Limiting Russian imports from the EU is theoretically possible

27 may 2014 | Rossiyskaya Gazeta

A new “EU – Russia” WTO dispute erupted regarding anti-dumping duties of the Customs Union for imports of light commercial vehicles from Italy and Germany, introduced in 14 May 2013. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” researched how justified are the claims of European Union in terms of WTO rules.

Anton Melnichuk
Anton Melnichuk
Directorate for WTO Policies

It is economically advantageous for the parties to settle this dispute at this stage, declared the Head of the Directorate for WTO Policies Anton Melnichuk to the “RG” reporter. “Consultations will allow participants to better understand each other's arguments and calculate the chances for success in case formal proceedings will take place”, considers the expert. According to him, the main goal is to settle the dispute amicably, and only if compromise is impossible, the plaintiff will have the right to demand that a panel be created.

Limiting Russian imports from the EU is theoretically possible. Contrary to popular belief, reducing tariff barriers, the WTO does not deprive the State of the capacity to protect its producer, says “RG”. It doesn’t only preserve the space for creativity in the field of technical regulations and other forms of non-tariff support, but also allow the introduction of protective duties in case the imports overflow. But this is a fragile instrument, clarifies Anton Melnichuk. “The important thing is to prove that domestic producers could or would surely suffer because of the imports, or to prove that a foreign manufacturer is using dumping tactic, delivering goods at much lower prices compared to the domestic market of its country”, considers the expert.