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  • 7 september 2018
    External Trade Shows Strong Growth
    The Analytical Center has issued a regular bulletin on current trends in the Russian economy addressing the foreign trade trends.
  • 5 september 2018
    It is important to ensure sustainable development of the oil companies
    The standard approach to compiling ratings of companies is to look at the indicators characterizing their size and financial performance of their business. However, in Russia, what is also important is the usefulness of the Russian vertically integrated oil companies for the economy of the country. Comparing companies by indicators in this category reveals that there are no clear cut leaders in this competition, Analytical Center experts note in their new energy bulletin.
  • 4 september 2018
    Experts discuss the effectivness of various mechanisms for developing infrastructure
    "The poor state of infrastructure is a key constraint on economic growth in Russia. Meanwhile, the goal of creating top quality infrastructure was set at the highest level," said the Head of the Department for Strategic Development, Public Administration and Regional Policy of the Analytical Center Anton Steshenko as he opened a roundtable titled "Mechanisms for Developing Infrastructure in the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation".
  • 3 september 2018
    It is necessary to create optimal opportunities for the safe transportation of children
    "It is necessary to look at the sphere of transportation of organized groups of children with fresh eyes and understand how far those measures that are aimed at organization and security are necessary and sufficient. Do they really comply with safety standards and do not interfere with other issues, for example organizational ones?", Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation O.Yu. Golodets, Veniamin Kaganov, said, opening the roundtable "Improvement of Measures in the Sphere of Transportation of Organized Groups of Children".
  • 31 august 2018
    Experts do not see any obstacles to the transition to electronic labor books
    There are no serious obstacles to the transition to electronic labor books, but the issue on the terms is still have to be decided. This opinion was expressed by the participants of the round table "From bureaucracy to technocracy: how will the electronic labor books change the life? ", which was held at the Analytical Center.
  • 30 august 2018
    Experts discuss development of intergovernmental fiscal relations
    The Analytical Center has hosted a roundtable titled "Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: Ways of Development" that included expert discussions about the effectiveness of various ways the federal government can offer financial support to the regions, the structure of money transfers between different levels of government and the principles of their distribution. Regional representatives also talked about their experience in obtaining funding from the federal government for the implementation of specific projects.
  • 29 august 2018
    New in Fuel and Energy Sector Regulation in Russia and the World in April–June 2018
    Improving the energy efficiency of the Russian economy, the "road map" for the implementation of "Energynet", clarifying the requirements for heat supply schemes, the procedure for their development and updating – these and other topics were included in the new edition of the review of fuel and energy sector regulation in Russia and the world, prepared on the results of the second quarter of 2018.
  • 28 august 2018
    Russians may change to electronic labor books as early as 2020
    The Project Office for Implementation of Digital Economy program supports the business community's proposal on earlier transition to electronic labor books — in 2020 instead of 2027.
  • 28 august 2018
    Normative per capita financing makes education system operable and transparent
    "On the one hand, we see consolidation of the state's efforts in the sphere of establishing clear and transparent mechanisms for higher education system regulation. On the other hand, transformation of economic and financing mechanisms is today's imperative. This is because the regulation tools used in the higher education system until now were formed a long time ago, and they no longer match the key changes which occurred in the country's economics and politics and therefore require amendments and transformations," said the Analytical Center's expert Inna Karakchieva opening the round table named "Improving financial and economic performance of higher education institutions in the conditions of normative per capita financing of higher education."
  • 27 august 2018
    Preschool education is important for the development of society and state
    "The Russian system of preschool education is recognized by the international community and it makes a huge contribution to the development of the human capital of the country, however in the new national project titled Development of Education, there is no special section devoted to preschool education," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva speaking at the Childhood Reference Points held the other day in Moscow.