Following worldwide trends and the fundamentally changed approach to fuel and energy complex are strong points of the ES-2035 project

19 may 2014 | Neft Rossii

The adoption of two important documents is expected this spring, i.e. the Energy Strategy up to 2035 and the “Energy efficiency and energy development” program up to 2020. They are supposed to set the priorities of the state policy in the fuel and energy complex and to point out the priorities both for public authorities and companies. Along with that, in the nearest future public authorities and market participants will have to find answers to many other important questions regarding the future of the national energy sector.

Alexander Kurdin
Alexander Kurdin
Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

The interview with Alexander Kurdin, Head of Department for Strategic Studies in Energy of the Analytical Center, regarding “Strategy and tactics of the Russian fuel and energy complex” was recently published in “Neft Rossii” magazine. In this interview the expert assessed the energy strategy up to 2035 and “Energy efficiency and energy development” program, answered the questions on possible ways to finance the state program taking into consideration the ongoing crisis. Mr. Kurdin shared his opinion concerning an optimal balance between state and private property in this sector, ways to attract foreign companies, possible reanimation of production sharing agreement (PSA) regime, oil and gas industry development trends. Also, potential implications which the signing of the agreement with China on prices for Russian gas supply may have on the Gazprom’s export policy, were discussed. The expert also mentioned the perspectives of alternative energetics in Russia and the shale gas revolution in the US and Canada.