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  • 21 march 2017
    Educators’ salary model must be improved
    “Within the Russian National Meeting of Educators, the Government instructed to involve wider public to solve education problems,” said Ms. Inna Karakchieva, the Analytical Centre expert, opening the round table “Mechanisms to Improve Salary System for Employees of General Educational Organizations”. “One of such problems is the salary of educators, where the calculation methodology needs improvements.”
  • 20 march 2017
    Computer-aided project management system optimizes work of ministries and government agencies on priority projects
    Friday the Analytical Center hosted courses for representatives of the government agencies participating in the reform of the supervision and oversight function in how to use the computer-aided project management system. The system has been developed and is being used to optimize the efforts aimed at the implementation of priority state projects and offers users a number of convenient and useful functions.
  • 17 march 2017
    Electric vehicles will be one of the factors driving down demand for oil
    "There is growing uncertainty regarding future demand for oil in the world," said Analytical Center expert Alexander Amiragyan, speaking at the international forum Oil Refinery and Electric Vehicles. According to the expert, there are a number of factors contributing to this uncertainty such as the slowing down of the global GDP growth (including in the emerging markets), the falling oil consumption in the developed countries, worsening environmental problems in major cities and the need to limit motor vehicle exhaust emissions. The growing competition between different types of transport fuel (natural gas, electric power) is also playing a part, as is the desire of many countries to reduce their dependence on external energy sources, including by means of promoting domestic fuels. In light of all that, wide adoption of electric vehicles is going to put additional downward pressure on the demand for motor fuels.
  • 17 march 2017
    A national registry and nation-wide classifiers are expected to boost the effectiveness of supervision and oversight
    The Analytical Center has discussed proposals on how to best support supervision and oversight efforts and specifically a project to systematize and update mandatory requirements.
  • 16 march 2017
    Quality information analytics tools are need to offer state services in digital format
    Deputy Head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Anatoly Karpenko talked about the Best Information Analytics Tools 2016 contest at the interindustry information technology forum Russia's Multidimensional Cities. The expert made special mention of the importance of using information analytics tools, including geo-information systems, to offer state and municipal services in digital format.
  • 15 march 2017
    Agencies began to implement first stage of oversight and supervision system reform
    The Ministry of Economic Development is closely monitoring the implementation of the first stage of the oversight and supervision reform - introduction of the mechanisms for training and self-instruction of supervised persons based on personal accounts. The pilot form of the oversight should be determined, the list of key requirements for it should be generated and the personal account for control subjects should be developed by year end. The first progress was reported by the representatives of the agencies participating in the project during the workshop held on March 14 at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • 15 march 2017
    Online Education Promotes the Development of Digital Education and Big Data Analysis
    A project analytical session devoted to implementation of the priority project ‘Contemporary Digital Educational Environment in the Russian Federation’ was held on the premises of the Analytical Center.
  • 14 march 2017
    Organizing recreation and health improvement for kids requires special attention
    "Today we are going to talk about the key provisions of the map of risks designed for eliminating the excessive mandatory requirement for the organization of recreation and health improvement for children, including tourism for kids and the operation of health improvement and occupational guidance camps for children in the country," Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva said as she opened a round-table at the Analytical Center.
  • 14 march 2017
    Developing nations in Asia need a transformation of their energy systems
    "The shortage of domestic energy resources and structural problems in the industry are holding back economic development in the majority of Asian nations," said Analytical Center expert Anna Lobanova, speaking at a discussion of the Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector in the Asia Pacific report of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.
  • 14 march 2017
    Control and Oversight Delivery Reform Moves to Regional Level
    "In 2017, Russian regions face a challenging task: to introduce a target model named "Control and Oversight Delivery Activities in Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation." Evgeny Lokhmatov, Expert of the Analytical Center, made this statement as he spoke in Kaluga at a workshop/training session on project management as part of Control and Supervision Reform. According to the expert, the target model is synchronized with the passport of the priority project on "Improving the Quality of Control and Supervision Work at Regional and Municipal Levels" and involves full-scale use of project management methods.