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  • 21 november 2019
    New Forms of Attracting Private Investors to Railway Projects are Required
    "The topic of attracting private investment in infrastructure construction is quite new for our country, although not completely new for the world," said Vladislav Onishchenko, the Head of the Analytical Center, at Transport Week 2019. "Many tools have already been explored, and we have every reason to use them". According to Mr. Onishchenko, this possibility is also provided for by the Federal Law On Railway Transport.
  • 20 november 2019
    The Ob-Irtysh river basin will become digital
    "The "Digital Ob-Irtysh river basin" project is highly important, and it deserves support. We need to define the conditions for its implementation within the framework of federal projects" - Deputy head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov addressed the participants of the expert discussion.
  • 20 november 2019
    Statistics must become the firm foundation of digital state governance
    "Statistics are a key source of information for decision making today and will remain so in the future digital state governance system," said deputy head of the Analytical Center Alexander Radutski at an international conference on the digital agenda for statistics in timeliness, quality and transparency of data.
  • 19 november 2019
    Business Community Sees the Draft Law on Investment as a Risk
    The draft federal law on the protection and promotion of investment, submitted to the State Duma, makes concession and public-private partnership mechanisms unprofitable for investors, creates default risks for concessions that have already been allocated and may lead to reduction of private investment in infrastructure projects. Such concerns were expressed by experts and business representatives at a round table held at the Analytical Center.
  • 19 november 2019
    Assessment of the achievement of the sustainable development goals depends on the quality of available statistics
    Analysis of the experience with monitoring the achievement of the sustainable development goals in other countries was presented by the deputy head of the Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko at the international conference on the digital agenda for statistics as a way to improve quality, transparency and timeliness.
  • 19 november 2019
    How Can the Energy Supply of Isolated and Inaccessible Territories Be Improved?
    The Analytical Center has discussed the proposals on the Procedure of the competitive selection of investment projects for efficiency improvement of power plants in isolated and inaccessible territories of the Russian Federation.
  • 19 november 2019
    Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Serving Health Care
    "Health care is facing the challenges posed by society, technology, education, spatial development, market and demographics. In order to find solutions to these challenges, it is necessary to predict the behavior of patients based on a system of balanced indicators using Big Data and artificial intelligence," said Nelly Naygovzina, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, in her speech at the conference Modern Health Care: The Lessons of the Past and a Look to the Future.
  • 18 november 2019
    Getting Permission for Business Operations Will Be Easier
    In what cases does a business need to obtain a permit for its operations? What the mechanism for granting permission should be and how to simplify it for entrepreneurs? These issues were discussed by experts at a round table in the Analytical Center.
  • 15 november 2019
    The text of the new and improved code of administrative offenses will be presented to the public in December
    The draft of a new code of administrative offenses of the Russian Federation will be presented for public discussion in December, said the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Denis Novak at a special purpose group held at the Analytical Center.
  • 15 november 2019
    Saudi Arabia is Pushing for Economic Diversification
    Oil export revenues are the economic basis for the Saudi Arabian development, but the fall of the world oil prices is forcing the Kingdom to adapt to new realities, according to the bulletin on current trends in global economy provided by the experts of the Analytical Center.