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  • 10 april 2017
    Insufficient attention paid to the employment of the elderly in Russia
    "When considering the contours of the future world of employment, it is necessary to take into account the following three development concepts: the green, digital (information) and silver economies," said Vladislav Onischenko, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, speaking at "The Future of Work We Want: A Global Dialogue" conference.
  • 10 april 2017
    All the participants of the Best Information and Analysis Tools contest deserve attention
    Mid-May will see the start of the Best Information Analytics Tools 2017 Contest. A similar contest held by the Analytical Center in 2016 showed high demand for information analytics tools among government authorities. Thus, tools developed by Russian companies and submitted to the contest were highly praised by both the expert group of the contest and its panel.
  • 10 april 2017
    The wear and tear of school buildings is on the agenda
    "The goal of this round table is to get as many experts as possible to discuss the functional requirements for general education facilities, which would take into account the tasks that our general education system will be facing in the future," Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva said, opening the round-table at the Analytical Center.
  • 10 april 2017
    The Analytical Center is to survey teachers, parents, and alumni
    The Analytical Center would like to invite school teachers and principals, parents, alumni, and all stakeholders to take part in an online survey on the Functional Requirements for General Educational Institutions' Facilities with Due Account of Long-term Objectives of the Education System Development. The requirements are being developed by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation within the framework of the priority project "Creating a Modern Learning Environment for School Children."
  • 6 april 2017
    Russia redistributes exports in favor of China
    In 2016, annual exports to China declined by 2% down to 28 billion US dollars, while the total Russian exports fell by 17%. This shows a redistribution of the exports in favor of China, the Analytical Center expert, Grigory Mikryukov, states.
  • 6 april 2017
    The Analytical Center to assess development of competition in the regions
    "The Analytical Center has begun assessing the efforts of regional authorities across Russia aimed at introducing the Competition Development Standard. Information for 2016 to be used in the assessment was provided by all the 85 regions, while last year the Republic of Kalmykia, Altai and Tyva had to be excluded from the assessment," said Tatiana Rachenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, speaking at the Practice of Introducing the Competition Development Standard in Russian Regions seminar organized by the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service.
  • 4 april 2017
    Secondary vocational education system took the path of reforms
    Amid economic globalization and international cooperation development, secondary vocational education (SVE) is transforming all over the world. Right before our eyes new professions and jobs are emerging while some others are disappearing, getting out of date, with the transformation speed increasing year on year, according to the experts of the newly issued newsletter on education entitled Secondary Vocational Education Reform (Domestic and Foreign Experience.)
  • 3 april 2017
    Different types of projects need different types of state support
    "Quite often private companies are interested in non-financial support from the state rather than in getting funds from the federal or regional treasuries," Analytical Center expert Tatiana Gorovaya said during a discussion that aimed to carry out a comparative analysis of investment budget spending in Russia and abroad using the project-based approach and private investments. "Such support measures, for example, can include lower loan interest rates, tax exemptions as well as organizational measures aimed at reducing the amount of red tape businesses have to deal with."
  • 3 april 2017
    Experts studying factors behind Belarusian economy growth
    Belarusian economy demonstrated growth all through the 2000s, claim the experts writing in “Spotlight on Belarus: In Search of Growth Factors”. This is the title of a new bulletin providing regular coverage of current trends in the global economy. In 2003 the country became the third former Soviet republic (to follow Uzbekistan and Estonia) to regain the real GDP level of 1990 (Russia’s 2003 GDP stood at 80% of the 1990 figure, Ukraine’s — at 55%). Over the next 5 years (between 2004 and 2008), while the global energy prices were rising, the Belarusian economy had grown 60% (Russia’s achievement was 40%). In 2009 Belarus was the only country from among the ex-Soviet republics geographically located in Europe whose GDP did not experience a decline, despite 9% cuts in the export and import of goods and services.
  • 31 march 2017
    The Ministry of Sport's statistics becomes more graphic
    Analytical Center experts have analyzed and adapted the statistical forms used by the Russian Ministry of Transport and using data on people "ready for work and defense", the number of people going in for sports, the training of athletes in reserve, the sports infrastructure, coaches and other related information, they developed an information model and built analytical panels that make it possible to see correlations between different sets of data over time. New technologies were used during the presentation by the minister at the final session of the Board of the Russian Ministry of Sports: instead of a traditional power point presentation, the participants were shown interactive info-graphics.