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  • 15 may 2017
    Analytical Center announces launch of competition “Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017"
    The Analytical Center for the Russian Government announces the launch of the competition “Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017". The similar competition held in 2016 showed the strong interest for such tools, and it was decided to turn this competition into an annual event and a platform for identifying and dissemination of competitive analytical intelligence tools needed in the state sector.
  • 15 may 2017
    State Programs are an Effective Mechanism for Performance Appraisal
    “Our agenda for today is to discuss the key challenges faced by the system of state governance when it comes to implementing strategic documents, and to share experience with using the new instruments,” announced deputy director of the Analytical Centre Svetlana Ganeeva in her capacity of the moderator of the “State Governance 2.0: Pursuing the Priorities” discussion held as part of the Days of Leningrad Oblast in Moscow agenda.
  • 12 may 2017
    BRICS Nations Become Main Driver of Global Growth
    The joint website of the foreign affairs ministries of the BRICS nations has published an article penned by Analytical Center experts Anna Lobanova and Victoria Pavlyushina and titled BRICS: Looking into the Future.
  • 11 may 2017
    New fuel and energy sector regulations in Russia and the world in Jan-Mar 2017
    The new review of the fuel and energy sector regulations in Russia and the world based on Q1 2017 data focuses on the reduction of the price of electricity and the price of motor fuels in the Far East the coincided with the new taxes being introduced in the fuel and energy sector.
  • 10 may 2017
    The Poorest of the Population Spend the Largest Portion of their Income on Utilities and Communication
    The share of paid services in consumer spending in Russia is less than in the developed countries as well as in a number of developing countries, Analytical Center experts note in their new bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy titled Household Demand for Paid Services.
  • 5 may 2017
    The Global Community Opts for Development of Energy Strategies
    The future of the modern global energy sector is determined by technology. As technological progress forecasting becomes ever more challenging, countries around the world are outlining strategic priorities for the development of the fuel and energy sector. Today, the top priorities emphasized by experts include improving energy efficiency, developing renewable energy sources and implementing deliberate policy to prevent global climate change. The issue of technology priorities in the energy sector is the main topic of the new energy bulletin prepared by the Analytical Center experts.
  • 3 may 2017
    Reforms Bring about Economic Growth in Kazakhstan
    Global economic growth is becoming more and more sustained, which means forecasting is becoming more effective, and more accurate estimates can be made about investment projects. This factor has had a positive effect on the economy of Kazakhstan, which was dealt a harsh blow by the collapse of oil prices in 2014-2016. 2016 saw significant growth in the construction, agriculture, transport, and warehousing sectors in Kazakhstan. However, the rather modest GDP growth projections for 2017 mean the country needs to look for new growth drivers and new ways to modernize its economy. That is the conclusion arrived at by Analytical Center experts in their new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy.
  • 28 april 2017
    Ministries Choose Pilot Supervision Projects for Audit
    The Analytical Center has hosted a discussion of proposals on which types of monitoring (supervision) to include in the list of types of supervision for which audits of reliability, completeness, and accuracy of data sources are to be conducted in 2017.
  • 27 april 2017
    Carriers must represent the interests of their passengers
    "A new generation of transport management system needs to be introduced because the system that is currently in place completely fails to deliver the required quality of transport management, the required level of safety and modern level of comfort for passengers or the reliability of the date that go into reports," Analytical Center expert Alexander Malakhov said, speaking at the Applied Science Conference Public Transport in a City that is Comfortable to Live in.
  • 26 april 2017
    Common standards need to be put in place before a universal fare payment system can be created
    "Options for the creation of a universal fare payment system (UPS) are based on territorial divisions resulting from a large degree of independence in the regions with regards to making decisions about the organization of public transport in the cities and the fare policies in each specific region," Head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Alexander Malakhov said, opening a round-table on the scenarios for the creation of a universal system for paying fares on public transport.