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  • 17 april 2017
    Federal Statistics Service and Federal Road Agency remain leaders of open data publication rating
    The Analytical Center has published another rating of open data publications by public authorities. This time it was for Q1 2017. The rating was compiled using the information available on the Russian Federation open data portal on 1 April 2017. Executive authorities were rated using a methodology developed by the Analytical Center.
  • 17 april 2017
    Russia needs a national concept of digital economy development
    "The Electronic (Digital) Economy document is one of the main systemic decisions behind the general strategy for the socio-economic development of Russia through 2025 aimed at stimulating sources of growth," Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onishchenko reminded those present as he opened the Electronic Economy: New Model and Opportunities for Growth VS Risks and Threats conference.
  • 14 april 2017
    The new digital era demands new solutions
    The Analytical Center experts Evgeny Gasho, Dmitry Khomchenko, and Alexander Malakhov spoke at the annual Energy Efficiency Technologies national forum in Yekaterinburg. The Analytical Center traditionally co-organized the event, whose central topic this year was digital economy. The event included round tables and expert discussions about ways to improve the efficiency of the economy.
  • 14 april 2017
    The state continues to support the automotive industry
    "Propping up demand for cars works primarily in growing markets," the Analytical Center expert Grigoriy Mikryukov said at the 5th Convention of Russian Automotive Dealers. Demand for cars in Russia continues to decline: last year sales fell by 51% on the 2012 level.
  • 13 april 2017
    It is best to leave the organization of compliance to an independent organization
    Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, spoke at the IV GRC Forum Thomson Reuters "Internal Audit: Function View from Auditor to Partner, one of the most prominent events on corporate management, risk and compliance. The expert called the attention of those present to the allocation of responsibility for antitrust compliance in corporate management.
  • 13 april 2017
    Creating a list of regulatory documents should not be treated as a mere formality
    The Analytical Center has hosted an expert discussion about how to best assess the comprehensiveness of lists of regulatory documents containing mandatory requirements and published on the official websites of federal executive bodies in charge of monitoring and supervision activities.
  • 12 april 2017
    It is necessary to change the approach to the obtaining of statistics in the tourism sector
    The methodology of Russian statistical recording on tourism is constantly improving, but still not fully in line with global standards, experts write in the new issue of the bulletin on competition development entitled Inbound Tourism Statistics System: Barriers to Industry Development.
  • 12 april 2017
    Preparations for the 'Proyektniy Olimp' 2017 contest have began
    "The Analytical Center took up the development of project management 4 years ago, and the 'Proyektniy Olimp' (Project Olympus) contest gathered over 100 organizations in its first year already, confirming the demand for our activity," said Konstantin Noskov, the Head of the Analytical Center, opening the round-table "'Proyektniy Olimp' Professional growth of project contributors".
  • 11 april 2017
    Common Information System of Monitoring and Supervision Activities to Bring Together all the Reform Parties
    The Analytical Center has discussed the options for the architecture of the Common Information System of Monitoring and Supervision Activities (CIS MSA) and a draft monitoring & oversight digitization project.
  • 11 april 2017
    Budgeting must be result-oriented
    Analytical Center experts Tatiana Gorovaya and Yekaterina Bgantseva spoke at a seminar titled Analyzing the Effectiveness of Program-Based Budgeting and Achievement of the Targets of State Programs: Monitoring the Effectiveness of Budget Spending. Practice of Introducing Program-Based Target-Oriented Methods. Result-Oriented Budgeting.