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  • 1 february 2018
    The project management office begins monitoring the Digital Economy program
    The project management office of the Digital Economy program that operates at the Analytical Center is beginning to monitor the activities included in the document. In the event the approved activities fall behind the schedule through the fault government officials charged with carrying them out, disciplinary measures can be taken against them while default organizations may be struck from the list of contracts for the digital economy program as well as have fines imposed upon them and have their contracts annulled, writes CNews citing Deputy Head of the project management office Vladimir Mesropyan.
  • 31 january 2018
    Global Problems Remain Unsolved as International Tensions Persist
    What were the surprises at Davos in 2018? What are the defining economic trends this year? What do the financial and political elites have to offer to make our world better? These were the key questions discussed at a round table held at the Russia Today media agency.
  • 25 january 2018
    The Analytical Center is one of the most well-informed state organizations
    Several years ago the federal government got its own think tank. It was our Analytical Center the main job of which is to provide analytical support to the government on a day-to-day basis. The head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov told the Budget Magazine about how the analysts work, why there is ever increasing demand for their analyses and about the formula for success of the organization.
  • 22 january 2018
    The Sub-Commission Suggests New Areas for the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program
    A meeting of the Sub-commission for digital economy discussed the mechanism for the implementation of the instruction of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation to select new areas for the implementation of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program. During the meeting a preliminary list was proposed of the sectors of the economy most important for the state: healthcare, education, state governance, energy sector, the agricultural sector, smart cities, e-commerce, transport, logistics and financial technologies.
  • 19 january 2018
    Development of Digital Economy in Russia is Discussed at the Gaidar Forum
    The development of a digital economy was one of the key topics at the Gaidar Forum. First Deputy Head of the Administration of the Russian Government Maxim Akimov moderated a panel discussion titled "Business and Government: Partnership Models in the Digital Age." Its participants talked about the ways in which the economy is being transformed by digital technologies, which long ago transcended being simply technologies, becoming instead an impetus for change in all aspects of public life: the economy system, state policy and social relations.
  • 18 january 2018
    Experts Considered Mandatory Licensing Practices in Foreign Countries
    The protection of intellectual property encourages companies to innovate. On the other hand, intellectual property protection should also be regarded from the point of view of its impact on the public, Analytical Center experts write in a new bulletin on the development of competition.
  • 16 january 2018
    Last Year Saw a Drop in New Residential Housing Commissioned in Russia
    The Analytical Center has published a new bulletin about the current trends in the Russian economy. This time the study is devoted to private residential housing construction, which makes up about 40% of the total new residential housing being built in Russia. The authors note that it generates demand for construction materials, labor and durable goods and is also an indicator of how well the more affluent groups of the population are doing.
  • 15 january 2018
    Europe continues to reduce regional disparities
    Which EU regions are the richest and the poorest? How do their economies grow? How does EU support regional development? You can read about these issues and key economic trends in other countries in the new bulletin on current global economic trends – EU Regional Development Dynamics. The review has been prepared by the Analytical Center experts.
  • 11 january 2018
    It's Important for Russia to Increase Petroleum Exploration Efficiency and Extraction Level
    The submission to the State Duma of the bill on additional revenue tax completes a certain stage in the internal debates about how to best tax the petroleum industry, write the Analytical Center experts in the new issue of the Energy Bulletin.
  • 10 january 2018
    Analysts Name Regions with the Most Efficient State Procurement
    The Ulyanovsk Region, the Kemerovo Region and the Khabarovsk Territory top the regional state procurement efficiency rating for H1 2017. As has become a tradition, the rating was compiled by the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation and Zakupki360.