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  • 18 june 2018
    Individual Approach to Passengers Prevails in Russian Transport Industry
    Igor Ivanov, adviser of Head of the Analytical Center, shared information about international and Russian trends of transport information system development during the conference "Digital Industry in Industrial Russia" CIPR-2018, which took place in Kazan.
  • 15 june 2018
    Experts discussed the development of electric vehicles
    "Analytical Center experts conducted a study and came up with 3 possible scenarios for the global development of e-vehicles until 2035: in the baseline scenario 190 million e-vehicles are to have been manufactured by 2035, in the optimistic scenario: 300 million and in the pessimistic scenario: 70 million," said the head of Research at the Department for the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Center Alexander Kurdin, opening a round table on the impact of the development of electric transport around the world and on the fuel and energy sector in Russia.
  • 15 june 2018
    Analytical Center experts took part in CIPR-2018 conference
    The Analytical Center became a content partner of the the conference “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia 2018” (CIPR) held on June 6-8 in Innopolis.
  • 13 june 2018
    2017 saw growth in real retail sales of all goods across all the regions of Russia
    In 2017, the population of Russia continued to adapt to the consequences of the inflationary shock of 2015. Retail sales in 2017 grew slower than the reported real household income, the experts note in their new bulletin on the current rends in the Russian economy titled Consumer Demand: Regional Differences.
  • 9 june 2018
    There Needs to Be a Comprehensive Approach to the Creation of a Safe Childhood System
    "Russia is a global leader in the state policy of child safety. Official statistics suggest that in the past 5 years the number of children in our country has gone up by 12%, while over the past 10 years the number of orphans has fallen 3-fold, meanwhile 80% of the challenged children are involved in preschool education and in other programs," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva speaking at the 12th National Forum titled The Nation's Health is the Foundation for a Flourishing Russia in a discussion titled A Decade of Childhood: Objectives, Priorities, Prospects.
  • 7 june 2018
    The high level of poverty and social inequality are the main problems in Sub-Saharan Africa
    The socio-economic development of Sub-Saharan Africa has been on the agenda of the international community and international organizations since the early 1960s when the decolonization of African countries began en masse, Analytical Center experts noted in their new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy titled Sub-Saharan Africa: Social Problems.
  • 6 june 2018
    The Analytical Center is to assess the administrative burden on business
    Between May 15 and July 31, the Analytical Center and the Federal Protection Service conduct a joint survey of entrepreneurs to find out the level of administrative burden on business.
  • 6 june 2018
    A new IT system is being developed for public transport
    Analytical Center expert Alexander Malakhov made a presentation on the prospects of new fare collection systems for public transport at the Smart City – New Urban Intelligence conference. The expert talked about the new opportunities that passengers will be getting as a result of digitization.

  • 4 june 2018
    In Russia there are legal barriers preventing the development of energy storage services
    Development of energy storage is of paramount importance for the future of the global energy sector. The total capacity of energy storage facilities around the world has reached almost 170 GW, the vast majority of them being pumped hydroelectric energy storage facilities, note Analytical Center experts in their new energy bulletin titled Energy Storage in the Electric Power Industry.
  • 1 june 2018
    Our Goal is to Bring the Best Practices in Project Management Together in a Single Format
    "For the Analytical Center the Project Olympus is not just a short-lived thing but rather a long-term project that we plan to grow and evolve," said the Acting Head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onishchenko opening the roundtable 'Development of Project Management in the Subjects of the Russian Federation'. "It's a very important initiative that allows us to identify the best practices in the regions and replicate them at the federal level."