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  • 28 march 2018
    Experts discuss growth in exports of IT services and solutions
    The Analytical Center has held an expert conference to discuss how the state supports and develops exports of IT services and solutions in other countries and develop proposals for how to implement these practices in Russia, during which experts discussed the various approaches, programs and state support measures used in other countries to promote exports of IT services and solutions and put forward proposals for how the best international practices can be made use of when developing state support measures in Russia.
  • 27 march 2018
    Russian needs new economic growth drivers
    "We've come to a new stage in the development of our regional policy, which means we need to improve our interdepartmental and interregional coordination and analyze the implementation of state programs - not just in the context of specific industries, but also in the context of specific regions," - said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov, opening the round table entitled New Geography of Economic Growth.
  • 26 march 2018
    Experts discuss a system for early childhood support
    As part of efforts to make preschool education, more accessible to children aged between 2 months and 3 years the Analytical Center in cooperation with the World Bank held an expert meeting titled Improving the Early Childhood System in Russia: Peculiarities, Problems and Prospects.
  • 22 march 2018
    Experts discuss the digital transformation of the energy sector
    "Digital transformation has become part and parcel of our life, and Russia is already working on the industry agenda of its Digital Economy program," Analytical Center expert Victoria Gimadi said speaking at the Energy 2.0. conference on Digital Transformation and the Development of Green Energy. The transformation in the energy sector is linked to the development of digital technologies and new management principles aimed at making energy systems more reliable and reducing costs to end users.
  • 16 march 2018
    2017 Saw Employee Pay Growth in Real Terms Accelerate to 3.5%
    The last six months of 2017 saw a significant improvement in how people surveyed in public polls self-assess their financial situation, hitting record highs on a number of indicators, Analytical Center experts noted in their new bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy titled Household Income Trends.
  • 15 march 2018
    Additional Instruments are Needed to Save Costs in Heating
    "The experts' job is to offer recommendations for how to effectively modernize the infrastructure using off-budget or non-tariff sources," said Vitaly Kovalchuk, the Assistant of the Department of Industry and Infrastructure of the Executive Office of the Government of the Russian Federation, opening the roundtable 'Using the mechanism for maintaining reduced costs in the heating supply system in the process of modernization', which took place at the Analytical Center'.
  • 14 march 2018
    Experts Discuss Effective Ways to Attract Investments to the Regions
    "Today we're going to discuss the regional experience in energy conservation and energy efficiency as well as ways to encourage investments in the regions," said Analytical Center expert Grigory Mikryukov opening the Roundtable 'Extrabudgetary Funding Arrangements and Experience of Implementing Energy Efficiency Investment Projects in the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation'.
  • 12 march 2018
    It is important to increase energy efficiency through the use of new technologies
    The global greenhouse gas emissions have stabilized at 36 billion tonnes per year, but that is hardly enough to prevent long term climate change, Analytical Center experts note in their new bulletin on energy efficiency as a way to prevent climate change.
  • 12 march 2018
    The State is Working Hard to Create a Digital Economy
    The Analytical Center has hosted the Information and Analysis Tools in Public Administration Conference. It was the final event of the Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 contest.
  • 7 march 2018
    Winners in Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 Contest are Announced
    Today during the Information and Analysis Tools in Public Administration Conference at the Analytical Center an award ceremony was held for the winners of the Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 contest.