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  • 1 july 2019
    Experts Discuss Development Strategy for North Caucasus Macro-Region until 2035
    How to increase budget revenue of the North Caucasus region, improve quality of life for the local populations and boost human capital? Answers to these questions were sought by experts at a strategy session titled Development Priorities for the North Caucasus Macro-Region, which was held at the Analytical Center.
  • 28 june 2019
    Biohacking: New Challenge for Healthcare System
    "Today, active citizens practice biohacking to stay healthy and live longer," said Nelli Naigovzina, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, at the opening of a round table "Biohacking: Healthy Life Philosophy". She addressed the panelists with a question: "How the healthcare system must respond to the biohacking movement?"
  • 28 june 2019
    National Data Management System Will Provide Data Standards for Smart City
    "Smart City does not imply a QR code on historical and cultural monuments, RFID tags, omnipresent WiFi, tourist portals, or even real-time management of city traffic. It is neither hardware nor software. Smart City is the data that underlie the decision making and the settings for the functioning of the city," said Alexander Malakhov, the Head of the Department for Methodological Support of Data Management at the Analytical Center, speaking at CNews FORUM Cases.
  • 27 june 2019
    Business Community Has Approved Draft Law on Development of the National Data Management System
    The draft law on the development of the National Data Management System opens up new opportunities for the state, business community and general public through improved quality of public data processing.
  • 26 june 2019
    Educational Standards Do Not Meet Modern Requirements
    What challenges does the education system face today? Do the material and technical equipment of schools meet modern requirements? Is the legal regulation of the educational system sufficient? The answers to these questions were sought by experts at the round table held at the Analytical Center.
  • 24 june 2019
    Onishchenko: We Don't Want to Build Walls Around the Russian Segment of the Internet
    "The Digital Economy national program includes a large section on cyber security which to a large extent sets forth the measures to protect key critical points of vulnerability within the Russian segment of the Internet, but strategically it's not about localization and creating a closed-off section of the Internet," said the head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onishchenko at a plenary session of the International Cybersecurity Congress.
  • 24 june 2019
    Sustainable Development Goals Cannot be Achieved unless Businesses are Involved
    "The sustainable development goals combine 3 aspects – economic, social and environmental, and business plays an important role in each of them," said Ksenia Bannikova, Head Of the Department for Foreign Economic Activity at the Analytical center, speaking at the International Forum "Mechanisms for Achieving National Sustainable Development Goals" hosted by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • 24 june 2019
    Expert Community Discusses National AI Strategy
    The Analytical Center hosted an expert discussion of the draft National Strategy for Artificial Intelli-gence (AI) Development in Russia. The document is being prepared by the Ministry of Communica-tions of the Russian Federation together with Sberbank, business representatives, and the expert community. The proposals voiced at the event are planned to be taken into account in the draft doc-ument before it is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.
  • 21 june 2019
    Contract Enforcement Mechanism Cannot Be Cancelled But It Can Be Simplified
    "The contract enforcement mechanism has been put in place to reduce the risks during biddings and requests for proposals as well as after contracts are entered into but in practice it creates certain difficulties for bidders. The question is where is the balance between the interests of the customer and the supplier?" noted the Head of the Department for Competition Policy Elena Kovaleva as she opened a round table on how to improve the contract enforcement mechanism used during bidding and contract performance at the Analytical Center.
  • 20 june 2019
    Experts Suggest Reintroducing Art Education on School Curriculum
    The Analytical Center hosted a round table on the quality of art education in Russian schools and the technical equipment of art and entertainment facilities.