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  • 21 june 2017
    Competition within brands should drive prices down
    "It was an initiative by the Russian Antimonopoly Service that prompted us to take a closer look at parallel imports. The Antimonopoly Service keeps track of any and all moves aimed at restricting competition, including through licensing agreements for the sale of goods using specific trademarks. The position of the Russian Antimonopoly Service is that competition within brands should drive down the price for the consumer," Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko said, speaking at the Second World Congress of Comparative Economic Studies titled 1917-2017: Revolution and Evolution in Economic Development.
  • 20 june 2017
    Renovation Must Become the Basis for Revitalization
    "Environment is a backbone of a city, and it is important not to disrupt the fragile ecosystem of the metropolis by renovation, but, on the contrary, develop environmental framework elements of the capital city, test and actively implement energy-efficient and waste-free technology in new districts. All the more so, as other Russian regions currently look at Moscow in this respect and it is planned to replicate the capital's experience," said Mr. Evgeny Gasho, an expert for the Analytical Center, when moderating the Environment and Renovation round table in the Parliament Center of Moscow.
  • 20 june 2017
    Some types of control are to be abolished
  • 16 june 2017
    Russia needs to change the principle of export supervision
    The Analytical Center hosted a discussion about the current approach to export supervision of international business involving dual-use items as well as the main problems that companies conducting international business run into when trying to get export licenses and permits.
  • 15 june 2017
    The key factor in the development of the regions is the effective management
    Analytical Center together with the Moscow Branch of the World Bank held the All-Russian Conference called 'Russian Regions as Growth Drivers: Priority Tasks and Solutions', where representatives from the regions could share their experience and discuss issues of social inequality, transport infrastructure, and slowdown in the economy.
  • 8 june 2017
    A rating is needed to assess how competitive our regions are in tourism
    "There are a large number of regional initiatives to develop tourist brands. However, the question today is how we go about assessing the competitiveness of the regions and what parameters we should use for that," said the deputy head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov, as he opened an expert discussion on methods for estimating the competitiveness of regions in tourism.
  • 7 june 2017
    Consumer crediting is extremely weak
    Results of the polls on financial capacities and goods purchase of Russian households are quite entertaining, but all-in-all logical: the wealthier the respondents are the easier it gets to purchase goods, according to the bulletin on current trends in Russian economy titled “Financial standing of the population in the times of recovery from the recession”. Among those 20 % of the wealthiest the share of people who, in their own words, can afford to buy cars, dachas, apartments, accounts for 7.5 %.
  • 6 june 2017
    Waste Incineration Has its Drawbacks
    In February 2017, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted a set of documents the implementation of which will lead to establishment of power generation industry based on incineration of household solid waste in Russia, the experts of the Analytical Center write in the energy bulletin "Energy Disposal of Household Solid Waste."
  • 2 june 2017
    The Economies of the Baltic States Continue to Experience Serious Problems
    In their new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy Analytical Center experts look at the economic development factors of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in the period following the Great Recession.
  • 2 june 2017
    Human Development Indicators are on the Rise in the Regions
    Analytical Center expert Victoria Pavlushina presented a report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Inequality in the Russian Regions at the Sustainable Development of Russian Cities and Regions round-table that took place at the National Research Institute of the Higher School of Economics, and looked at the role of external sustainable development, environmental protection, and energy efficiency indicators (ratings and indices.)