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  • 25 may 2017
    Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 competition will feature new nominations
    The Analytical Center has held the first expert panel which was part of the “Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017” competition to discuss the competition procedure. In her opening address, deputy director of the Analytical Center Galina Chinarikhina declared that the organizing committee is pleased with the results of the competition which received a keen response from the authorities, including those that had not previously taken part in it. The jury in this year’s competition will be enlarged due to more representatives of ministries and government agencies joining.
  • 23 may 2017
    New Leaders in Regional Procurement Efficiency Rating
    Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation and Zakupki360 Company have prepared Regional Procurement Efficiency Rating for 2016. At the top of the list are Yaroslavl, Kemerovo and Tyumen oblasts which in 2015 took the 2nd, 35th, and 25th places correspondingly.
  • 23 may 2017
    Russia to Assess the Development Potential of the Regions
    The Analytical Center and the World Bank have held a round-table on the assessment of the competitiveness of Russian regions, during which experts discussed the implementation of a project that has been provisionally titled Time to Look for New Opportunities.
  • 22 may 2017
    Modern Public Administration Methods Should Make Use of Soviet Experience
    Economic historians carried out a critical analysis of a number of aspects of the Soviet public administration system, identifying both positives and negatives; however, their findings are not regarded as resources for improving the effectiveness of public administration today. However, borrowing some practices from the Soviet past could help assess the effectiveness and side effects of some administrative tools before they are deployed and thus adjust the way in which they are to be used before they are introduced, Analytical Center expert Aleksey Safronov believes. That was the topic of his report at the International Conference "Public Administration and Development of Russia: Selecting Priorities", which was held by the Institute of Public Service and Governance of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
  • 22 may 2017
    Large-scale Arctic oil and gas production is not expected in the next decade
    "Major oil and gas production on the Arctic shelf is not expected before 2030", said the Analytical Center expert Alexander Amiragyan, speaking at the XIV International Conference on the Russian and CIS Shelf Development – 2017. The reason is the lack of major projects and investments.
  • 22 may 2017
    European and Central Asian countries need a new policy for introducing digital technologies
    The Analytical Center joined forces with the World Bank and the Institute of the Information Society to hold a round-table entitled "Getting Digital Dividends", during which a report was presented under the title of "Getting Digital Dividends: Effective Use of the Internet for Development in Europe and Central Asia."
  • 19 may 2017
    Promoting Tourism Will Bring People Closer and Improve Living Standards
    "At the moment there are 2 billion Muslims in the world. Potentially, they are the largest market of tourists that can visit Russia," Analytical Center expert Nurali Rezvanov said, speaking at the Halal Tourism: Status Quo and the Future session held during the 9th international economic summit Russia in the Islamic World.
  • 17 may 2017
    Experts Discuss Development of Smart Grid in Russia
    "Recently, there's been a lot of talks about what should be the priorities of the Russian energy sector, but everyone seems to agree that it needs to take advantage of modern smart technologies," Analytical Center expert Alexander Kurdin said as he opened a round-table to discuss the plan to implement the national project Smart National Grid.
  • 17 may 2017
    Trade betwen BRICS Nations Holds Great Potential
    Analytical Center expert Alexander Golyashev presented a report titled New Era of Global Trade and BRICS Co-operation at the 2017 BRICS Think Tank Symposium on BRICS Co-operation and International Production Chains.
  • 16 may 2017
    Competition continues to lessen in Russian markets
    The Analytical Centre has presented its 4th report on competition dynamics in Russia. The current state of the competitive environment is analyzed based on first-hand opinions of the business sector – more than 1,100 took part in a survey conducted by the Analytical Centre in January-February this year.