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  • 27 september 2019
    New federal law on rate regulation under way
    The Analytical Center has held the "Energy Sector and Natural Monopolies" meeting of the Interdepartmental Work Group for development of a road map for sustainable economic growth in the non-raw material sector of the Russian economy. During the meeting, experts discussed the federal law project that sets the foundations for state regulation of rates.
  • 26 september 2019
    The Code of Administrative Offences to Be Improved in Russia
    During the session of a field-specific group at the Analytical Center, experts discussed the structure of a revised Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation.
  • 26 september 2019
    Small Airports Are Among the Priorities of the Transport Infrastructure Development
    "The development of regional air traffic is a strategically important area for which significant funds have been allocated,” said Aleksandr Terentyev, an expert at the Analytical Center, at the Annual Conference on Regional Aviation. "The consolidated budget of the Federal project "Development of Regional Airports and Routes" is 272 billion rubles, of which 234 billion are funds from the federal budget."
  • 24 september 2019
    Experiment Seeking to Improve Quality of State Data Will Be Conducted in 15 Regions
    "The National Data Management System that is being created at the moment is supposed to help create a broad range of tools for non-biased quality assurance for state data, ensure their maximum availability, allow for mistakes to be corrected in legally significant data," said Alexander Malakhov, the head of the department for methodological support of data processing of Analytical Center, at the Russian National Forum for Regional and Municipal Informatization PROF-IT.2019.
  • 23 september 2019
    It is important to form digital communication between sea and rail transport
    "When sea lines, port, railway and regulatory bodies are connected digitally, a completely new logistics appears making it possible to quickly and safely deliver goods at minimal cost,” stated expert of the Analytical Center Dmitry Chernenok at the "Transport Capacity" forum.
    At present, Russia has separate and closed digital platforms that form end-to-end goods transportation services, Chernenok said. For instance, the Federal Customs Service develops services facilitating international transport through seaports ("Seaport Portal" software package and online customs filing at ports). Russian Railways, on the contrary, improves the quality of interconnection with shippers (electronic trading platform “Goods Transportation”, “Russian Railways Market” system).
  • 23 september 2019
    Most players of the Russian fuel and energy sector do not expect tighter environmental regulations
    "Most members of the fuel and energy sector do not expect to see stricter environmental regulations following the ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement", – said Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, during the work group meeting of the State Council of Russia for the Energy Sector.
  • 20 september 2019
    Federal Information Address System should become a reference source of address data
    How to make the Federal Information Address System (FIAS) an effective working tool? What errors is to be corrected for it to work properly? What challenges is it designed to deal with? That was discussed at the strategy session of the participants in the experiment to improve the quality and consistency of data contained in state information resources, which was held in the Analytical Center.
  • 18 september 2019
    Exports and imports decline in unison
    The Kommersant writes that Russia's foreign trade surplus continues to shrink at an accelerating pace. In January–August 2019, it shrank by 8.7% on a YoY basis, falling to $100.8 billion, while in the first six months of the year it only fell by 3.4% according to preliminary data released by the Bank of Russia. The reason for the decline was the decrease in the value of energy exports due to falling market demand and an increase in the import of services that has been occurring at the same time as exports of services have been falling, the regulator explains.
  • 16 september 2019
    The Sustainable Development Goals are Becoming Guidelines for Business
    Analytical Center expert Ksenia Bannikova talked at the 6th Annual KSO Forum RBC 2019: Course on Sustainable Development about why it's important to take into account the role of business in promoting sustainable development and how this role is going to reflect on the voluntary national survey of the achievement of sustainable development goals in Russia.
  • 13 september 2019
    Until the end of the year seven measures to support digital transformation projects will be launched
    Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of Analytical Center, was a moderator on a plenary session of Russian cross-industry summit "Industry 4.0. Digital Plant". "The government considers digitalization issues crucial," she said during her welcome speech. "Within "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" national program there is a separate federal project aimed to stimulate development and creation of demand for national technologies in industries and social sphere. Total budget for these tasks in 2019-2024 is about 450B roubles."