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  • 12 february 2018
    New mechanisms are needed for managing supplementary vocational education
    The new bulletin on the state of education in Russia is devoted to supplementary vocational education and concludes a two-year series of bulletins on the reform of the Russian education system, according to Analytical Center experts.
  • 9 february 2018
    Experts discuss the problems of water reservoirs
    The Analytical Center held a round table on the allocation of functions and authorities during the design, construction, commissioning and operation of reservoirs.
  • 8 february 2018
    Affordability and Quality are the Most Important Objectives for the Development of Education
    "The most important objectives for the development of the existing education system both in Russia and abroad are affordability and quality," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva speaking at the plenary meeting of the 10th International Applied Science Conference 'T. Shamovaya Science School: Methodological, Theoretical and Technological Resources for Developing Education Systems' where she presented the report 'Quality Management in Education: Experience, Trends, Resources.'
  • 8 february 2018
    Key to Reducing Inequality is Сreating New Jobs
    "If we want to analyze the situation with inequality around the world we have to differentiate between wealth inequality and income inequality," said Analytical Center expert Victoria Pavlyushina, speaking in the Civic Chamber at the conference ‘Social Inequality and How to Combat it.’
  • 7 february 2018
    Taxi Market Needs Digitalization
    The taxi market continues to grow vigorously and demonstrates positive trends, Analytical Center experts write. According to the completed research, from 2015 the market size in monetary terms grew by 14.2% per year to RUB 575 bn in 2017. The number of people officially employed in the industry in 2017 was 584,000 people; 117,000 more people were temporarily employed in this sector during the year, which makes up a total of some 700,000 taxi segment related employees. The number of drivers vs 2015 grows by 25% per year – based on this indicators, the taxi market outpaces many conventional sectors of small and medium enterprises.
  • 6 february 2018
    Oil exports revenue was up 30% in 2017
    The state and prospects of the oil industry in Russia are most often assessed on the basis of output, reserves and exports, write the Analytical Center experts in their new energy bulletin. In their opinion, in conditions of severe competition in the global markets the various in supply and demand of hundreds of thousands of barrels per day are having a serious impact on oil prices.
  • 6 february 2018
    Communication within the Council has a positive impact on the quality of open data
    A meeting of the Open Data Council reviewed the selective assessment of the quality of open data published by various government agencies.
  • 5 february 2018
    From the field to the table: the state and business can manage risks together
    The Analytical Center has held a strategy session on how to identify and systematize critical risks for the life and health of people that occur during the field to the table life-cycle of food stuffs. Representatives of business, state agencies and the expert community discussed the risks and ways to properly manage them, which can be employed by manufacturers of agricultural products, the food industry and food retailers.
  • 2 february 2018
    South Africa Needs to Attract Investment and Create Jobs
    The modern period of South African history begins with the formal end of apartheid in 1994 and the formation of a democratic government, which today is a full member of the global community. In these 23 years, the country has gone through a difficult path of socio-political transformation and socio-economic development, Analytical Center experts say in their new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy "RSA: Achievements and Development Problems".
  • 2 february 2018
    Expert: Debates about the abandonment of the university infrastructure are groundless and premature
    "The Digital Economy program envisions including the professional education in high school curricula, offering people personal development trajectories and digital competencies profiles as these are key trends that are going to define the transformation of university education," Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva said speaking at the round table titled Universities of the Future: Trends and Prospects.