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  • 12 april 2019
    The 2018 Alcohol and Tobacco Market Overview Has Been Published
    Vodka, beer, wine and cigarettes, their production and sales statistics—experts from the Analytical Center prepared an overview of the alcohol and tobacco markets following the results of 2018.
  • 12 april 2019
    Big data will contribute to the regions development
    How digital economy will change the statistics? How big data can be used for the purposes of the State? That was the topic of the Deputy Head of the Analytical Сenter Tatyana Radchenko’s speech at the XX April International Scientific Conference on problems of economy and society development.
  • 11 april 2019
    NSR to Face Comprehensive Development
    According to Vladislav Onishchenko, Head of the Analytical Center, who was speaking at the International Arctic Forum, "The goal of the Northern Sea Route development until 2035 is to create conditions for the regular traffic accompanied by the appropriate development of harbour and other infrastructure."
  • 10 april 2019
    Russians Have Adapted to New Economic Growth Model
    This country's population has adapted to the new economic growth model in which their real disposable income has kept shrinking for years on end. That's according to new data suggesting that consumer demand has begun to pick up, write the Analytical Center experts in their new bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy.
  • 10 april 2019
    Quality Supplier Assessment Criteria Need to be Developed during Supplier Selection
    "The only way to get the best results is through motivation. One way to get suppliers to perform their obligations is by paying them on time on all awarded and completed government contracts and agreements," said Pavel Tikhomirov, Head of the Corporate Reforms and Procurement Department of the Analytical Center at the State Procurement 2019 Forum. "However, the incentives that the current procurement procedure is based upon is somewhat different than that: the idea there is to get orders with a view to absorb a profit as the main goal of business activities."
  • 9 april 2019
    Experts Predict Growth for Mexican Economy
    The Analytical Center has published a new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy; this issue is devoted to Mexico's economy.
  • 8 april 2019
    Port Infrastructure Needs to be Developed
    "According to customs statistics maritime transport leads in exports: over 90% of all grain exports are shipped to destinations outside Russia by sea," said the Analytical Center expert Dmitry Chernenok speaking at the 15th International Transport Forum YugTrans-2019 devoted to the synchronization of the commissioning of transport infrastructure facilities for grain deliveries.
  • 5 april 2019
    The concept of the “Digital University” model will be presented in June
    The first universities to test the model developed within the framework of the national program “Digital economy” will be selected within the second half of the year.
  • 4 april 2019
    Nuclear Market: Old Leaders Backing Off, Not Giving Up
    Leading western corporations are losing their positions in the global NPP construction market. However, the former leaders fully intend to adjust their policies and regain their leading positions, experts of the Analytical Center write in the bulletin "Competition in the Global Nuclear Technologies Market".
  • 4 april 2019
    Data Processing To Become Basis For Successful Digitalization Of Energy Sector
    Victoria Gimadi, Head of Fuel and Energy Complex Department at the Analytical Center, told about the digitalization of the energy sector and the National Program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" at the III World Smart Energy Summit.