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  • 5 october 2017
    Experts analyzed Russia's foreign trade trends
    The 2017 foreign trade trend in Russia suggests business inside the country is on the rise, according to Analytical Center experts. The increase in imports means business has adapted to the demand levels in various sectors of the economy at the current ruble exchange rate and a global oil price of about 50 US dollars a barrel. Foreign trade trends are the main topic of the new bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy.
  • 4 october 2017
    Is Indonesia Russia's Competitor in Energy in Southeast Asia?
    Indonesia's economy, and especially the country's ability to export energy resources, became the central topic of the new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy, prepared by Analytical Center experts.
  • 3 october 2017
    More order needs to be introduced to the process of state governance automation in the provinces
    To ensure effective and economically viable automation of state governance processes at the regional level a single comprehensive digital platform needs to be developed, experts believe. The Analytical Center has hosted a round table on the automation of state governance processes at the regional level during which specialists discussed how to build such a platform.
  • 3 october 2017
    Specializing in specific industries guarantees competitiveness for the provinces
    Should there be a single standardized approach to developing territories or should different development tools and methods be used depending on regional specifics? The problem of the effective use and applications of regional support and developed tools was discussed at a round table on the practices of the use of territorial development tools organized by the Analytical Center.
  • 2 october 2017
    Expert: Development of national professional development systems for educators is a global trend
    Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva presented a report titled the Practices of Creating a System of Professional Development of Educators and a System for Maintaining the Prestige of the Teaching Profession at the plenary meeting of the Russian National Seminar for representatives of regional (inter-regional) organizations of the Russian National Trade Union of Educators that was taking place in Sochi on September 24-25.
  • 2 october 2017
    Experts discussed the development prospects of e-commerce
    Global e-commerce is expanding very fast: by 2025 its share in the global retail market will be between 20 and 25%. Earlier, experts got together at the Analytical Center to discuss whether Russia is ready to jump on this bandwagon and what needs to be done to develop exports through e-commerce.
  • 29 september 2017
    The digital economy program relates to the economy rather than to digital technologies
    "Digital transformation changes very quickly both technologies themselves and business models of communication among people, socializing and forms of governmental governance," said Mr Maxim Akimov, First Deputy Head of the Administration of the Russian Government, at the round table "Analysis of International Experience in Governmental Regulation of Digital Economy Matters and Platform Solutions: Focus on Singapore" that was recently held in the Analytical Center.
  • 28 september 2017
    After 2024 the goals for supporting renewable energy must change
    "Today it is important for us to understand what method of supporting affordable and clean energy must be implemented after 2024 and what measures are already being proposed and why," Victoria Gimadi, the Head of the Department for the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Center, said as she opened the round table on the development prospects of renewable energy in Russia after 2024.
  • 27 september 2017
    The project management office will try and smooth out the differences in how the state and business view the digital economy
    The Analytical Center has hosted a strategy session for entities participating in the development of action plans for the Digital Economy program. The event focused on issues of methodological and informational support.
  • 27 september 2017
    About 97% of total turnover within the EEU occurs with the participation of Russia
    The Analytical Center has hosted a round table on economic relations and development of the EEU, during which experts discussed the similarities and differences between the member states, foreign trade, currency exchange rates, money transfers as well as the current state and development prospects of economic integration within the EEU.