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  • 3 october 2018
    Experts assess the use of the first check lists
    Experts of the Project Management Office for the Reform of the Monitoring and Supervision Activities at the Analytical Center have completed the first phase of a study into the introduction of check lists into the state monitoring and supervision function. The results of the second phase are expected to become available by December 2018.
  • 1 october 2018
    More specialized terminals are needed for the transshipment of coal
    "There are a lot of discussions about the coal market going on at the moment, just yesterday the Analytical Center hosted a roundtable on coal exports and today we are already talking about using coal terminals," those were the words that First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich used to open a roundtable titled “Economic and Environmental Problems of the Development of Russian Coal Terminals”.
  • 1 october 2018
    High social inequality limits economic development
    One of the UN sustainable development goals combined two important challenges for the global economy: reducing inequality between countries and reducing social inequality within countries. The experts of the Analytical Center analyzed both problems and concluded that the social and inter-country inequality did not decline during 25 years.
  • 1 october 2018
    How does exchange trade stimulate exports?
    “The Analytical Center with assistance of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia studied the exchange trade in non-energy and non-commodity sector,” said Ksenia Bannikova, Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Department of the Analytical Center, opening the round table “Exchange Trading Opportunities as Export Promotion Tool.”
  • 28 september 2018
    Vladislav Onishchenko and Vladimir Mesropyan entered the Presidium of the Government Commission for Digital Development
    Vladislav Onishchenko, Head of the Analytical Center, and Vladimir Mesropyan, Head of the Project Office for implementation of the "Digital Economy" National Program of the Analytical Center, entered the Presidium of the Government Commission for Digital Development. The corresponding order has been signed recently.
  • 27 september 2018
    Experts described a typical foreign tourist
    Experts of the Analytical Center evaluated the impact of inbound tourism on the country's economy and described a typical foreign tourist. How much a foreigner spends in Russia, what kind of income the hoteliers get, if there is high interest in traveling to our country, where most visitors come from? The main findings are contained in a report published today.
  • 26 september 2018
    Importance of combining individual energy efficiency requirements for buildings
    "Today, we are holding a round table within the framework of the implementation of Clause 16 of the comprehensive plan of measures to improve the energy efficiency of the Russian economy. Following the results of the discussion, we should formulate proposals for increasing the energy efficiency of the buildings being designed, in particular, multi-apartment buildings," said Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, opening the round table "Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings Designed within Large-Scale Residential Development".
  • 26 september 2018
    Coal exports will grow in the coming years
    The participants of the round table "Potential of Russian Coal Exports" that was held at the Analytical Center discussed the competitive advantages of Russia. The event moderator Victoria Gimadi, Head of the Department for Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Center, said that the dynamics of coal exports was growing worldwide, and Russia had good prospects in this respect.
  • 26 september 2018
    Standards need to be put in order in the water supply sector
    "Today, we need to develop coordinated proposals for how to go about implementing the measures outlined in clauses 10.5 and 10.6 of the comprehensive action plan to improve the energy efficiency of the Russian economy," said Analytical Center expert Dmitry Khomchenko at the round table "Energy Efficiency in Water Supply".
  • 25 september 2018
    State Policy Toughening will Reduce the Environmental Burden of the Fuel and Energy Sector
    "The underside of the fuel and energy sector being a leader in the Russian economy is its negative impact on the environment. The fuel and energy sector accounts for up to 30% of emissions of air polluting substances and more than 60% of production and consumption waste," said Irina Pominova, an expert of the Analytical Center, at the conference "Environmental Risks: Where is it Easy to Breathe in Russia?"