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  • 18 december 2018
    Administrative Burden on Business Has Decreased Compared to Last Year
    The study shows that the index of administrative burden on business in 2018 is 54.2 points, which is 3.3% lower than the baseline measurement (56.1 points) established in December 2017. This index is one of the indicators of the priority program "Reform of Control and Supervisory Activities", which is calculated by the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. The index is based on a sociological study of representatives of the business community. In 2018, 8,638 respondents were surveyed in 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation in accordance with a representative sample.
  • 14 december 2018
    The Analytical Center summarized the state supervision reform in 2018
    A road map has been submitted to the government for approval for implementation of the reform of supervision and oversight activities which outlines the key priorities of further development. That was reported at the conference "Oversight and Supervision Reform: New State Supervision in Practice" held at the Analytical Center.
  • 13 december 2018
    Three government bodies are simultaneously working on legal measures to support the domestic telecommunications market
    The Analytical Center hosted a round table on import substitution in the infrastructure of communications networks and data processing centers. At the round table representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Economic Development announced planned modernization of telecommunications equipment regulations. The plans include changing the criteria for including equipment of Russian origin in the registry of telecommunications equipment.
  • 10 december 2018
    Close ties with the global network are vital for long term economic growth
    Analytical Center and World Bank experts have discussed a report analyzing the impact of international trade relations, investment flows, migration, the Internet and transport on economic development in Europe and Central Asia.
  • 10 december 2018
    The state and business are deciding the fate of digital signatures
    The Analytical Center has hosted an expert discussion of two alternatives for the draft law regulating digital signatures. "As part of the action plan for the legislative regulation of the Digital Economy national program the draft law is currently in the final stages of review prior to being submitted to the government," Vladimir Mesropyan, Head of the Project Management Office for the Implementation of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program, noted as he opened the discussion.
  • 7 december 2018
    The methodology used for calculating the cold water supply and sewage removal rates must be revised
    "When calculating utility rates, it's important to keep the balance between investments in utility industry and the ultimate price of services," said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko opening a round table "Improving the methodology for calculating cold water supply and sewage removal rates and the procedure for setting them".
  • 7 december 2018
    There is growing uncertainty in energy sector growth forecasts
    In the latest energy bulletin, the Analytical Center experts reviewed the new autumn set of forecasts regarding the global energy sector which suggests the mood in the forecasting community is changing.
    The authors of the bulletin write that consumption of energy resources is projected to grow until 2040 (by about 25-35% over the 2016 level).
  • 6 december 2018
    40% of young Argentinians survive below the poverty line
    Almost 40% of Argentinians younger than 20 years live below the poverty line. That's according to the new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy devoted to the situation in Argentina that the Analytical Center has published.
  • 5 december 2018
    Experts analyzed the consumer demand for air travel
    Air travel in Russia has proved highly sensitive to fluctuations in economic activity and the ruble exchange rate. And yet it has grown significantly since 2017. Those are the conclusions drawn by the Analytical Center experts in their bulletin "Consumer demand for air travel".
  • 4 december 2018
    The regions need a system of public administration quality assessment
    Analytical Center and World Bank experts discussed the monitoring of the quality of service provided by public authorities and mechanisms for improving public administration in the regions.