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  • 30 march 2017
    Experts discuss strategies for forming macroregions
    In connection with the preparation of the Spatial Development Strategy of the Russian Federation, the Analytical Center held a session entitled "Developing approaches to the shaping of macroregions". In his opening remarks, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, Mikhail Pryadilnikov, noted that the spatial development project is now being developed under the law "On Strategic Planning", and the issue of shaping macroregions with regard to their specialization is thus paramount.
  • 30 march 2017
    Experts study personal consumption trends in Russia in 2016
    Speaking at the round-table "Personal Consumption in 2016: Groceries and Other Goods", chief adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev noted that all the crises in Russia, the one in 1998, the one in 2008 and the one in 2015, were characterized by external shocks, sharp devaluation of the national currency and inflation.
  • 29 march 2017
    Measures are being developed to support owners of alternative energy generating facilities
    "Development of micro renewable energy sources holds a lot of promise for Russia but it still has not been included in government plans. The reason for that is technical and regulatory problems," Vladislav Onischenko, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, said as he opened a round table on the development prospects of micro-retail generating facilities based on renewable energy sources. " Our goal is to identify the objective conditions and offer the government ways to support entrepreneurship in this area."

  • 28 march 2017
    Treasury gains more than expected from the big tax maneuver
    "The natural gas and oil sector plays a big role both in federal budget revenue and in ensuring the country's economic growth, so the issue of optimizing the taxation of oil and natural gas companies is getting more and more relevant," Alexander Kurdin, Head of Research at the Department for the Fuel and Energy Sector, said as he opened the round-table on the impact of the taxation system in the financial and economic stability of Russian oil and gas companies.
  • 27 march 2017
    Experts discuss the progress of gasification in Russia
    The Analytical Center and the Ministry of Energy of Russia held a round table entitled "Simplification of the Procedures for Connecting to the Natural Gas Distribution Infrastructure in Russia: Problems and New Opportunities", during which they discussed the current problems and the regional differences when it comes to getting connected to the natural gas distribution facilities, specifically, differences in the time it takes to get a connection, the prices, the complexity of the formalities that need to be completed. The experts also assessed the targets found in various road maps and the measures aimed at achieving those targets.
  • 24 march 2017
    The Baikal region to become an organized tourism zone
    "Baikal is a unique natural object where we need to direct the development of tourism in a manner that minimizes spontaneous flows of tourists by creating an infrastructure and offering quality services," said Analytical Center expert Denis Yershov, speaking at a round table organized by the Analytical Center in conjunction with the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Buryatiya and the Federal Tourism Service. The event was devoted to the interregional strategy for the development of tourism in the territories adjacent to Lake Baikal as part of the Baikal - a Great Lake in a Great Country priority project.
  • 24 march 2017
    The aggregated plans of the supervision and oversight agencies are to be refined
    The Analytical Center has discussed the aggregated plans drafted by the agencies participating in the reform of the supervision and oversight function and found a number of problems with them.
  • 24 march 2017
    Expert continue to discuss development of labor and employment
    The Analytical Center continues to hold conferences and debates around the Russian Federation National Report on the progress in the implementation of the ILO’s “The Future of Work initiative”.
  • 23 march 2017
    The Government is working on a science and technology development plan
    The Analytical Center has hosted and interdepartmental meeting to discuss the action plan aimed at implementing the Strategy for the Science and Technology Development of the Russian Federation approved by the President of Russia on 1st December, 2016. "Our goal is to make proposals and approve those points of the plan that will allow us to effectively implement the provisions of the strategy," said Vladislav Onischenko, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, as he opened the meeting.
  • 22 march 2017
    Regions working to improve their economic activity indices
    The Analytical Centre has held a round-table conference titled “Russia's regions: economic potential and growth opportunities”. Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov presented a survey of the economic situation in the regions of Russia, which was conducted jointly with the World Bank.