But if you establish a relationship with suppliers of information using market methods and consolidate it, you can simplify the interaction with departmental services within HCSS”, - considers Ms. Shilina.