Progress is being made, but not all proposals were taken into consideration

11 march 2014

The Analytical Center hosted the expert discussion of state program “Energy efficiency and energy development”. The experts who attended this event noted the increased fairness and efficiency of the new version of the state program.

Dmitry Khomchenko
Dmitry Khomchenko
Department for Sectors of Economy

“Energy and industry in Russia” quoted the expert of the Analytical Center Dmitry Khomchenko who stated that experts have done a great job and compared to the program which had been discussed last year, progress has been made. According to him, the modified program has become more convenient for use. At the same time Mr. Khomchenko noted that not all proposals made by the expert community at previous discussions were taken into account: “While working on the recommendations for the present round-table my colleagues and I will have a look at proposals we made last year and will address the Ministry once again with a request to update the program if the Ministry will consider it possible and necessary”.