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  • 12 december 2014
    Experts analyzed state subsidies in G-20 energy sector
    The Analytical Center is publishing a book “Energy subsidies today. The Group of Twenty countries”, which describes practices of state support provision for G-20 countries’ Fuel and Energy Complex sectors. These countries policies in the sphere of energy subsidy assistance is also significant for Russia’s foreign policy – one of the major exporters of energy resources, and for global energy development trends estimation (in 2003 nearly 80% of the worlds’ GDP fall to the G-20 countries' share)
  • 11 december 2014
    Russia is the third biggest producer and consumer of energy resources worldwide
    The expert of the Analytical Center Alexander Golyashev presented the Analytical Center's preliminary work results on Russian and global liquid fuel markets development prospects during the 9th strategic congress Oil Terminal 2014.
  • 10 december 2014
    “Budget for citizens” is more open now
    The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation completed the refinement of the “Budget for citizens” document for 2015 and planning period 2016-2017.
  • 9 december 2014
    Expert: suggested reform of heat market is inconsistent and unreasoned
    "At the moment the Analytical Center is working on refining and efficiency upgrading in cities' heat and energy supply systems", said the expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho during the roundtable "Heat supply in Russia - time of changes" which took place in Yekaterinburg in early December.
  • 8 december 2014
    Expert: in East Siberia chemical utilization of natural gas will be advanced
    A conference “Oil and gas of East Siberia” took place in Moscow in early December. During the Conference projects on oil-gas fields of East Siberia development from the point of view of a range of problems – from upstream to logistics and development, were discussed.
  • 8 december 2014
    State should develop IT infrastructure deliberately and in down-to-earth way
    5th anniversary Russian nonprofit organizations' Conference took place in Moscow on December 2-5. Spokesmen discussed key trends in Russian nonprofit sector development, NPO role in national security, modern political and state administration system construction.
  • 5 december 2014
    Head of Udmurt Republic: investments are needed in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation
    An agreement on cooperation in scientific, research and information, expert analytics spheres was signed by the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Udmurt Republic today in Moscow.
  • 4 december 2014
    Land law undergoes significant changes
    The Conference "Topical issues of provision of land for development" took place in the Analytical Center. During the Conference experts discussed bases for the origin and termination of building leasehold and considered the legal system and past arbitration court rulings in the sphere of provision of land for development.
  • 3 december 2014
    Arctic Energetics - atom and local varieties of fuel
    Evgeny Gasho, the expert of the Analytical Center spoke "Ways of housing and communal services infrastructure efficiency improvement in the Arctic cities" during the strategic session of the innovation management unit of the Rosatom corporation.
  • 3 december 2014
    Expert: agricultural statistics should consider land space and households assets capacity
    The deputy Head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich spoke at the roundtable "Russian agricultural industry in new economic environment: challenges, possibilities, prospects" which took place in the INA "Rossiya Segodnya" Media Center on December 2.