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  • 23 march 2015
    Russia needs to develop transit potential
    "The main priority for the Russian Federation is the international transport corridor towards the north-west of China, through Kazakhstan, Russia, and to the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, Scandinavia," said Mikhail Nizov, the Head of the Directorate for Transport Economics of the Analytical Center, speaking at the Forum of business leaders of the CIS countries.
  • 23 march 2015
    It is necessary to consume more energy for industrial growth
    An article by the expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho "Improving energy efficiency and regional development: industrial aspect" was published in journal "Regional energy and energy efficiency"
  • 19 march 2015
    Project management is being developed in regions
    Pavel Shestopalov, the Head of the Directorate for Project Management in the Public Sector of the Analytical Center, spoke at the enlarged meeting of the working group "Project Office for the implementation of project management in executive bodies of the Penza region."
  • 19 march 2015
    Integrated assessment methodology of multipurpose centers is needed for regions
    "The methodology for monitoring the quality of public services and activities of multipurpose centers, developed and approved at the federal level, does not satisfy needs of the regions in necessary information. In this connection, regions develop and implement independently various elements of evaluation of the multipurpose centers", said Vasily Pushkin, the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center speaking at the National Forum of centers of state and municipal services in 2015.
  • 18 march 2015
    New capabilities of monitoring of regional economies
    A workshop "Information systems for monitoring of the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation in the framework of the Federal Law on strategic planning" took place in the Analytical Center.
  • 18 march 2015
    Experts study models of gas pricing in Russia
    Experts of the Analytical Center prepared a new Energy Bulletin "Pricing in gas markets".
  • 17 march 2015
    Experts discuss ways to improve the rating of the competitive situation in regions
    The Analytical Center in cooperation with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) held a roundtable on "The intensity of competition and competitive environment in Russia: the adjustment of methodology for rating of regions" During the event, the experts discussed the results of rating of the regions in 2014, and reviewed proposals for adjustment of the rating methodology.
  • 17 march 2015
    Attempts to change the pricing model in the internal market are risky
    Alexander Kurdin, the expert of the Analytical Center, spoke on "Fuel prices: an island of stability?" at the National Oil and Gas Forum.
  • 16 march 2015
    Licensing and accreditation mechanisms in the State regulation of education
    Experts of the Analytical Center Inna Karakchieva and Tatiana Yuzhakova have published a scientific paper "Licensing and accreditation - especially state regulation in the countries of the Organizaton for Economic Cooperation and Development"
  • 16 march 2015
    The potential of bilateral economic cooperation with South Korea is not fully unlocked
    "In order to enhance bilateral cooperation with South Korea, it is necessary to conduct an effective coordinated policies aimed at attracting foreign direct investment, successful implementation of infrastructure projects, creation of competitive conditions for alocation of export-oriented manufactures, increasing the share of the mutual trade turnover," said Denis Ershov, the Head of the Department for International Cooperation, speaking at a roundtable discussion on the Russian-Korean trade and economic cooperation.