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  • 20 february 2017
    Federal State Educational Standards require fine-tuning
    “The mechanism of upgrading educational standards must have transfer as its basis: from the main educational program to a tailored one, from total quality control to expert assessment,”- says Inna Karakchieva, an expert with the Analytical Centre, making her presentation titled “From Comprehensive Reform to Elective Education Development Models” at the XIV International Conference and Workshop “Current Trends in Education”. Finding a solution here will require consolidation of personnel, infrastructure, and financial resources of various educational institutions and due consideration of each territory’s socio-economic conditions and specific aspects of their development.
  • 20 february 2017
    Reducing oil production barriers in Alaska is dangerous for markets
    "In the medium term, lowering the barriers to oil production in Alaska may again pose a threat to markets," said Alexander Kurdin, an expert for the Analytical Center, in his speech at the second international conference "The Arctic: Shelf Projects and Sustainable Development of the Regions". The two-day conference was held at the Analytical Center and was dedicated to the key issues of socio-economic development of the Arctic and Far Eastern regions, prospects of the Russian shelf deployment, experience in geological exploration and drilling in the Arctic, and the creation of a favorable investment climate.
  • 16 february 2017
    Expert: It's necessary to avoid creating excess capacity in the energy sector
    "Forecasting for the energy sector must be based on precise projections of the global economic growth," said the Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev speaking in Riyadh at the 7th IEF-IEA-OPEC Symposium on Energy Outlooks.
  • 15 february 2017
    80% of Requirements for Disclosure of Catalogs of Basic Regulatory and Normative Documents Have Been Met
    “Today our expert session is devoted to assessing how exhaustive is the catalog of regulatory documents containing mandatory requirements that have been published on the official websites of the executive authorities charged with oversight and supervision,” said Deputy Head of Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov, opening the event at the Analytical Center.
  • 15 february 2017
    State Must Be in Charge of Building Schools
    “The notion that was put forward that ‘when building schools the most important things to consider for the state should be the cost: the cheaper you can build a school the better’ is fundamentally flawed because priority must be given to the effectiveness of spending,” said the Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva speaking at the Urban Talks discussion titled School Architecture as a Tool for Personal Development, which looked at the controversial issue of whether or not the building of new schools should be outsourced to private businesses.
  • 13 february 2017
    Crowdfunding to Help Baikal
    Is crowdfunding going to help raise public awareness and get money for environmental protection initiatives in the Lake Baikal area? Where should we start with an outreach and information work and how can we convince businesses that they will see return on their investments? At the Analytical Center experts talked about the experience of the Russian and foreign crowdfunding platforms in raising money for environmental protection projects.
  • 6 february 2017
    Russia to Meet not Only Its Own Solar Energy Needs, but Also Those of Its Neighbors
    Solar energy has shown rapid development and its contribution to global electricity generation by 2040 is expected to rise to 6.2%. Solar energy development internationally and domestically is featured centrally in the new edition of the energy bulletin prepared by the Analytical Center's experts.
  • 3 february 2017
    IMF Leaves Its Estimates for Global Economic Growth in 2016-2018 Practically Unchanged
    The economies of the US and China are expected to maintain the current growth rates, Russia is slowly pulling out of recession; the economic situation in Brazil is improving as well. The state of the global economy this year can be described as 'satisfactory', write the Analytical Center experts in their current economic trends bulletin Taking the Pulse: Updated IMF Forecast. Focus on: Development Prospects in Japan.
  • 2 february 2017
    Development of the Digital Economy Should Begin with the Strategy
    Education, healthcare, transport, trade, industry, and agriculture - digitalization prospects of these sectors were discussed by participants of the brainstorming at the Analytical Center yesterday.
  • 2 february 2017
    Experts Analyzed Trends in Consumer Prices for 2016
    According to the Federal Statistics Service, consumer prices increased by 5.4% in Russia in 2016, which was the record low level in the recent history of the country. The average annual inflation was 7.1% in 2016. The new Bulletin of Current Trends in the Russian Economy is focused on consumer price trends in 2016.