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  • 25 september 2017
    The regions are successfully implementing the Competition Development Standard
    "A positive dynamics of the standard provisions implementation was observed in the regions in 2016. The regions demonstrated improvements both in terms of creating the required base for promoting competition and in achieving target indicator established in the regional roadmaps for promotion of competition," said Ksenia Sukhorukova, Head of the Directorate of Foreign Economic Activities of the Analytical Center, participating in the International Event "Russian Competition Week".
  • 22 september 2017
    The Analytical Center shares its experience creating and deploying a digital document processing system
    "Selecting a platform to create a digital document processing system is no easy task as the market is inundated with very worthy offers," Analytical Center expert Anatoly Karpenko said, speaking at the Russian Enterprise Content Summit 2017 where he was presenting a report on digital document processing systems and analytical processing tools for diverse content. "Back in the day the Analytical Center made that choice but before doing that we developed and tested a methodology for how to go about deciding which would be the best platform for us."
  • 21 september 2017
    Distributed energy allows for flexible planning of the future of the energy system
    "We are for the reasonable combination of centralized and distributive generation, which requires a proper integration into the process, introduction of balancing mechanisms and development of competition in the area of energy production," said Pavel Snikkars, Director of the Department of Power Engineering Development of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, at the roundtable discussion "Features of Distributed Energy Generation Development in Russia" that has been held today in the Analytical Center.
  • 21 september 2017
    Regional authorities perceive the implementation of state programs in different ways
    "Unfortunately, in some regions of the Russian Federation, state programs are still only a format for reporting data on budget expenditures, being imposed from above. They have never become an effective tool for achieving strategic goals and priorities," says Marina Paladich, expert of the Analytical Center, at the roundtable discussion "Strategic Planning and Project Management at the Level of Regions of the Russian Federation and Municipal Formations."
  • 20 september 2017
    Export supervision procedure is in bad need of improvement
    Experts with the Marketing Analytics Center* have drafted a second report on non-raw materials exports. The new report focuses on the exports supervision of dual-use goods and ways to overcome the potential barriers in this area. The goal of the analysts is to help increase Russia's non-raw materials exports, including, by means of identifying and resolving key problems encountered when conducting foreign business.
  • 19 september 2017
    Experts discussed the development of interregional cooperation
    The Analytical Center held a round-table on interregional cooperation as an instrument for implementing strategic priorities, during which the experts discussed the current trends, peculiarities and constraints of interregional cooperation and reviewed the experience of various regions in implementing joint projects.
  • 18 september 2017
    A strategy is needed to develop medical tourism
    "The main barriers to the export of medical services include lack of equipment, lack of qualified personnel and the kind of medical services people in other countries have come to expect, lack of medical visas and lack of promotion," that was the verdict passed by the Department for Foreign Economic Activity of the Analytical Center Ksenia Sukhorukova at an expert meeting devoted to this topic. The experts participating in the meeting discussed the current situation and concluded that Russia has all the right conditions to develop this sector but a lot has yet to be done.
  • 18 september 2017
    Experts Discussed the Issue of Export of IT Services
    During the last expert meeting called "Export of IT Services. Outlook and Proposal for Development" Ksenia Sukhorukova, Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Activity of the Analytical Center, pointed out that in the last 2 years Russia has been experiencing a drop in exports.
  • 15 september 2017
    Digitization of healthcare will change the way the industry works
    The Telehealth Act signed in July this year, amended a wide range of regulations governing the use of IT in healthcare and legally defined the term "telehealth technologies" to ensure the remote communication of doctors and patients. The First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, Vladislav Onishchenko, spoke about the digitalization of health and the prospects for its ubiquitous implementation at the Biotekhmed-2017 forum.
  • 15 september 2017
    New forms of state support for agriculture are required
    “Current achievements in the import substitution are mainly due to investments within the state program for the agriculture development,” said Gleb Pokatovich, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, speaking at the National Forum Import Substitution 2017. “It can hardly be said that they were the result of the food import embargo, since 3 years are a relatively short period, and long-term investment cycles are typical for most agricultural sectors.”