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  • 11 july 2017
    Challenges of dual-use goods’ export control. Survey for exporters
  • 10 july 2017
    Productivity in Russia continues to decline
    Analytical Center experts published a bulletin on productivity in Russia, where they conclude that it is only half of that in the European Union, in the G7 and the OECD nations. The experts are of the opinion that the productivity index has been falling consistently.
  • 10 july 2017
    Up-to-date management mechanisms needed in general education
    “The operating management mechanisms in general education were being formed in other social and economic conditions, aimed at achieving other goals and objectives. Today they are outdated, worn-out, so they set back development of general education. Their discrepancy to realities brings about economic costs, loss of control over the education system,” said Inna Karakchieva, expert of the Analytical Center.
  • 7 july 2017
    Russia is Recovering to its Pre-Crisis Demand Profile
    The Russian economy is steadily pulling out of recession, but the process is unequal throughout its regions. Nevertheless, experts of the Analytical Center have identified several typical trends outlined in the Bulletin of current trends in the Russian economy: retail retracts slower than income, the connection between regional real income behaviour and retail is getting stronger, and the share of groceries in retail is dropping.
  • 6 july 2017
    Centers for Innovative Development are in Demand in Russia
    The June edition of the Bulletin with the review of education in Russia was all about the results of reforms in higher education of Russia and abroad. Higher education in the Russian Federation is under constant reformation, but the reforms are held back by the depletion of human resources and the fragility of relationships between the labor market participants, Analytical Center’s experts note. According to the experts, the observed changes in universities are most often a response to demographic, immigration, and socio-economic factors. Nevertheless, there is a number of accomplishments which will be the basis of the future development of the system, from imposing the Federal Public Education Standards to bringing down the key activities to the project-based form.
  • 5 july 2017
    Experts Discuss the Possibility of Increasing Investment
    The Analytical Center hosted the Business Forum “Strategic Partnership Between the State and Business: Mechanisms of State Support of Entrepreneurship”. Russian businessmen and representatives of state institutions discussed the interaction of entrepreneurs and the State, as well as the investment potential of the Russian economy.
  • 5 july 2017
    The Development of Microgeneration Based on RES Depends on Electricity Prices
    In the new issue of the Energy Bulletin, experts reviewed global experience of microgeneration based on RES (renewable energy sources), and the tariff policy of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia.
  • 5 july 2017
    Last chance to apply for the “Proyektniy Olimp” (Project Olympus) contest
  • 4 july 2017
    Armenia’s Financial Stability Depends to a Large Extent on Remittances from Russia
    The main topics covered in the Global Economy Development bulletin published by Analytical Center experts are the economic growth prospects in Armenia and the issue of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 3 july 2017
    Experts suggesting assessing the economic impact of the FAS Russia
    The annual report of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) of Russia on the state of competition in Russia must include an assessment of the total economic impact of the FAS on the Russian economy, Analytical Center experts believe. The new competition development bulletin is dedicated to the assessment of the impact that the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service has on the economy. The analysts tried to come up with an assessment mechanism and test its applicability.