Start of the "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) 2017 contest

1 june 2017 | Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation

1st June 2017 will see the start of the fourth annual professional project management in the public sector contest "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) organized by the Analytical Center.

Project management is steadily gaining popularity. Events like the creation of the Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects of the President of the Russian Federation and the Department for Project Management of the Government of Russia are clear evidence that the introduction of project management in the public sector is a key priority for the country's leadership.

The "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) contest is a long term project whose goals include broad introduction of project management tools in the public sector, increasing the efficiency of public authorities as well as state corporations and companies that have a significant impact on the economic development of the country.

The number of participants has been growing from year to year and in 2016 the contest got its first participants from other countries.

This year applications are being accepted in three main nominations and one special nomination. Contest projects submitted by state organizations and private companies (including companies the state has a stake in) and state corporations are reviewed separately. All applications are reviewed by highly competent assessors with the winners being selected by a panel that includes representatives of the presidential administration, the Russian government, federal ministers and deputy ministers.

It is not specific projects or programs that get assessed in the contest, but the efficiency of the project management system in the organization as a whole. Either the entire project management system can be assessed or some specific parts of it (such as priority project management, state program project management and others).

After the contest a thematic conference is held during which the winners are announced.

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