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  • 13 december 2017
    Protection of Intellectual Property and Competition Contribute to Innovative Development
    Issues of interrelation between the anti-monopoly policy and intellectual property protection were discussed at the Analytical Center.
  • 12 december 2017
    Experts discussed insurance of Russian construction projects abroad
    The Analytical Center has brought together experts to gather and summarize proposals for the consolidated plan of the priority project regarding Systemic Measures to Develop International Cooperation and Exports. The expert meeting was held in conjunction with the Russian exports center. During the event, the issues were discussed related to insurance of construction, engineering and design projects abroad.
  • 12 december 2017
    New technologies are needed to develop distributed generation
    "Adoption of distributed generation in Russia depends, first of all, on the development of technologies," said Analytical Center expert Irina Pominova, speaking at the meeting on the Implementation of Innovative Projects in Distributed Generation in Cheboksary.
  • 12 december 2017
    The volume of tourist services in Russia began to grow
    The recovery of the Russian demand for tourism, especially for traveling abroad, in 2017, indicates the revival of the economy, the experts observe in the new bulletin issue about the current trends in the Russian economy. Other important reasons are the renewal of charter air travel to Turkey and the development of Russian civil aviation.
  • 11 december 2017
    We Need to Stay Ahead When It Comes to Digitalization
    There is no falling behind when it comes to digitalization — you have to get ahead. There is no doubt that it is important to take into account the experience of economies that have successfully gone through digitalization. Two leading experts in this field, Randeep Sudan from the World Bank and Rafal Rohozinski from the SecDev Group, Canada, spoke about global digital economy trends during a round-table meeting at the Analytical Center.
  • 7 december 2017
    The Finals of the Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 Contest Have Come to an End
    The finals of the Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 contest have come to an end in the Analytical Center in the Best Information and Analysis Solution for a "Smart City" and the Best Information and Analysis Solution for Construction Management nominations.
  • 5 december 2017
    Public transport undergoes IT-revolution
    "Information technologies are influencing the relations between people, state and business significantly reconstructing the existing processes. The transport sphere experiences revolution. The most striking example is taxi, which has dramatically changed over the last 3 years; similar processes are witnessed in the public transport", Alexander Malakhov, expert of the Analytical Center declared in his speech as a moderator of the discussion "Digital Services. How Public Transport Becomes Personalized" at the Urban Transport International Salon of Innovations.
  • 5 december 2017
    Nontransparent Pricing and Social Burden on Companies Hamper the Development of the Russian LPG Market
    The Russian market of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is actively developing but still has a number of problems, as noted by the experts of the Analytical Center in the new issue of the Energy Bulletin.
  • 4 december 2017
    Yevgeny Kislyakov: "Yakutia understands the importance of the introduction of digital economy"
    "The Republic, as represented by Yegor Borisov and the government of the Republic, understands the importance of the introduction of digital economy in the country," said Yevgeny Kislyakov, Head of the Project Office for the introduction of the program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation at a briefing following the meeting in Yakutsk.
  • 4 december 2017
    The Finals of the Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 contest continue
    The expert group of the Best Information and Analysis Tools contest continues to review the projects of finalists. Earlier the participants presented their projects at the Analytical Center in the nominations Best Information and Analysis Solution for Expert Assessment of Legally Significant Documents and Best Information and Analysis Solution for Healthcare. During the event the finalists not only demonstrated their information and analysis tools but also answered questions of members of the expert group.