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  • 24 april 2019
    Life Cycle Contract in the Road Economy is a New Budget Planning Tool
    A life cycle contract (LLC) in the sphere of the road economy is a new economic budget planning tool which must provide an innovative breakthrough not only in the transport industry but also in the production sector. That was the topic of the round table on the barriers to the expansion of LLC practice under the National Project "Safe and High-Quality Motorways" held at the Analytical Center.
  • 24 april 2019
    Cooperation Between BRICS Nations Can Help Achieve Sustainable Development Goals
    What is the mission of the BRICS nations in the achievement of the 17 sustainable development goals set by the UN? That was the question experts discussed at a round table on the sustainable development goals and BRICS hosted by the Analytical Center.
  • 19 april 2019
    There are perfectly reasonable grounds for the annual pilot period for the use of the additional revenue tax
    "The oil and gas industry surely deserves support given the task the president set for it to achieve 25% investment rate by 2024 because unlike many other industries in oil and gas we already know what projects can be implemented and who and how is going to be investing in them," the Analytical Center expert Alexander Kurdin said speaking at the national Oil and Natural Gas Forum in Moscow.
  • 19 april 2019
    Experts Discuss Proposal of the FAS of Russia that Russian Software Must be Pre-installed on Subscriber Devices
    The main issues that the bill seeking to amend the federal communications laws and other federal laws to introduce requirements that Russian software be pre-installed on subscriber devices sold in Russia are reducing the barriers to entry for Russian companies and ensuring information security in the country.
  • 19 april 2019
    Expert: None of the national goals can be achieved without the development of the construction industry
    "The goal of our work on the strategy is to develop a document that can really help solve the problems we've accumulated so far rather than being approved by everyone because nobody has any objections," said the First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich speaking at the Russian National Conference on the Development of the Construction Industry Strategy through 2030.
  • 18 april 2019
    Experts Discuss Success Factors for Energy Service Contracts
    “Energy service contracts are one of the most important policy tools for increasing energy efficiency in Russia,” said Alexander Kurdin, Head of Research at the Department for the Fuel and Energy Sector and Housing and Public Utilities of the Analytical Center, as he opened the round table on the Best Practices for Implementing Projects Using Energy Service Contracts in the Housing and Public Utilities Sector.
  • 17 april 2019
    The State Has No Intention of Selling Data
    "The state has no intention of selling data, the state's job is to ensure equal access to data with no discrimination," said Analytical Center Head Vladislav Onischenko speaking at the Telecom 2019 conference.
  • 17 april 2019
    Experts Outline Key Conditions for Development of Non-raw Material Sectors of Economy
    Members of the Interdepartmental Work Group for the Development of Sustainable Economic Development Road Map for Russia met at the Analytical Center to discuss programs for the development of 9 most promising non-raw materials sectors of the country's economy and key macroeconomic conditions for their practical implementation.
  • 17 april 2019
    The National Data Management System is Expected to Change Key Approaches to the Use of Stat Data
    "The National Data Management System is expected to change the key approaches to how state data are being used in Russia as early as in the medium term," said Victoria Gimadi, Head of the Department for Fuel, Energy and Housing Utilities of the Analytical Center, speaking at the plenary session of the Digital Technologies for Energy Efficiency 2019 forum in Yekaterinburg.
  • 16 april 2019
    Expert: The Government should help encourage private investment in energy saving projects
    "As of the second half of 2018, about 10 thousand projects on energy efficiency were implemented in Russian regions, with their number increasing for 2 years in a row," Anna Bakaykina, Deputy Head of the Department for Sectors of Economy of the Analytical Center said addressing "Energy Efficiency Technologies" forum in Ekaterinburg.