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  • 29 december 2017
    Happy New Year 2018!
    New Year is a holiday that is all about change. May 2018 be a year to see only change for the better. May the set goals be achieved and new opportunities encountered. May all your endeavors be driven by initiative and creativity.

  • 28 december 2017
    Leaders and strategy are needed to develop monotowns
    "A prerequisite condition that must be met if we want to solve the problems of monotowns is that we have a clear development strategy, well-defined goals and targets," said Analytical Center expert Nurali Rezvanov speaking at the 2017 investment forum in Yaroslavl.
  • 28 december 2017
    The automotive market will continue to grow next year
    "Over the past several months the Russian automotive market has demonstrated double-digit growth," Analytical Center expert Grigory Mikryukov said speaking at the 25th end of the year automotive conference Automotive Industry 2017 that looked at the performance of Russia's automotive industry in 2017 and the growth prospect for the industry in 2018.
  • 20 december 2017
    2017 Human Development in Russia Report Published
    The presentation of the Report on Human Development in the Russian Federation "Environmental Priorities for Russia," which was held today at the Analytical Center, included discussions of how Russia should go about transitioning to a sustainable environmental development model, as well as why this model can ensure efficient use of the country's natural resource in the long run while eliminating the impact of environmental threats on the human health.
  • 19 december 2017
    The implementation of the Digital Economy program is scheduled to January 1, 2018
    The Government Commission regarding useof information technologies to improve the quality of life and business environment has held a meeting today. The Commission has approved activity plans for 4 areas of the Digital Economy program. The first activity plan relates to statutory regulation, the second one focuses on fundamental technologies and research that should create the competencies that Russian needs for further digital transformation, the third plan focuses on infrastructure and the fourth one covers the information security.
  • 18 december 2017
    Dividends and risks of digital economy
    "There is currently no consensus in the expert community regarding the definition of the term 'digital economy'. The Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program defines this term as an economy based on new technologies, in which digital data become a key factor in production," said Analytical Center expert Tatiana Eferina speaking at the round table "New Opportunities during a Time of Transformation".
  • 18 december 2017
    Experts analyzed uneven development within the EU
    The new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy offers an analysis of one of the most important development problems in the world and in the EU: unevenness of development and inequality between different countries. The bulletin looks at this issue specifically in the context of the expanding EU.
  • 15 december 2017
    First Results of Control and Supervisory Reform Proven Successful
    On December 13–14, the Analytical Center hosted a conference titled "Reform of Control and Supervisory Activities: First Results and New Challenges," where more than 200 representatives of public authorities, the business and expert community discussed the progress of implementing the ongoing reform of control and supervisory activities.
  • 15 december 2017
    Development of a Climate Policy Needs to Be Expedited
    "The Paris Agreement –a new global agreement on climate change – creates three necessities for Russia," said Analytical Center expert Irina Pominova, speaking at the V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection," and the first such necessity is to expedite the development of a climate policy."
  • 15 december 2017
    The Creation of a Common Natural Gas Market in the EAEU will Have a Positive Effect
    The Analytical Center in conjunction with the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Russian Natural Gas Association organized the panel discussion "Common Natural Gas Market within the EAEU: Realities and Prospects" as part of the XV International Forum Gas of Russia 2017.