In order to solve the problem of energy efficiency, it is imperative to create a system of actions regarding the chain of power generation-transportation-consumption, taking into account regional needs.

3 march 2014 | Expert

Concerns in society caused by the current situation in the public utilities sector are continuously increasing. The government estimated the sector investments needs at 9 USD billion. Furthermore, no one believes that utility rates will stay within specified limits; new social rate of electricity consumption is introduced, such rates for heating consumption are coming as well.

Evgeny Gasho
Evgeny Gasho
Department for Expert Analytics

Problems and solutions in the energy sector were described by the Expert of the Analytical Center Mr. Evgeny Gasho in the article “Systematic reserve” published in the “Expert”, №10 (889). The article refers to the measures that the government has taken to improve the energy efficiency of the economy, the analysis of energy situation within various regions, steps to be taken for development of this sector and an assessment of the government’s role in solving the current problems.