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  • 14 march 2017
    Developing nations in Asia need a transformation of their energy systems
    "The shortage of domestic energy resources and structural problems in the industry are holding back economic development in the majority of Asian nations," said Analytical Center expert Anna Lobanova, speaking at a discussion of the Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector in the Asia Pacific report of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.
  • 14 march 2017
    Control and Oversight Delivery Reform Moves to Regional Level
    "In 2017, Russian regions face a challenging task: to introduce a target model named "Control and Oversight Delivery Activities in Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation." Evgeny Lokhmatov, Expert of the Analytical Center, made this statement as he spoke in Kaluga at a workshop/training session on project management as part of Control and Supervision Reform. According to the expert, the target model is synchronized with the passport of the priority project on "Improving the Quality of Control and Supervision Work at Regional and Municipal Levels" and involves full-scale use of project management methods.
  • 13 march 2017
    Analytical Center looks at what was done in 2016
    More than 800 information and analytical materials at the instruction of the Government, more than 200 expert events, more than 400 copies of periodicals, more than 30 research and consultations papers, 6,500 mentions in the media—the Analytical Center lists the results for 2016.
  • 13 march 2017
    A shortage of waste paper is the main threat to the development of the industry
    "The entire world is trying to enter the fourth industrial revolution, the so-called Industry 4.0, but in reality this depends on every industry and on every state separately, on the work that people and companies are doing," said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Yuri Urlichich opening a round table on the Arranging and Development of the Collection and Processing of Waste Paper: Challenges and Solutions, Entering Industry 4.0."
  • 9 march 2017
    E-trade may become a business development driver
    The Analytical Center has held a seminar on exports through e-trade channels. In his opening address the first deputy head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onischenko noted that exports play an important role in bringing the Russian economy back to growth, while on-line trading is perhaps the most promising way to develop various industries. "When it comes to online exports it does not matter what size your company is or what kind of experience you have. You just need to find an effective strategy to promote your offering in various markets and understand which niche you want to win so you can correctly position your company and develop the right marketing strategy," Mr. Onischenko said.
  • 3 march 2017
    The reform of oversight and supervision system is gathering pace
    Speaking at the 4th National Conference titled “Internal Control and Audit in Russia", Tumun Tsydypov, Head of the Department for Institutional Development of the Analytical Center talked about the ways that the oversight and supervision system is being reformed and about the measures planned for 2017. The main areas of reform were defined by the Russian government in the priority program “Reform of Oversight and Supervision System in 2017-2025”.
  • 3 march 2017
    Venezuela: The government's actions fail to bring the country out of the crisis
    Plummeting GDP, soaring unemployment, inflation and collapse of the national currency: the new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy published by the Analytical Center looks at the economic situation in Venezuela, one of the most developed nations in Latin America and a member of the OPEC.
  • 2 march 2017
    In 2017, the state support will help automotive market grow by 11%
    "According to our estimates, in 2017, under the conditions of state support, the automotive market may grow by 10-11%. Without the state support, the negative dynamics of the industry may continue, and the decline will amount to 3%," said Grigoriy Mikryukov, Head of Department for Sectors of Economy of the Analytical Center at the conference "Russia’s Automotive Market 2017. Results and Forecasts". In 2018, the market will begin to recover due to the positive dynamics of the main macroeconomic indicators, added the expert. The calculations have been made on the basis of the model developed by the Analytical Center, and rely upon the implementation of the baseline scenario of the forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
  • 2 march 2017
    Analytical Center experts discussed trends in consumer prices and household income in 2016
    “2016 saw continued decline in the household income in Russia despite a small uptake in real pay resulting from the slowing down in the consumer prices inflation,” said Leonid Grigoriev, Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center, opening a roundtable on the trends in the consumer prices and household income in 2016.” At the same time, the real income of the dependent categories of the population, including the pensioners, continued to drop, the expert pointed out.
  • 1 march 2017
    Social stratification and fast population growth are characteristic of all Middle Eastern countries
    At the moment sustainable development of the Middle East looks virtually impossible. International cooperation aimed at normalizing the economic situation has become a global challenge. During the seventh session of the Middle Eastern conference of the Valdai Club, the experts discussed the opportunities for reviving the economy in the region with the help of both local and external players as well as non-governmental organizations. According to the moderator of the discussion, Leonid Grigoriev, Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation , all the middle eastern countries have fairly noticeable social stratification and are experiencing fast population growth, which allows for some general trends to be traced in the region.