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  • 2 november 2018
    A single list of investment projects is required for reliable forecast
    A single list of investment projects is required for the reliable forecast of the country's economic development. That's the conclusion drawn by the participants of a round table "Considering regional investment projects for assessment of demand for electricity". Analytical Center experts have compiled a database of 3607 significant investment projects in 85 regions (costing at least 100 million rubles), which can potentially have an impact on the economy.
  • 1 november 2018
    The Digital Economy National Program Takes into Account the Fast Pace of Technological Development
    The Digital Economy national program takes into account the fast pace of change in business models and anticipates modern challenges. That's according to the First Deputy of the Head of the Analtyical Center Gleb Pokatovich who spoke at the GSMA Mobile 360 Series – Russia& CIS 2018 conference.
  • 1 november 2018
    The Analytical Center has Put Russian Regions into Larger Groups to More Effectively Implement the Demography National Project
    "The Analytical Center today serves as a go-between between the regions and the federal government," said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov opening the Agile-session on the development of the regional elements for the Demography national project. Mr. Pryadilnikov noted that he believes it to be a key project because all the other projects aim to improve the quality of life of the population and you need to have a population for that.
  • 31 october 2018
    The Analytical Center studied the motivation of population and businesses in the Eurasian Economic Union and the CIS for integration
    "Both the population and businesses in the CIS countries see the benefits in closer cooperation. The population and businesses in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were found to be the most willing to see various integration processes and closer cooperation within the CIS and the Eurasian Economic Union," said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko speaking at the Eurasian Week forum about the findings of the survey the Analytical Center conducted among the population and representatives of small businesses in member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.
  • 30 october 2018
    The Analytical Center must become the main venue for interdepartmental cooperation during the introduction of FZ No. 175 in the construction sector
    That was the proposal that Anastasia Alekhnovich, the Head of the Expert Center of the Authorized Representative of the President for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs, made at a meeting of the subgroup for cluster policy and territorial-industry projects of the Residential Housing Construction, Housing and Utilities and Infrastructure Development sector of the Interdepartmental Work Group for the development of a road map for ensuring sustainable economic development of the non-resource sector of the Russian economy.
  • 30 october 2018
    Switching a car to CNG will save money for the owner
    "Switching from gasoline and diesel fuel to natural gas (methane) results in significant savings on fuel. On average methane is 2.5 times cheaper than gasoline while average consumption is comparable," Analytical Center expert Alexander Amiragyan said, speaking at the Developing CNG Refueling Infrastructure and CNG Transport conference held as part of the 16th GasSuf International Exhibition of CNG Tanks, Refueling Equipment and CNG Vehicles.
  • 29 october 2018
    Expert talked about selection of project for the comprehensive plan for the modernization of the highway infrastructure
    "The Federal government relates with ever increasing frequency to the issue of necessity for more transparent methods for prioritizing projects, in terms of which ones can make the largest contribution to the achievement of specific goals outlined in strategic planning documents," said Analytical Center expert Tatiana Gorovaya, speaking at the Forum of Strategists.
  • 29 october 2018
    Regulations need to be improved for the container shipments development
    Analytical Center expert Dmitry Chernenok talked about the benefits of container shipments and about the barriers holding back their more widespread adoption at the 11th International Forum "Transport Potential".
  • 29 october 2018
    A review of the alcohol market in Q3 was published
    Analytical Center experts have prepared a review "Alcohol market in Q3, 2018". The experts analyzed the statistics of production and sales of alcohol containing products in Russia, trends in production and prices for key types of alcoholic products in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, the trends in excise rates for specific types of alcoholic products and other issues.
  • 26 october 2018
    Excessive demands of regulatory bodies hold back growth in the hospitality industry
    This idea was proposed by the market players during a meeting of the sub-group on cluster policy and territorial and industry specific projects that was held at the Analytical Center. Representatives of the tourist industry, the hotel business, the catering sector and the wine making sector discussed projects that could be included in the road map to ensure the sustained economic growth in the non-mineral resources sectors of the economy and the measures that need to be implemented to spur growth in the hospitality industry.