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  • 29 november 2019
    Experts make APEC energy development forecast for period until 2050
    How will electric power consumption by APEC countries change by 2050? Economies of which nations of the Group will demonstrate the highest growth? What are the prospects for renewable energy resources? These and other questions are answered by the APEC energy development forecast for the period until 2050 presented at the Analytical Center.
  • 29 november 2019
    Normative regulation of railroad transport to resume by 2021
    The structure of new normative regulation for the railroad transport industry has been presented to experts at a roundtable in the Analytical Center.
  • 29 november 2019
    Sub-commission established to address AI issues
    A sub-commission dealing with artificial intelligence (AI) issues will be operating within the framework of the Government Commission on Digital Development and Technologies for the purpose of higher living standards and better business climate.
  • 28 november 2019
    Russia needs ‘niche monopoly’ on IT market
    Foreign IT companies have a software and hardware monopoly on the domestic market, Analytical Center expert Alexander Malakhov said, noting that systemic software monopoly “is the most dangerous.”
  • 28 november 2019
    Corporate procurements may become more efficient
    The Analytical Center has discussed development prospects of the corporate procurement market and the efficiency of implementation of Law No. 223.
  • 27 november 2019
    Experts Discuss Innovations in Court Procedures Used in Administrative Offenses
    What are the principles that court settlements and court reviews must be based on in administrative offense cases? What is the impact that digitization is having on the administrative process? Whose authority needs to be expanded in the updated code of administrative offenses? Those were the questions discussed at a meeting that Analytical Center hosted for special purpose subgroups charged with drafting the new edition of the code of administrative offenses.
  • 27 november 2019
    Digitization Is Helping Achieve Several Sustainable Development Goals at the Same Time
    "The development of digital government and digital services for the public is helping reduce inequality both within countries and between countries," Deputy Head of Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko said, speaking at the Common Future forum. In her report, the expert talked about the role of digitization in the achievement of the sustainable development goals.
  • 26 november 2019
    Big Data in the Procurement Sector Is Not Enough
    “Big data in the procurement sector has not been accumulated sufficiently to become the basis for analytical and learning programs as the precursors of artificial intelligence,” Pavel Tikhomirov, Head of the Corporate Reforms and Procurement Department of the Analytical Center, said at the conference “Corporate Procurement: Practice 2019.”
  • 25 november 2019
    New Fuel and Energy Sector Regulations in Russia and the World in Jul—Sep 2019
    The ratification by Russia of the Paris climate agreement, improvements in the regulation of fuel and energy rates, development of new laws in the oil and natural gas sector in Africa, innovations in the fuel and energy sector of other countries - these are just some of the topics included in the new issue of the review of the fuel and energy sector regulations in Russia and around the world prepared using data for Q3, 2019.
  • 22 november 2019
    CPMI Projects Will Contribute to the Economic Development of the Far East Region
    Roads, bridges, seaports, transport hubs, airports — Vladislav Onishchenko, the Head of Analytical Center, told at the Russia Calling Investment Forum how the projects implemented in the Far East as part of the Comprehensive Plan for Modernization and Expansion of Main Transportation Infrastructure (CPMI) would contribute to the development of the region.