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  • 12 september 2017
    Stainless steel production is lagging behind the growth in its consumption
    "Q2 2017 saw the consumption of stainless steel grow 18 % year on year and in H1 2017 it went up 25.7%, with the bulk of the increase coming from imported products," said Analytical Center expert Olga Skvirskaya, speaking at a round table on the prospects of import substitution in stainless steel production in Russia, which was held at the Analytical Center. During the round table the experts discussed the prospects of launching modern stainless still rolling mills in Russia, the barriers to the development of the local market and the potential competitive advantages of Russian producers.
  • 7 september 2017
    Experts studied the social investments of oil and gas companies
    During the 2015-2016 crisis, Russia's largest oil and gas companies never reduced their social investments with some of them actually increasing the investments, including by means of expanding the range of social projects they were financing, the experts write in the new issue of the energy bulletin.
  • 6 september 2017
    The bulk of the greenhouse gas emissions in Russia comes from the energy sector
    The bulk of the greenhouse gas emissions in Russia comes from the energy sectorThe Analytical Center hosted a round table titled Environment and Economy: reducing the Russia's air pollution, devoted to the August bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy. The experts discussed the trends in contaminant emissions from stationary and mobile sources in 2000-2016 and presented the statistics on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 6 september 2017
    Regions should develop their own school management models
    “As there are various financial mechanisms in different regions, they should develop their own school management models based on peculiarities and strategies of their social and economic development,” said Inna Karakchieva, an expert of the Analytical Center, while speaking at an “Optimization of financial, control, and personnel management mechanisms in the Russian educational system” workshop.
  • 5 september 2017
    Improving the Environmental Situation Requires Investment and Innovation
    Russia's greenhouse gas emissions fell to 45.7 % below 1990 levels — the best result in the world, although it owes much to the severe economic crisis, experts of the Analytical Center say in the new bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy. The new issue focuses on air pollution.
  • 5 september 2017
    Damage from weather cataclysms will increase
    "Weather cataclysms will occur in Moscow increasingly," said Evgeny Gasho, the expert of the Analytical Center at the Climate Forum of Russian Cities. "A number of scientists have conducted a research: they collected information from different sources and, using the latest data processing technologies, analyzed different options for the development of the fuel and energy balance of the capital and the nearest belt of the Moscow oblast."
  • 4 september 2017
    Economic Growth Gets More Sustainable in EEU Countries
    The Analytical Center has published a final bulletin on the economic development of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) countries. Previous issues of the bulletin focused on some peculiarities of development in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The new document dwells on economic integration of the post-Soviet countries, which now form the EEU, with the main goal to improve overall well-being.
  • 1 september 2017
    Russia gets the largest numbers of inbound tourists from Asia and the Middle East
    "The tourism industry is facing a lot of problems, and today we've got to discuss them and try and come up with some mechanisms for tackling them," Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko said as she opened an expert discussion on the problems of inbound tourism in Russia and recommendations for how to improve the support of exports of tourism services.
  • 31 august 2017
    The Analytical Center starts submitting applications for the “Best Information Analytics Tools 2017” Contest
    The Analytical Center has held the second workshop for potential contestants of the “Best Information Analytics Tools 2017”. This event was dedicated to procedures and rules of the Contest.
  • 30 august 2017
    The best way to counter the western sanctions is to develop the financial sector and domestic technologies
    "We've seen tremendous psychological progress in the relations between BRICS intellectuals," Leonid Grigoryev, Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, said during the Moscow-Beijing satellite TV link-up titled the Summit in Xiamen: the Relevant BRICS agenda that was held at the press center of the Rossiya Segodnya news agency.