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  • 6 july 2018
    Winners are picked in the first nomination of the Project Olympus Contest
    The winners of the Project Olympus contest in the nomination Integrated Project Management – the Best Project of the Year organized by the Analytical Center and the SOVNET Project Management Association were presented their awards at the Project Management 2018: State, Digital Economy, Infrastructure International Conference in Ulyanovsk on July 3.
  • 4 july 2018
    Specific fuel consumption in the power sector decreases year on year
    The Analytical Center together with the Ministry of Energy of Russia held a round table on "Stimulating the Reduction of Fuel Consumption in the Production of Electricity and Heat and Losses during their Transmission".
  • 2 july 2018
    Experts discuss statistical recording of IT service export
    The Analytical Center held an expert meeting "Statistical Recording of IT Service Export: Survey of Russian Methodologies and Development of Proposals on Their Consolidation".
  • 2 july 2018
    Sources of finance other thank bank loans should be promoted
    "The structure of the bonds market should move towards being more balanced," said the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich opening a roundtable on the growth prospects in corporate bonds for the private business in a financial market with falling bank loan interest rates.
  • 29 june 2018
    "Digital competencies" will play an increasingly important role in the labor market
    The Analytical Center held a discussion on the development of human resources in the digital economy. Experts believe it is important to ensure that the requirements and systems for assessing the knowledge and skills of employees take into account the goals and objectives of the digital economy.
  • 29 june 2018
    Subcontracting to Support SME Development
    An expert meeting titled "Subcontracting as a Small Business Development Mechanism" was held at the Analytical Center to discuss existing barriers and state measures to support the industry and consider options for establishing a monitoring system to estimate subcontracting volume in Russia.
  • 27 june 2018
    Experts discuss specific features of introduction of an energy management system
    "The situation with energy management in Russia is currently quite complex. All the companies that are present in the market are operating independently with little coordination," said Vitaly Kovalchuk, the referent of the Department for Industry and Infrastructure of the Government of the Russian Federation, as he opened a roundtable on the introduction of an energy management system at Russian companies.
  • 25 june 2018
    Market-based pricing mechanisms emerge in the Russian natural gas market
    The Analytical Center and the Russian Gas Society have held a roundtable on the development of market-based pricing principles in the domestic natural gas market.
  • 21 june 2018
    Expert discuss the development of the BRICS nations
    The Analytical Center has hosted a round table on the BRICS nations, their development stages and traps they are facing, during which experts reviewed the economic growth models used in the various BRICS nations, discussed the challenges and development prospects of their energy sector, features of their social structure and opportunities for cooperation in science and education.
  • 19 june 2018
    Russia Needs to Develop Modern Production of Rolled Stainless Steel Sheets
    "Today we're going to talk about the existing options for the development of stainless steel production in Russia, seeing that the situation we now have in this industry is rather controversial. Stainless steel producers are insisting that in the current conditions stainless steel production makes no economic sense as getting the products to market is impossible.