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  • 25 june 2015
    Analytical Center Launches a New Series of Reviews
    In June 2015 the Analytical Center launches monthly publications of reviews assessing various aspects of the socio-economic crisis in Russia.
  • 24 june 2015
    Each Year Education Abroad Continues to Become More Popular
    Experts of the Analytical Center have issued another review of the state of Russian education. The main topic of the latest review is international student mobility.
  • 23 june 2015
    Tax on Financial Result to Restore Oil Production in Western Siberia
    The Analytical Center held a round table on the problems and prospects of introducing a tax on financial result in the oil industry, during which experts discussed options for reforming the taxation in the oil industry, specifically whether the mineral extraction tax should be kept in place, whether a new tax on financial results/excess profits tax, a combined system, should be introduced, as well as mechanisms, procedures and the timeframe for introducing the new taxation system for the oil industry.
  • 23 june 2015
    A cash flow management system is important for Russian education
    Experts of the Analytical Center have reviewed the systems used for financing education in various countries and concluded that the most important issue in Russian education today is how effectively new financial resources are found and used rather than how much money it gets.
  • 23 june 2015
    Cooperation Agreement of Analytical Center and Government of Irkutsk Oblast
    The Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov and the Acting Governor of Irkutsk Oblast Sergey Yerotschenko signed a cooperation agreement at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum.
  • 22 june 2015
    Falling oil exports, moderate growth in coal production, and development of import substitution in the petrochemical industry
    Experts of the Analytical Center studied the main trends in Russia's fuel and energy complex as of year-end 2014. During that year, the country's fuel and energy sector had a number of limitations with which to contend: Russia's stagnant economic growth, financial and technological sanctions, as well as weakening external demand for Russian energy resources in certain markets. Having considered key indicators of the Russian as well as global economy that determine the direction of energy industry growth, experts have come to the conclusion that although the latter have had an impact on the individual parameters of the energy complex, the key structural trends remain unchanged.
  • 19 june 2015
    Cooperation Agreement Signed Between Analytical Center and Government of Arkhangelsk Region
    During the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Government of Arkhangelsk Region and the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • 19 june 2015
    Discontent Across Entire Heat Supply Market
    The Analytical Center has discussed ways to reform heat supply in Russia and considered problems currently plaguing the sector.
  • 18 june 2015
    Russia should explore multiple Open Data development options
    “The policy of transparency in the Government is being implemented in Russia in close cooperation with IT companies, educators, other experts and stakeholders,” said the Analytical Center's expert Dmitry Sorokin, speaking at a conference held during Open Data Days in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
  • 18 june 2015 Hackathon Awaits Mobile App Developers
    On June 26-27 the Analytical Center will be holding the the Hackathon, a contest for app and web developers as well as developers of services that utilise open data.