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  • 2 june 2017
    The Economies of the Baltic States Continue to Experience Serious Problems
    In their new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy Analytical Center experts look at the economic development factors of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in the period following the Great Recession.
  • 2 june 2017
    Human Development Indicators are on the Rise in the Regions
    Analytical Center expert Victoria Pavlushina presented a report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Inequality in the Russian Regions at the Sustainable Development of Russian Cities and Regions round-table that took place at the National Research Institute of the Higher School of Economics, and looked at the role of external sustainable development, environmental protection, and energy efficiency indicators (ratings and indices.)
  • 1 june 2017
    The Analytical Center Announces the Start of the "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) contest
    The 4th annual professional project management contest "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) kicks off on 1st June. Participants from Russia and other former USSR states will be able to compete in more than 10 different categories.
  • 1 june 2017
    Do We Need to Liberalize Pipeline Oil Transport Rates?
    "The goal of today's event is to try and figure out if transport of oil over trunk pipelines is a naturally monopolistic service and thus needs rate regulation," said Analytical Center expert Alexander Kurdin as he opened the round-table titled Is Transport of Oil over a Pipeline a Natural Monopoly?
  • 31 may 2017
    Efficient Government Machinery is an Important Factor behind Region’s Economic Growth
    “Regions currently are and will continue to be primary authors of reforms in all areas of public administration. There are many supporting cases. For example, regional governments were the first to embark on the implementation of the regulatory and supervisory authorities’ reform," said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov in his opening address to the participants in the panel discussion titled “Reforming constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Pressing issues”. The panelists discussed the key administration patterns and trends, as well as the potential of new approaches to boosting public administration efficiency in the regions of Russia.
  • 31 may 2017
    Experts Discuss Barriers to Non-Resource Export Development
    The Analytical Center has gathered together representatives of exporting companies to discuss the thorny issues related to application of the inward processing regime and possible solutions to such. The moderator was the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko.
  • 29 may 2017
    The New Environmental Protection Mechanism Must be Based on the Best Available Technologies
    "If investments in the modernization of industry and the economy are not getting recouped, that means something is wrong with the proposed economic payback model," said Analytical Center expert Evgeniy Gasho speaking at the 8th Nevsky International Ecological Congress.
  • 29 may 2017
    Russia is Reducing Transit through Baltic States
    "Although the 2008-2009 financial crisis is behind, the challenges of global economic development still remain: China's GDP growth rate is slowing; Russia and Brazil are just beginning to re-emerge from their serious crises, while the most important trend is the growing role of Asian countries," said Alexander Golyashev, an expert of the Analytical Center, speaking at the 20th International Conference TransBaltica 2017.
  • 26 may 2017
    Internal Problems Create Obstacles on the Way to the Chinese Market
    The Analytical Center has hosted an expert meeting on the factors affecting the volatility of lead times for export cargoes, including consolidated cargoes, during which the experts discussed the administrative and legal barriers to the organization of multimodal freight, including that in consolidated containers, as well as reviewed the conditions necessary for ensuring the competitiveness of transportation terms.
  • 26 may 2017
    Stainless Steel Production Needs Deep Modernization
    The Analytical Center has held a round-table on the problems of production and sale of stainless steel in Russia.