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  • 3 july 2017
    Russian capital is becoming more environmentally compliant
    “Alongside making real advances in sustainability enterprises need to raise awareness about their work in the field,” said Yevgeny Gasho, an expert of the Analytical Center, during the visiting session of the Commission on Environmental Policy of the Moscow City Duma.
  • 30 june 2017
    Russian Gas Remains Competitive in Europe
    “During the last decade, the competition between gas producers has been increasing, to become even more intense in the future,” Analytical Center expert Alexander Kurdin said, giving his report “State Policy Priorities for the Competitiveness of Arctic Gas Projects” at the plenary session of the 13th Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress.
  • 30 june 2017
    Role of the Government is Instrumental for Progress of Digitalization
    “Each country has its own path as far as building a digital economy is concerned, and yet it goes without saying that other countries’ experience in this respect does need to be analyzed and considered”, said First Deputy Director General of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onishchenko in his address opening the round-table discussion titled “Practical Aspects of Developing a Digital Economy and a Digital Government: Lessons To Be Learnt from Global Experience.”
  • 29 june 2017
    2016 Results of Implementing the Competition Development Standard
    According to the 2016 results, the Republic of Tatarstan, Omsk and Voronezh Oblasts are three leaders of the rating of heads of regions in terms of the level of assistance in development of competition. The Republic of Tyva, Tver and Kirov Oblasts are last in the rating. The rating is an independent evaluation of the quality of the system for promotion to competition development, established by governors and their teams, and quality of the work performed in this area.
  • 28 june 2017
    Is Russia ready for digital economy?
    "The importance and relevance of digital economy in the world is doubtless. It is therefore important for Russia to understand what measures are required for the development of digital economy," the first deputy head of the Analytical Center, Vladislav Onishchenko said during opening the round-table "Is Russia ready for the digital economy?"
  • 27 june 2017
    Creating a common natural gas market in the Eurasian Economic Union will bring down prices and improve the energy security of the participating nations
    The Analytical Center has hosted a round-table titled Common Natural Gas Market in the Eurasian Economic Union: Assessing the Economic Effects, during which the experts shared their research in this area. "The issue of establishing common markets is drawing a lot of attention," said the Deputy Head of the Department for Energy of the Eurasian Economic Commission Mikhail Pleshkin." We have to approve two programs for creating common markets, one for natural gas and one for oil and petroleum products. There are many commonalities between them."
  • 26 june 2017
    High returns on financial instruments make them more attractive investments than fixed assets
    Making a presentation on the new facts about the Russian economy at the 6th Conference "Economic Situation in Russia" organized by the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Analytical Center expert Yekaterina Grigorieva talked about the current macroeconomic trends in the Russian economy and the medium term prospects of economic development in the country.
  • 26 june 2017
    Eco-tourism development in Russia will begin with arrangement of hiking trails
    Experts of the Analytical Center discussed the creation of the Great Baikal trail, which will become a part of the program of domestic tourism development and establishment of the system of Russian national trails. The discussion covered the issues of determining the legal status of national trails and tourist itineraries, problems of their development and regulation.
  • 26 june 2017
    Successful development of territories requires energy infrastructure with growth reserves
    "It is not for the first year the Analytical Center turns to the issue of integration of industrial and energy policy; they are inseparable," says an expert of the Analytical Center Mr. Evgeny Gasho during the opening of the round-table "Energy and Industrial Policy: Combining Efforts, Developing Territories." The round-table organized by the Analytical Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy took place within the framework of the 5th Forum of Technological Development Technoprom.
  • 22 june 2017
    Jury of the Best Information Analytics Tools 2017 Contest Approves Six Nominations
    The Analytical Center has hosted a meeting of the jury for the Best Information Analytics Tools 2017 Contest. The jury members discussed organizational issues, approved the methodology for holding the contest and the contest nominations. "This year we're holding the contest for the second time," Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov noted. "The jury announced six nominations, three thematic ones and three technology nominations and now we're looking forward to receiving applications."