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  • 8 october 2019
    Foreign investors need guaranteed protection of their intellectual property
    How to encourage innovations and patenting in our country? What are the challenges foreign investors have to face? These were the topics discussed by experts at the meeting held in the Analytic Center, where the interagency working group gathered to elaborate a roadmap for sustainable growth of the technology-driven sector of the Russian economy.
  • 8 october 2019
    Energy Facilities Do Not Need Excess Safety Requirements
    "Russia has fairly good experience in energy facilities safety protection, but it should not be viewed as the key target of terrorists and it is not necessary to introduce excess safety requirements in this area, because as the experience of Saudi Arabia demonstrates, attacks on these facilities do not cause critical damage", Alexander Kurdin, an expert of the Analytical Center said while speaking at the Saint Petersburg International Natural Gas Forum.
  • 8 october 2019
    It is Russia's Turn to Host the IPMA World Congress
    The 32nd IPMA World Congress will be held September 22-24 2020 in Saint Petersburg and will be the largest professional project management event in Russia.
  • 7 october 2019
    International remittances change the social sphere of developing countries
    International private remittances are a critical source of money for many developing countries, whose citizens work in developed countries and send money home to support their families. Analytical Center experts studied a new bulletin on the world economy trends to learn how exactly the money is used in recipient countries.
  • 7 october 2019
    Startups need private investments in the middle stage of their development
    Venture capital investment can ensure the dynamic development of the digital economy, but projects should be supported not only at the beginning, but also at later stages of their development. This opinion was expressed by participants of the round table "Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds as a Tool for Financing Digital Economy Projects" held in the Analytical Center.
  • 3 october 2019
    The state continues to support monotowns
    The project of new state monotowns development has been discussed in the Analytical Center. "The priority programme of monotowns development in 2016-2018 ended, but it doesn't mean that the subject isn't still important," says Olga Makaeva, deputy CEO of Monotowns Development Fund (MDF).
  • 2 october 2019
    Experts began public discussions of the Voluntary National Review of SDGs
    Public discussions of the structure and content of the chapters of the Voluntary National Review of Sustainable Development Goals Achievement began at the Analytical Center.
  • 2 october 2019
    Analytical Center is involved in development of the National Index of Digital Economy Development
    The Analytical Center is involved in the development of the National Index of Digital Economy Development, which is to show how the regions are prepared for digitalization, how they implement digital services and what the impact on the population is.
  • 30 september 2019
    The Paris Agreement is a new stage in Russia's climate policy
    Russia's ratification of the Paris Agreement opens a new stage in solving the issues of emissions, climate change and international agenda in our country. However, specific steps that will be taken in this direction remain to be determined.
  • 27 september 2019
    Co-owners to get new ways to use intellectual property
    At a round table the problems and solutions for the disposal of stakes in exclusive rights, experts discussed proposals for how to improve the relations between co-owners of exclusive rights,