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  • 10 november 2017
    A New Concept of Teaching Art is Emerging
    "The education system is facing new challenges that call for more creativity, mobility, flexibility and transparency," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva, speaking at the National Interdepartmental Education Forum 'The Heritage of Russia. Folk Art and Culture for Children', where she made a presentation on Art as a central component in education and a development resource.
  • 9 november 2017
    Regional Development Problems Remain Relevant in Spain
    The events in Catalonia in October 2017 revealed the importance of regional differences in countries that are generally regarded as highly developed and prosperous, Analytical Center experts write in their new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy.
  • 9 november 2017
    The developing nations are in for a lot of hard work to achieve sustainable development
    "The United Nations formulated the sustainable development goals for 2016-2030 for all countries and a key step on the way to achieving these goals is adaptation to the socio-economic situation in each specific nation," said Analytical Center expert Alexander Golyashev speaking at the Developing Countries' Forum Sustainable Development Agenda through 2030 and the New Silk Road in Guangzhou.
  • 8 november 2017
    A system of independent assessment of the quality of preschool education is emerging in Russia
    "The quality of preschool education is of vital importance not just for education but for the development of society as a whole," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva at a seminar System for Assessing and Improving the Quality of Preschool Education: Regional and International Experience. According to the expert, it is at this age that kids absorb the basic human values, traditions and ideas, learn the value of hard work, respect for other people, love of family, the place they come from and nature.
  • 8 november 2017
    By 2023 Oil Production in the East of the Country Can Go Up by 20–30%
    In the new energy bulletin, the Analytical Center experts consider the prospects of oil and natural gas production in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The analysts note that in the past 10 years oil production in the east of the country has gone up by a factor of 4.4, while natural gas production has risen 5-fold.
  • 7 november 2017
    Russia Among Leading Nations for Talent Development
    "Today, when creativity is playing an ever increasing role in the economy, Russia is among the leading nations on the talent development index: 15th out of 134 countries in the world and 4th among the G20 nations," said Inna Karakchieva, Analytical Center expert, speaking at the International Education Salon in Ufa where she presented a report on the National System for Identification and Development of Young Talent: Trends, Risks, and Opportunities.
  • 3 november 2017
    Online Courses Quality Will Have Its Own Assessment System
    The Analytical Center experts discussed models of a quality assessment system for online courses provided in the single window resource. The discussion was held within the framework of the priority project "Contemporary Digital Educational Environment in the Russian Federation", the passport of which had been approved by the minutes No. 9 of the meeting of the presidium of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation for the strategical development and priority projects dated October 25, 2016.
  • 2 november 2017
    Expert: We Have a Lot to Learn From Regions
    "Many regions have been using project management tools in the development and implementation of state programs for several years, and we have a lot to learn from their experience," said the expert of the Analytical Center Tatiana Gorovaya in her speech at the seminar "State Programs: Best Russian and World Practices". "There is no doubt that their success is achieved primarily due to the involvement of the country's top officials, which immediately eliminates the problem of ineffective interdepartmental cooperation."
  • 1 november 2017
    Experts Discussed the Innovative Development Program of Russian Railways
    The Analytical Center hosted an expert meeting in order to discuss the innovative development program of Russian Railways. The issues the discussion focused on included updating the technologies and infrastructure used by the holding as well as its research and development activities.
  • 31 october 2017
    The Problem of the Working Poor Needs to Be Solved
    The Analytical Center has published a bulletin titled The Working Poor in Russia and Abroad that analyzes the social and economic aspects of this phenomenon. The problem of working poor is common to Russia and foreign countries, including the developed economies, and has been maintained for a long time, write the authors of the bulletin. Once again, as in the 1990s, Russian politicians, experts and the media drew attention to the downward trend in the income of the population in recent years.