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  • 17 november 2016
    Stock trades should complete a number of tasks for the gas market development
    "Series of expert discussions to the point of the gas market development are continuing," said the Head of R&D activities of the Department for Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Center Alexander Kurdin, opening the Round Table Conference "Prospects for a Stock Trading of Gas in Russia and the EEU”. "Moreover, the stock trading capabilities have traditionally been regarded as of paramount importance both in Russia and within EEU”.
  • 17 november 2016
    Open Data - Added Value in Work of Governmental Authorities
    The Analytical Center held the second workshop for representatives of data owners and customers “Open Data Portal as an Information Source for Preparing Analytical Materials” during which experts discussed how to build communication of a governmental authority and the IT community and considered API of the Open Data Portal and open data handling tools.
  • 16 november 2016
    Best Information Analytics Tools 2016 Finalists Determined
    The Analytical Center hosted a joint meeting of the Organizing Committee of theBest Information Analytics Tools 2016 awards and the expert team that determined the nominees for the awards. The meeting’s participants summarized the intermediate results of the contest, discussed the preliminary results and named the finalists.
  • 16 november 2016
    A System of University Endowments Would Be Premature in Russia
    “The use of budget funds, such as those available in the Reserve Fund of Russia, for university endowments would not make much sense in a crisis,” said Aleksey Shiryaev, advisor with the Department of Legal Assessment of the Analytical Center, speaking at the conference Market of University Endowments in Russia: Emerging Trends and Prospects.
  • 15 november 2016
    Russian products are gaining in popularity in China
    Speaking at a practical workshop titled ‘Legal Aspects of Doing Business with China’, which was held as part of the ‘Dialogues’ network session project, Denis Ershov, the head of the Department for International Cooperation of the Analytical Center, noted that Russian products are getting more and more popular in China owing to their good quality and environmental friendliness. "It’s important that we carry on with our expansion in the East, that we study China’s requirements for our products and pay special attention to quality," Mr Ershov believes. "We need to build logistics centers, the lack of which is currently one of the main obstacles to the development of exports to China. Logistics centers would allow us to drastically cut delivery costs."
  • 15 november 2016
    Russia is Developing a Smart Energy System
    “We’re beginning to implement a ‘road map’ to develop a national smart energy system in Russia and today it is important to hear all the opinions on this issue,” said Deputy Director of the State Energy Policy Department of the Russian Ministry of Energy Alexander Mitreikin at a round table titled Smart Energy System for Russia, which was held at the Analytical Center. Experts discussed the key assumptions of the concept for the implementation of the national project Smart Energy System of Russia and considered the current state of the energy sector, the challenges it is facing and the drivers that may prompt the transition to a smart energy system.
  • 14 november 2016
    India may become a 'second China' for Russia in the energy sector
    In the last few years the Russian-Indian cooperation in the energy sector has been gaining path and India may become a "second China" for Russia in this sphere, according to the experts who are writing for the new energy industry bulletin "International Cooperation: The Road to India". This has also been corroborated by the documents signed to summarize the results of the Russo-Indian summit held on October15 in Goa. The most promising cooperation areas will be the nuclear and the oil industries.
  • 14 november 2016
    The Analytical Center completes its survey of commuter trains passengers
    On 14th November, the Analytical Center experts are starting to process and analyze the data they gathered by surveying commuter transport passengers. The study was conducted by the Analytical Center in October and November and in that period 10,000 people took part in it via the website alone.
  • 11 november 2016
    Ministry of Energy Sees No Need in Municipal FEBs
    “We need comprehensive data to understand how Russia’s energy system is currently operating. Fuel and Energy Balances (FEBs) are actually an all-important source of data at all levels of government,” said Alexander Kurdin, an expert of the Analytical Center, when opening a round table on Forming the Fuel and Energy Balance in Russia and Regions.
  • 11 november 2016
    We Need to Move On To Radical Transparency
    The Analytical Center launched a series of workshops for corporate owners and consumers of open data. At the first workshop, How to Correctly Publish Data on the Open Data Portal, experts discussed common errors that occur when information is published in the open data format and reviewed guidelines and publishing rules.