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  • 3 june 2019
    Small Enterprises in the Field of Sports and Ecology Need State Support
    Establishment of sports business schools, creation of an association of entrepreneurs engaged in ecology, adjustment of laws and regulations, competent statistical accounting—the participants of the strategic session held at the Analytical Center discussed the support measures necessary for entrepreneurs in the field of sports and ecology.
  • 31 may 2019
    Development of Macro-regions Should Strengthen Inter-regional Cooperation
    "Strategies for the development of macro-regions must be developed and treated as investment management documents focused on projects that help achieve the regional development goals and national development goals outlined in the presidential decree. To that end, such strategies must take into account the opinion of the regions," stated Mikhail Pryadilnikov, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, as he opened a round table on approaches to developing a new generation of development strategies for macro-regions.
  • 31 may 2019
    The Functional Architecture of the National Data Management System Follows Generally Accepted International Practices
    "The functional architecture of the National Data Management System follows generally accepted international practices," confirmed Paolo Malinverno, Gartner Consulting Vice President for Research.
  • 30 may 2019
    Experts Assess Efficiency in Complaint Management by Customers under Contracts pursuant to 44-FZ Law
    The representatives of authorities, companies, and experts discussed the pros and cons of complaint management under contracts for both customers and suppliers at a round table "Assessment of Efficiency in Complaint Management by Customers Under Contracts Pursuant to 44-FZ Law" hosted by Analytical Center.
  • 30 may 2019
    NDMS to Tackle Government's Big Data Handling Problems
    "What makes big data valuable is the opportunity to make decisions based on it, meaning that the models that are specifically used in predictive analytics are of special importance," said Alexander Malakhov, Head of the Division for Methodological Support for Data Handling, Analytical Center, speaking at the CIPR 2019 conference.
  • 28 may 2019
    Expert: The experience of other countries suggests there is great potential in micro power generation with renewable energy sources
    The development potential of micro power generation based on renewable energy sources in Russia, opportunities and constraints for its widespread adoption, success stories of micro-renewable power generation as well as recommendations for how to go about creating a friendly regulatory environment were discussed at a session hosted by the Analytical Center to discuss the potential of green energy in micro-power generation based on renewable energy sources as part of the ARWE 2019 Renewable Energy International Forum in Ulyanovsk.
  • 24 may 2019
    Expert Analysis of Global and Russian Non-Resource Exports Trends
    The Analytical Center has published a new quarterly survey of changes and trends in the regulations of global and Russian non-resource exports trends. The experts have analyzed both projected and legislative changes introduced in Q1 2019 related to non-resource exports in Russia, the EEU and in the world.
  • 23 may 2019
    In Implementing National Projects, Government Needs Support of Professional Community
    Training, practice, motivation and process digitalization are important for successful implementation of the national projects nationwide. This position was voiced by the head of the Department for Project Management in the Public Sector of the Analytical Center Ilya Vinokurov as he was speaking at the 5th project management conference IPMA Senet in Belgrade.
  • 23 may 2019
    Onischenko: Russian Coal will Keep Stable Position at Global Markets
    The development of railway and port infrastructure, growth of global demand in high quality coal and favorable location of the Russian eastern and southern ports relative to the regional coal demand growth centers will support Russian coal export, the head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onishchenko told during an open dialogue on the world coal market current state and development prospects.
  • 22 may 2019
    New fuel and energy sector regulations in Russia and the world in Jan-Mar 2019
    Determination of powers of regional self-government authorities related to the organization of gas supply for the population, plan of activities on petrochemical industry development till 2025, extractive industries investment attractiveness rating - these and other subjects were included to the new issue reviewing fuel and energy sector regulations in Russia and the world prepared based on the results of the 1Q 2019.