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  • 27 april 2018
    Implementation of the Monitoring and Supervision Activities Reform Declared Successful
    At the meeting of the Project Committee for the Monitoring and Supervision Activities Reform, the results of its implementation in 2017 were summed up officially.
  • 26 april 2018
    Experts Analyze the Trends in the Regulation of Non-Raw Materials Exports
    The Analytical Center has launched a new product: the review of changes and trends in the regulation of non-raw materials exports in Russia and the world. The digest is to be published on a quarterly basis.

  • 26 april 2018
    Breakthrough Educational Models Have To Be Formed
    The Analytical Center was an intellectual partner of the Moscow International Education Fair 2018 where it organized two discussion platforms – "Freedom of Choice in Education" and "Technological Breakthrough and Education". The discussions were moderated by an expert of the Analytical Center Inna Karakchieva.
  • 24 april 2018
    Students Get Imbued with the Project Olympus Spirit
    The Analytical Center has hosted the finals of the first student project management olympiad Quasar. The contents allowed high senior students from Russian and CIS universities to test their project management skills and knowledge.
  • 23 april 2018
    A Universal Public Transport Payment System will Unite the Expert Community
    "Two years ago we started working on a concept for the new generation of information systems for public transport," said Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center Igor Ivanov, speaking at the Saint Petersburg digital forum. "What we started working on back then is still very much relevant today and can potentially revolutionize public transport."
  • 19 april 2018
    Analysts Need Fundamental Sociological Studies
    "Over five years ago the government of Russia realized it needed fast expert support not weighed down by bureaucratic and protocol complications. Thus, the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation was established in its present-day format: we are in effect a fast response team when it comes to analyzing any and all economic and social issues," Analytical Center expert Elena Razumova said at the Networks 4.0. The Pace of Change conference.
  • 19 april 2018
    Experts Discussed How to Develop the Market of Electric Vehicles
    The Analytical Center held the expert meeting titled "Tools for Stimulating Demand for Electric Vehicles". Vladislav Onishchenko, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, noted that although the topic of electric vehicles may not frequently occur on the government agenda, it does not make it less important. "We are interested in forming competencies in this market," said Onishchenko. "I would like to consider leasing, car loans, auto insurance, other financial instruments that could contribute to stimulating demand for electric vehicles."
  • 17 april 2018
    The Analytical Center particulates in the 2018 Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum
    Analytical Center Experts speak at the 15th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. Deputy Head Mikhail Pryadilnikov moderated a round table on the implementation of the priorities of regional strategies, organized by the Ministry for Economic Development and the Analytical Center at the forum. The event featured discussions about the priorities of socio-economic development and strategic planning in the regions.
  • 17 april 2018
    Russia's strategy for coping with the transformation of the global energy sector
    "Despite numerous attempts to make careful calculations and precise projections, the level of uncertainty that we are seeing in the global energy sector today means that countries are unable to make informed decisions and rational choices, especially when it comes to long term planning," said Analytical Center expert Alexander Kurdin, speaking at the conference Transformation of the Global Energy Sector: New Approaches.
  • 16 april 2018
    The Federal Statistics Service is the leader in the number of published open data sets
    Analytical Center experts have analyzed the publication of open data by executive authorities using the information found on the Open Data Portal of the Russian Federation as of early April 2018. Executive authorities were rated using a methodology developed by the Analytical Center.