Analytical Center is an intellectual partner of the Moscow International Education Salon

18—21 april 2018 at 10:00 | National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) Pavilion 75

As part of the Moscow International Education Salon (MIES), the Analytical Center organizes and holds two expert discussions "Freedom of Choice in Education" (April 18 at 10:00 in Lunacharskiy Hall) and "Technology Explosion and Education" (April 18 at 13:00 in Aristotel Hall). Both events are moderated by an expert of the Analytical Center Inna Karakchieva.

Freedom of choice requires transformation of teaching methods, diversity of access and recognition of the results of formal and non-formal education. At the same time, the issue of area of responsibility for choice and its consequences arises. The disputants will discuss the boundaries of parents' freedom of choice in relation to their children's education, whether it is possible to introduce national regulators of parents' freedom of choice, whether a child can make an informed choice.

The technology explosion influences all spheres of human activity. In education, the stake is placed on the improvement of tools computer equipment, high-speed networks, digital resources (online courses, e-books, etc.). Excessive confidence in the information from the global network generates many risks. The disputants will discuss how education may use the Internet avoiding substitution of knowledge, what should the balance between the traditional and innovative education be to keep the system stable.

Moscow International Education Salon is the largest event in the sphere of education in Russia: an open forum and the largest exhibition of new educational technologies, infrastructure and smart solutions in the country. The concept of the salon program is created with regard to the interests of all communities and groups included in the educational process: from rectors of higher educational institutions, psychologists of pre-school institutions to heads of educational startups, children and parents.