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  • 25 march 2019
    Extraordinary efforts are required to stabilize the climate
    "We are not yet seeing any radical changes that would result in significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the levels preventing the average temperature rise by 1.5 degrees to the 1900 levels by 2100," said Leonid Grigoriev, Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center, speaking at the international seminar "Climate Risks of Economic Growth".
  • 22 march 2019
    Regional Universities May Become Competencies Centers for Project Management
    "Project management helps achieve goals and tackle tasks within specific deadlines and what's important is that in project management there is always personal responsibility so the mechanism is always effective. However, it's impossible to manage projects without the requisite competencies," noted Nelli Naigovzina, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center during a video conference on project management in higher education.
  • 22 march 2019
    The project financing mechanism opens up new opportunities for the development of technology and price audits
    The role of technology and pricing audits in project financing and the changes that are going to be brought about in these audits by digitization were discussed at a round table on strategic audit in the system of monitoring and supervision of investments in the Russian Federation at all stages of project life cycle, digitization of monitoring processes, and project financing as a monitoring tool, which was held at the Analytical Center.
  • 21 march 2019
    Experts Discuss Best Practices for Financing Education
    How does the way higher education is financed impact the country's workforce capacity? Does the amount of financing depend on the industry the university offers training for? And what foreign experience could be utilized by the Russian higher education institutions? These were the questions discussed at a round table devoted to the assessment of the best international practices in the financing of higher education hosted by the Analytical Center.
  • 20 march 2019
    Authorities should more actively use information and analysis tools
    The Analytical Center hosted a roundtable to talk about the new trends in the development and use of information and analysis tools to address management tasks in government authorities.
  • 18 march 2019
    The 6th Project Olympus Contest Kicks Off
    The Analytical Center has held the Project Olympus contest for six years now. And while it started as a primarily missionary project aimed at finding various project management being used by various government authorities here and there, by now it has evolved into a contest for seasoned project management participants whose main job is to find and disseminate the best practices and methodologies that participants share with each other in abundance.
  • 14 march 2019
    The "Digital Economy" National Project Goes Online
    The Russian National Project "Digital Economy" has launched its own website where you can find official information and management structure of each of 6 national projects including activity reports, news and related analytical data.
  • 13 march 2019
    National Data Management System should Go Online by Late 2021
    The Analytical Center expert Tatiana Radchenko talked about the National Data Management System at the workshop 'Tariff Regulation during a Digital Transformation.'
  • 12 march 2019
    Real disposable household income keeps shrinking
    The authors of a new bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy titled "Trends in Household Income" note that the continued contraction in real disposable household income is now officially the longest in Russia's recent history. In 2018 real disposable household income shrank for the fifth year in a a row, in total over the past 5 years it has declined by 10.8%.
  • 7 march 2019
    New marine fuel requirements will change the situation in the market
    Tightening the requirements for sulfur content in marine fuel from 2020 will lead to serious changes in the market, warn the experts of the Analytical Center in the new energy bulletin. The authors admit the possibility of the emergence of product imbalances of supply and demand and price fluctuations.