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  • 13 november 2019
    Do builders need BIM technologies?
    Is the Russian building industry ready to introduce the BIM technologies? What capabilities and risks are associated with the building information modeling? These issues were discussed by experts at a round table in the Analytical Center.
  • 12 november 2019
    BRICS is Becoming a Practice-Oriented Organization
    At a round table on the eve of the BRICS summit, held at the Russia Today Press Center, where experts discussed the goals, objectives and agenda of the upcoming activities, Leonid Grigoryev, the chief adviser to the head of the Analytical Center, declared: “BRICS is ceasing to be a curiosity for students and researchers, and is becoming a practice-oriented organization”.
  • 12 november 2019
    The average area of a private house in Russia exceeded the pre-crisis level
    In 2018 the average size of houses built by the population exceeded the pre-crisis level and reached 139 sq.m. This was reported by the Analytical Center experts in the October bulletin on current trends in the Russian economy.
  • 11 november 2019
    The best projects of the year were announced at the conference in Ryazan
    "The project management system teaches us how to work in a team, solve complex issues using non-standard approaches and be responsible for common goals. This makes public authorities more efficient, more accessible and understandable to people", said Nikolay Lyubimov, the Governor of the Ryazan Region, in his speech to the participants of the conference Best Project of the Year 2019.
  • 8 november 2019
    The electric vehicle market depends on the price and infrastructure level
    "Taking into account the current price, new electric vehicles in Russia are still available only for the most prosperous groups of the population", Grigory Mikryukov, expert of the Analytical Center, said at the X International Forum on the Automotive Industry and Innovative Infrastructure Development "AutoEvolution 2019".
  • 8 november 2019
    The Digital State Governance Constitution will be created for digital transformation
    "The Government Resolution "On Digital Transformation of State Governance Processes, State and Municipal Services and Functions", the work on which is coordinated by the Competence Center for Digital State Governance created at the Analytical Center, will be a kind of "Constitution of Digitalization", Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov said at the meeting of the relevant expert group.
  • 8 november 2019
    The Strategy will become the starting point for the construction industry development
    "The draft Construction Industry Development Strategy was submitted to the government at the end of September, but the creation of the industry development mechanisms has not been completed. There will be the most active phase of developing an action plan for the implementation of this large-scale document", the first deputy head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich said at the forum "Construction Industry. Horizon 2030".
  • 6 november 2019
    Russia will remain a leading exporter of natural gas
    By 2035, Russian gas exports may increase by at least 43% compared to 2018, that will allow Russia to retain leadership in the global gas market, experts of the Analytical Center state in bulletin "Natural Gas in the face of Energy Transformation".
  • 1 november 2019
    Voluntary National Review: from Goals to Results
    Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, told at the Strategists Forum in St. Petersburg what indicators are included in the Voluntary National Review on Sustainable Development Goals in Russia and how to measure them.
  • 1 november 2019
    National projects are waiting for new management tools
    "The main effects of project management depend on how, by whom and what project management tools are applied in practice and give qualitative results", said Pavel Shestopalov, Advisor to Head of the Analytical Center, when opening the round table "National Projects: Project Management in the Public Sector (Expectation and Reality)" at the Strategists Forum in St. Petersburg.