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  • 30 august 2019
    The Analytical Center and Research Institute Voskhod Sign a Cooperation Agreement
    The Analytical Center and Research Institute Voskhod have signed an agreement to cooperate on the development of the digital economy.
  • 30 august 2019
    Analytical Center Warns Against Excessive Regulation of Digital Economy
    Vladislav Onishchenko, the Head of the Analytical Center, noted that "there is no need to excessively regulate areas where technologies are changing rapidly and technological solutions skyrocket one day and go down another day." He believes that digital technologies should be given the opportunity to develop without excessive legislative regulation.
  • 30 august 2019
    Leningrad Region Takes Part in an Experiment Involving Creation of National Data Management System
    The Leningrad Region has been included in the list of pilot regions that will be experimenting with the creation of a national data management system. An agreement to that effect was signed Tuesday by the government of the region and the Analytical Center.
  • 29 august 2019
    Experts Discuss New AOC Concept
    Experts discussed draft Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation and draft federal laws governing the proceedings concerning administrative offenses.
  • 27 august 2019
    Experts Discuss Effectiveness of Measures Aimed at Preventing Social Orphanhood
    Even though the causes of social orphanhood are fairly clear, the importance of every such cause can vary over time, noted Nelli Naigovzina, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, as she opened a round table on the causes of social orphanhood. Efforts are underway to better prioritize the causes of this social phenomenon in order to refine the measures aimed at preventing it in order to allow kids to stay with their blood relatives whenever possible.
  • 23 august 2019
    Expert Analysis of Global and Russian Non-Resource Exports Trends
    The Analytical Center has published a new quarterly survey of changes and trends in the regulations of non-resource exports. The experts have analyzed both projected and legislative changes introduced in Q2 2019 related to non-resource exports in Russia, the EEU and worldwide.
  • 21 august 2019
    New Fuel and Energy Regulations in Russia and Worldwide in April-June 2019
    Changes in the rules for exporting oil and petroleum products from Russia to Belarus and Kazakhstan, creation of new energy facilities, development of a common electricity market for the EEU: these were some of the topics included in the new publication on fuel and energy regulations in Russia and worldwide prepared based on data for Q2 2019.
  • 20 august 2019
    Experts discussed the aspects of digitalization of public administration
    The Analytical Center hosted an expert discussion of the Concept for establishment and operation of the Common information system architecture for the Federal executive bodies of the Russian Federation.
  • 16 august 2019
    New Mechanisms are Being Developed to Support Digitization
    "Today we're discussing how to select projects to be included in the preferential debt financing program for infrastructure digital technologies that the Ministry of Communications is launching. The requirements for borrowers were set out in the draft government resolution but it's also important that we set out requirements for projects because the demand for this measure in this market is going to depend on it," said Tatiana Radchenko, deputy head of the Analytical Center, as she opened a round table on preferential debt financing for infrastructure digital technologies and requirements for project selection.
  • 8 august 2019
    The Mining Industry Pulls Ahead
    In Russia's industrial sector the mining industry's growth is outpacing growth in all the other sectors, according to the new bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy published by Analytical Center experts. 2018 saw 2.9% growth in industrial production with the mining industry's output growing by 4.1% and the processing sector's output growing by 2.6%.