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  • 18 june 2015
    Far East and Baikal to be Developed under New State Program
    A meeting on ways to optimise the Russian government’s state programme for the socio-economic development of the Far East and Baikal region was held at the Analytical Center.
  • 17 june 2015
    Russian economy needs structural reforms and improvement of the investment climate
    The Round-Table Discussion “Russia’s economic downturn: elements of sustainability and potential risks” was held at the Analytical Center. The experts discussed development in the socio-economic sphere of Russia, including macroeconomic indicators, the state of the industry and foreign trade, the financial situation of the population, as well as Russia’s economic growth forecasts in the short and long term, including estimates of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and leading Russian and international organizations
  • 16 june 2015
    Experts note regions are moving towards total austerity
    Statistics suggest regions are cutting spending on utilities (-2% in four months in 36 regions) and the national economy, meaning less money going on construction and road maintenance. There are also attempts to cut social programs, especially education: total education spending rose by a mere 0.4% while 32 regions slashed their education expenditures.
  • 15 june 2015
    Experts Debate the Future of Energy and Heat Supply of Russian Territories
    The report titled “Reserves in Urban Heat Supply Systems” drafted with the help of the Analytical Center was presented to industry experts at the Institute of National Economy Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • 15 june 2015
    How to Estimate the Fee of a Managing Company
    The expert of the Analytical Center Konstantin Shishka talks about how owners of residential property in apartment buildings can estimate whether the services fee their managing company charges them is adequate.
  • 8 june 2015
    Taking into account existing miscounts in the wholesale energy market is essential for consideration of the new Energy Strategy
    Сonsequences of the ongoing wide-scale reorganisation of the global energy industry, the recent global-scale Great Recession and the current production decline taking place in Russia compelled experts of the Analytical Center to turn their attention to the problems of the energy industry. Energy industry inertia became the focus of the current energy industry bulletin.
  • 8 june 2015
    Plans for upgrade of the Russian Innovative Development Strategy
    Year 2014 marked the completion of the first stage of the Innovative Development Strategy implementation, and even though Russia has reinforced its position in the international technology rankings, not all of the KPIs set have been attained,” said Mikhail Gachegov, the expert with the Analytical Center, speaking at the 3d International Forum of Technological Development TECHNOPROM 2015.
  • 5 june 2015
    Single mechanism required for efficient spending of budgetary funds
    The Analytical Center and the National Union of Technological and Price Audit held a national conference “Banking supervision of state contracts, technological and price audit. Confluence. Problems of Regulation”.
  • 4 june 2015
    Agreements on free trade improve investment climate
    The Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation and The Foreign Trade Information Analysis Centre of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation carried out the Expert Discussion "Establishing Russia-Israel Free Trade Area: viability and terms". Important aspects of negotiations on establishing the Russia-Israel free trade area and the impact on Russian producers were discussed.
  • 3 june 2015
    Investments in agriculture encounter serious barriers
    "The situation with investments in agriculture is difficult," said Elena Razumova, the Deputy Head of the Department for Expert Analytics of the Analytical Center. A number of fundamental factors continue to operate, together with macroeconomic, related to the current crisis in the economy".