Start of the Best Information Analytics Tools Contest 2017

15 may 2017 | Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation

On 15th May, 2017 we will see the start of the Best Information Analytics Tools Contest 2017.

The contest is being held for the second time and is turning into an annual event. The results of the 2016 contest showed there was a lot of demand for and interest in information analytics among public authorities.

Participants include developers of software products that can significantly improve the efficiency of management decision making. The Analytical Center developed a methodology for holding the contest and assessing applications that ensures transparency and objectivity. Decisions about finalists and winners are made on an interdepartmental and collegiate basis. The opinions of a broad range of reputable experts are taken into account.

The panel is chaired by Vladislav Fedulov, the Head of the Department for Information Technologies and Communications of the Government of the Russian Federation. Members of the panel are senior officials in charge of IT in public authorities and major corporations.

The three technology and three topic-based nominations of the contest reflect the uses of information and analysis tools that are most relevant for public authorities.

This year the contest will feature more than 20 expert events aimed at creating a permanent venue for identifying and disseminating the most in-demand IT solutions for data analytics. The contest will also include two surveys: one will ask the participants about their motivation and the results of participation in the contest and the other will be a survey of public authorities on their use information analytics tools.

A conference will be held to discuss the results of the contest and a report will be published describing all the software solutions that were submitted to the contest.

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