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  • 28 december 2018
    The road map for development of the non-raw materials sector of the economy is to be presented to the President in late March
    The Analytical Center hosted the second meeting of the Interdepartmental Work Group for development of the road map for ensuring sustainable economic growth in the non-raw materials sector of the Russian economy. The experts discussed the intermediate results of the first stage of work on the document. "The potential sources of growth have been identified, and the proposals on priority directions of sectors development which can make maximum contribution to the economic growth," said Gleb Pokatovich, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center.
  • 27 december 2018
    Experts speak about regulatory trends in non-raw materials exports
    The Analytical Center issued the new quarter digest of changes and trends in the regulation of non-raw materials exports in Russia and the world. Experts analyzed the legislative changes that came into force in Q3 2018 and the planned changes concerning the non-raw materials export regulation in Russia, the EEU and the world.
  • 27 december 2018
    Experts suggest defining the basic digital economy terms
    Participants in a roundtable titled "Digital Economy Glossary" organized by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media in conjunction with the Analytical Center concluded it was necessary to define the basic terminology of the digital economy.
  • 26 december 2018
    Science and education must ensure a science and technology breakthrough
    "It is in science and education that the country's science and technology potential of the country is forged, new ideas are developed, technologies for future industries emerge, it is also in science and education that is the core of the fourth industrial revolution," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva, speaking at the plenary session of the Russian National Human Resources in Education forum "Development Pathway".
  • 25 december 2018
    The President's May decree opens up a lot of opportunities for the institution of audit
    The President's May decree opens up a lot of opportunities for the development of technology and price audits. The new opportunities for the audit industry were a key topic at a roundtable devoted to looking back at the year and resetting the technology and price audit system.
  • 24 december 2018
    New state regulation tools are needed for the Arctic
    "In recent years we have been seeing more and more differentiation in the Arctic regions in terms of the level of development and availability of financial, materials and labor resources," said Analytical Center expert Rafael Shabaev, speaking at a meeting of the discussion club of the Project Office for the Arctic Development Expert Center.
  • 21 december 2018
    The ranking mechanism for sectoral universities should be updated
    The ranking mechanism for universities specializing in specific sectors of the economy should be updated. As concluded the participants of the round table "Effectiveness of the financial activity of universities under the conditions of per-capita financing of higher education", which was held at the Analytical Center.
  • 20 december 2018
    Equal access to education should ensure GDP growth
    "The President's May decree sets some ambitious goals such as increasing the competitiveness of the country, including in the education market," noted Lead Adviser of the Analytical Center Inna Karakchieva as she opened a roundtable titled "Educational Equality: Problems, Prospects and Solutions".
  • 20 december 2018
    The Macroeconomics information analytics system to boost the effectiveness of strategic planning
    "We need to learn to manage state data in a way that radically improves the quality of decision making,"said Gleb Pokatovich, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, as he opened a meeting of the subgroup for digital economy.
  • 19 december 2018
    The mechanism for removing regulatory barriers will be tested in pilot projects
    An exhaustive list of mandatory requirements controlled through state inspection and supervision as well as organizations certification procedure are planned to be elaborated as part of the pilot projects implementation.