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  • 30 october 2017
    Regions Need Social Clusters
    "It makes sense to talk about the creation of social clusters in isolated territories where properly organized, transparent, easy-to-understand and accessible to everyone cooperation mechanisms are essential," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva, speaking at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation presenting a report titled the Development of Network Cooperation during the Implementation of Projects to Create Sports, Educational and Cultural Clusters.
  • 26 october 2017
    To a Large Extent the Efficiency of State Programs Depends on Correctly Selected Priorities
    "There are currently more than 10 development institutions rendering financial and non-financial regional assistance, as well as over 300 support measures stipulated in regulatory acts being implemented by Federal executive bodies," said Analytical Center's expert Evgeni Plisetsky at the round table discussion "Development Institutes and Resources: Experience of Leaders" in the framework of the XVI All-Russia Forum “Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia.”
  • 24 october 2017
    State Programs Need to be Coordinated with Strategic and Budget Planning documents
    "The Analytical Center is going to hold several sessions as part of the 16th Russian National Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia forum to discuss development institutions and resources, the introduction of innovative management methods in the public sectors and the problems of project management," said Mikhail Pryadilnikov, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, speaking at the plenary meeting of the forum.
  • 24 october 2017
    The Control and Supervision Bill to be Submitted to State Duma in November
    The bill on state and municipal control and supervision, which has spent over 2 years in development in the Open Government format with active participation of Analytical Center experts, is going to be submitted to the State Duma by mid-November. That's according to Mikhail Abyzov, the curator of the state supervision reform and Minister of the Russian Federation, who spoke to the media after parliamentary hearings about the bill that took place in the State Duma on October 19.
  • 23 october 2017
    The legal basis for energy saving is expanding
    Dmitry Khomchenko, an expert of the Analytical Center, spoke during the events held within the Energy Week. Opening the plenary session of VII International Congress “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency - Development Trends”, the expert highlighted the main directions of state policy in this area. He referred in detail to the legal and institutional barriers that hinder the implementation of improving energy efficiency projects at the level of the subjects of the Russian Federation and in various industries of the economy.
  • 20 october 2017
    The Digital Economy, a Future That is Now
    The Digital Economy of Russia program that was approved this summer was a separate topic onto itself at the Open Innovations forum. On October 17, 5 sessions were held with participants discussing various issues related to the digital transformations of the Russian economy.
  • 19 october 2017
    Digital Economy Creates Space for Dialog
    "We would not wish the Digital Economy program to be like the GOELRO plan," said First deputy head of the Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation Maxim Akimov at the plenary session of the Open Innovations Forum. This is not so much a program as a platform for dialog and cooperation. It is not for nothing that one would not find it in the system of state programs and strategic documents. It is necessary to create a space where legislation would help something new to be born, rather than prohibit it.
  • 18 october 2017
    Digital Future is at the Top of the Agenda Both Domestically and Internationally
    "Considerate, correct, friendly attitude toward the digital future, which is already here, is a high mission for the government," said First deputy of the Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation Maxim Akimov at the Open Innovations Forum. "The new is being born before our eyes. We should welcome it, saying hello, and be very careful with any regulatory actions which may ruin the new."
  • 17 october 2017
    The Creative Industry in Russia Has Tremendous Growth Potential
    The new bulletin on education released by the Analytical Center focuses on the analysis of the potential of the creative industry in order to form a creative class in Russia and the impact of education on its development.
  • 16 october 2017
    The Ministry of Energy of Russia Leads in the Integrated Rating
    Analytical Center experts have prepared a new rating of Open Data Publications by Public Authorities in Q3 2017.