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  • 30 november 2018
    2018 Human Development in Russia Report Published
    The new stage of the technology revolution demands transition to a more flexible development model mainly aimed at finding and adopting the innovative solutions. Russia, like a lot of other countries around the world, tries to achieve sustainable development to ensure the effective use of its research and technology potential, as well as the human and natural resources of the country over the long term. The Analytical Center experts described the various aspects of innovative development in the new Report on the human development in Russia, titled "People and Innovations", which was presented earlier at the Analytical Center.
  • 30 november 2018
    The National Data Management System must focus on creating added value for business and the public
    Vladislav Onishchenko, Head of the Analytical Center, presented the concept of a national data management system at the meeting of the work group of the Digital Economy autonomous non-governmental organization for digital state governance.

  • 29 november 2018
    Authorized Persons of the Federal Antimonopoly Service must balance the interests of the regulator and the business
    "As part of the Fifth Antimonopoly Package, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation has for the first time provided for appearance of authorized persons. The current version of the document contains basic requirements to an authorized person but does not assign its status as a person acting in the interests both of the regulator and business, the procedure of appointment of an authorized person, its powers and financing terms. Thus, the experts are worried with uncertainty of law enforcement practice", Elena Kovaleva, Head of the Department for Competition Policy of the Analytical Center, said while opening a round table "Engagement of authorized persons in monitoring fulfilment of instructions of the antimonopoly authority".
  • 29 november 2018
    Transition to the smart tax system will ensure high level of economic growth
    "Tax policy significantly influences business, economic activity and fiscal position, and is a crucial aspect which, in general, can be systemically important for the economic growth speedup", - Gleb Pokatovich, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Centre, said while opening a meeting of the subgroup on budget and tax policies.
  • 29 november 2018
    Role of Social Networks in Public Administration Increases
    Do public authorities need accounts in social networks? Can they help make management decisions? The Analytical Center held a roundtable where it presented the research of federal authorities' activities in the most popular social networks.
  • 29 november 2018
    Success in implementing the Comprehensive Plan for Development of the Transport Infrastructure depends on success of each project included
    During the preparation of the Comprehensive Plan for Development of the Transport Infrastructure and after its passport approval, regions have submitted and continue to submit proposals to include their projects in it, mentioned Vladislav Onishchenko, Head of the Analytical Center, at the meeting of Yevgeny Ditrikh, Minister of Transport, with the representatives of regional authorities held within Transport Week 2018.
  • 29 november 2018
    First and foremost, it is the general public that will benefit from high speed rail (HSR) projects in Russia
    According to Analytical Center expert Mikhail Krupin, it is the ordinary Russians that stand to gain the most from the implementation of HSR projects in Russia.
  • 28 november 2018
    Special Training is Needed for Healthcare Managers
    Value-based healthcare focused on long-term effectiveness for the patient was the main topic of the III Russian National Conference of Department Heads on Management Staff Training in Healthcare hosted by the Analytical Center.
  • 28 november 2018
    Market for narrowband wireless Internet of Things has great potential
    "This topic is an element of implementation of state strategic documents and a market niche that has great potential," said Gleb Pokatovich, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, when opening an expert discussion on the possibilities of narrowband wireless Internet of Things LPWAN.
  • 26 november 2018
    Taxis found to be three times safer than driving your own car
    Taxis have been found to be 3 times safer than driving your own car and the chance of ending up in a traffic accident is significantly lower when taking a taxi than when driving your own vehicle. Those are the conclusions drawn by the Analytical Center experts after they studied the condition of the taxi industry in Russia from the point of view of road safety.