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  • 4 december 2017
    Diversification of the Oil and Natural Gas Markets is Achieved through Sales in Asia
    "In the past 10 years Russia has significantly expanded its sales of oil and natural gas in Asia, and first of all in China and Japan. This has been achieved through the implementation of two major projects: the construction of the East Siberia-Pacific pipeline and an LNG terminal in Sakhalin," said Analytical Center expert Alexander Amiragyan, speaking at the 12th strategic Oil Terminal 2017 congress.
  • 1 december 2017
    Experts Meeting Continue to be Held to Improve the Methods for Financing Universities
    "The model for financing universities is undergoing significant changes," said Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva as she opened an expert meeting on the mechanisms for improving the methodology for rationing state expenditures on education taking into account the industry specific features of universities. According to Ms. Karakchieva, when financial mechanisms are standardized and transparent it not only ensures the accessibility of higher education but also guarantees equal opportunities.
  • 1 december 2017
    Artists Expect State Support in Entering Foreign Markets
    The Analytical Center together with the Russian Export Center held an expert meeting titled "Cultural Services Exports: Barriers and Necessary Support Measures", which explored the business and expert community's proposals for the consolidated plan of the priority project "Systematic Measures for the Development of International Cooperation and Exports".
  • 30 november 2017
    The Finalists of The Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 Contest Strive for Victory
    The Analytical Center hosts the final of the Best Information and Analysis Tools 2017 contest. Three days are scheduled for the final— November 28 and 30, and December 5—when the experts consider the contest works of the candidates for the victory in two nominations.
  • 30 november 2017
    Experts Discussed Measures to Develop Suburban Passenger Train Complex
    Federal departments, regional leaders, Russian Railways and suburban passenger companies (SPC) are awaiting the adoption of decisions by legislative and executive authorities that will give a new powerful boost to the sector development. This was the conclusion reached by the participants of the roundtable "The Place of Suburban Passenger Railway Transportation in Resolving the Problems of Agglomerations," which was held at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • 30 november 2017
    Urban train project requires increased attention to comfort and safety of the passengers
    Alexey Safronov, Expert of the Analytical Center, participated in the expert discussion on the development of transport infrastructure, in particular, the construction of transport hubs. The discussion was held at the Urban Transport International Salon of Innovations. "Given that improvement of comfort and reduction of time lost during transfer requires additional investments, the choice between comfort and economy is made in favor of economy, if only discomfort of passengers does not result in financial losses of an entity responsible for configuration of the transport hub," - noted Mr. Safronov. Furthermore, according to him, if there is a disinterested party among organizers of change from one transport to another – comfort would not be provided.
  • 30 november 2017
    Experts Discussed Effective State Policies Addressing Climate Change
    The Analytical Center together with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation held a roundtable "Expected Economic Impacts of Implementing the Climate Change Policy in Russia."
  • 29 november 2017
    New Changes and Trends in Regulation of Russian and Global Fuel and Energy Sector in July—September 2017
    Current issues of improving taxation of oil and gas exploration financing abroad, planned increase in the excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel, amendments to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation regarding the use of oil and gas revenues, long-term competitive selection of the power of new generating facilities in the Republic of Crimea, the reduction of tariffs for electricity in the Far East, a new pricing model for district heating — these and other issues were addressed in the new Review on Changes and Trends in Regulation of Russian and Global Fuel and Energy Sector based on the Q3 2017 results.
  • 29 november 2017
    A Professional Standard is Being Developed for Heads of Universities
    The Analytical Center has held an expert meeting on improving the organizational and qualification mechanisms ensuring performance of the heads of universities. The introduction of professional standards, initiated in Russia in 2013, is gradually making the recommendation a mandatory norm. "The professional standard for heads of universities is a necessity and it must be implemented in both the public and private sectors," Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva said as she opened the event. "At the same time, its improvement must not be revolutionary but rather evolutionary in order to move smoothly into a system of competent management."
  • 28 november 2017
    New Educational Pattern is Being Formed
    "The current mechanism of strategic planning for education development, formed in the previous socio-economic conditions, does not correspond to today's realities," said the Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva, speaking at the parliamentary hearings organized by the Committee on Education, Science and Culture "On Strategic Planning for the Development of Education in the Russian Federation" with her report titled "Transformation of the Goals and Objectives of Strategic Planning for the Development of Education."