The current Forest code of the Russian Federation has led to utter degradation of the country’s forestry and made Russia less competitive at the global forestry market.

13 january 2014 | Russian Forest News

This is the opinion of Natalia Zhavoronkova, Head of the Directorate for legal groundwork for land and property regulations, environmental protection, management of natural resources and energy sector of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation, cited in the “Russian Forest News” newspaper.

Natalia Zhavoronkova
Natalia Zhavoronkova
Directorate for Legal Groundwork for Land and Property Regulations

The newspaper mentions the expert’s opinion on the need to radically modernize natural resources legislation: “The block of natural resources laws is very extensive. Not only are laws themselves fairly complex and bulky, their number is countless”. In addition, Ms. Zhavoronkova believes that the recently approved “Basic Principles of state policy in the field of environmental development” lack a clear understanding of which direction exactly the country’s forest industry should be taking.

Natalia Zhavoronkova believes that Russian timber can no longer secure its place at the global market as the result of ill-conceived bureaucratic efforts. “Russian timber has lost its value at the global markets due to enormous competition,” -  she declared and emphasized that Brazil has become Russia’s major competitor, not least because of the country’s well-developed system of forest regeneration

According to Ms. Zhavoronkova, the industry can be saved with the help of efficient mechanisms of public-private partnership. Additionally, drastic legislative modernization regarding forest exploitation, protection and regeneration is needed.