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  • 12 april 2018
    Experts Discussed Modernization of Russian Oil Refineries
    "Experience shows that state regulation plays a huge role in the modernization of oil refinement. In recent years the industry has made significant progress thanks to the incentives that have been introduced. Today we need to decide where we want to go next," said Analytical Center expert Alexander Kurdin opening a round table on whether new incentives are needed to promote modernization of oil refineries in Russia.
  • 11 april 2018
    It is necessary to create a development strategy for non-state higher education
    The Analytical Center issued a next bulletin on current educational trends addressing the development of non-state higher educational institutions in Russia. The non-state sector of higher education has been successfully developing all over the world, the authors write. The example is not only the most famous universities ranking amongst the leaders of world ratings — Harvard, Yale, Stanford — but also relatively recently created private educational institutions in South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, etc.
  • 10 april 2018
    The toolkit of the Eurasian Economic Commission should be expanded
    The antitrust regulation system of the Eurasian Economic Union combines monitoring of competition within national jurisdictions through harmonization of laws and supervision of adherence to the general competition principles in trans-border markets. While curbing attempts to stifle competition in the territories of the member states of the Union remains the domain of the national antitrust bodies, the authority to protect competition and carry out antitrust supervision on the trans-border markets has been given to the Eurasian Economic Commission, write Analytical Center experts in their new bulletin on the development of competition.
  • 9 april 2018
    2017 Saw Significant Growth in Sales of Fruits and Vegetables
    A key contribution to the resumption of economic growth in 2017 was made by household consumption in Russia which grew by 3.4% in real terms after growing by 2.8% in 2016 and falling by 9.4% in 2015, Analytical Center experts write in their new bulletin on the current trend in the Russian economy titled How Retail is Coming Back to Life.
  • 6 april 2018
    Non-Standard Forms of Employment Open Up New Opportunities for Growth in the Labor Market
    The Analytical Center has held a discussion about non-standard forms of employment that have emerged as a result of, among other things, the introduction of digital platforms that connect employers and employees.
  • 5 april 2018
    Municipalities create economic potential in the regions
    "It is about municipalities where the economic potential is created. And yet as a topic of discussion, the municipalities are often overlooked; we need to bring them up more often. Today, the Analytical Center has created an opportunity for regional representatives to talk about the best practices for the development of municipalities," Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov said as he opened a round table on System for Encouraging Municipalities to Grow Their Own Economic Potential.
  • 4 april 2018
    New Pricing Principles are to Apply in the Fuel and Energy Sector
    The Analytical Center has released a new bulletin on the pricing policy in the fuel and energy sector. The authors write that the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia was suggesting reforms for the price regulation and the development of competition in the fuel and energy sector directly affecting the universal pricing principles. Russia has long been debating the usefulness of deregulation because of the uneven technological development in different regions. However, work is already underway to systematize the pricing regulation through a single legislative framework.
  • 3 april 2018
    Inequality between Countries Seems to be Here to Stay
    There is a lot of diversity in the modern world when it comes to the level of development. The existing statistics allow for comparisons to be made between the GDP of 175 countries in 1992–2016, Analytical Center experts note in their new bulletin on the current trends in the modern economy titled Uneven Economic Development around the World.
  • 2 april 2018
    Russia needs to create a network of regional think tanks
    "Top-100 think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe include 14 Russian organizations, including the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation," said Analytical Center expert Alexander Golyashev, speaking at a round table on the Role and Development Prospects of the Russian Think Tanks.
  • 29 march 2018
    The heating sector has a low level of investment attractiveness
    "On the whole the issue of how effective state spending is when it comes to the modernization of the energy infrastructure is a topic in which few people are interested because the sector mostly gets money from other sources, while the projects that get some of their funding form the federal treasury need to be closely monitored," believes Victoria Gimadi, the Head of the Department for the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Center.