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  • 22 december 2016
    Obstacles to Regional Development Stem from Previous Policy
    The Analytical Center held discussions about conditions and factors of economic growth in the Russian regions, priority measures to promote economic growth on a shoestring budget as well as ways to improve the mechanisms of state support.
  • 21 december 2016
    Experts Discussed Financial Support for Non-resource Exports
    Prospects of financial support of non-resource exports and development of partnership between the Russian Export Centre and various Russian and foreign financial institutions were the focus of the experts’ agenda during the breakfast meeting jointly held by the Analytical Centre and JSC EximBank of Russia yesterday.
  • 19 december 2016
    The Analytical Center has hosted the first working meeting for the development of a digital economy in Russia
    The Analytical Center and the Institute of the Information Society have organized the first working meeting titled “Positions of Russian Experts Regarding Conceptual Foundations of Digital Economy”. The event was held as part of the implementation of the initiative of the World Bank and its partner organizations titled “Digital Economy: Prospects for Russia”, which main goal is to help the interested parties in Russia to create and develop the foundations for a strong digital economy in the future.
  • 16 december 2016
    The Analytical Center Published a New Report on Human Development in Russia
    The Analytical Center has presented a report on human development in Russia in 2016. "The publication and presentation of this report has already become a tradition: three years ago the Analytical Center took it over from the UNDP, which had published the first 16 reports before. The main topic of the 19th report is comprehensive analysis and adaptation for Russia of the UN sustainable development goals adopted for all the countries around the world for 2016-2030," Chief Advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoryev said in his welcome address.
  • 15 december 2016
    Experts: Tourism Dynamics Depend on Real Household Income
    Experts have analyzed the trends in demand for tour operator services in Russia and studied in detail the figures for domestic tourism, Russian tourists going abroad and foreign tourists visiting Russia.
  • 14 december 2016
    Fares to Be Paid Electronically
    The Analytical Center teamed up with the United Nations Development Program to hold a round table on the current state and development prospects of fare payment systems and systems for managing regular passenger transport in the territory of Russia.
  • 13 december 2016
    Panel of “Best Information Analytics Tools” Contest Has Chosen Winners
    On 12th December, the panel of the “Best Information Analytics Tools 2016” contest held its final meeting The names of the winners are being kept secret until the official award ceremony, which is to take place in January during the “Information Analytics Tools In Public Administration” conference. In the meantime, members of the panel discussed the finalist projects and talked about the development and possible uses of information analytical tools in the public sector.
  • 13 december 2016
    New Forms of Government Support Being Launched for Development of Monotowns
    “Nowadays, there is much talk about cities and towns which economy is dominated by a single industry or company,” said Mikhail Pryadilnikov, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, when opening the Round-Table entitled “Monotowns: shift from survival tactics to a development strategy.” “There are 319 monotowns in 61 constituent entities of Russia, where situation has remained virtually the same for many years. On November 30, the Government approved the certificate of the Integrated Development of Monotowns top-priority project, its key goal is to reduce the dependence of monotowns on the functioning of their backbone enterprises. Development programs are going to be prepared for all monotowns, including measures aimed at diversifying the economy, improving the urban environment, developing human capital. These issues are seriously addressed by the expert community, too.”
  • 12 december 2016
    Experts on the Future of the Labor Market
    Labor and society, good jobs, organization, production and management of labor - these were the topics included in the concept for the implementation of the Future of Work initiative of the International Labor Organization in the Russian Federation. “Russia cannot afford to stand idly by as the International Labor Organization implements its Future of Work initiative,” said Lubov Eltsova, the Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Protection of Russia. “By December 1, 2016 Russia ratified 74 UN conventions and work in this area continues apace.”
  • 12 december 2016
    Full Scale Global Energy Forecasts Are Close to Consensus
    8th November, 2016 saw the publication of the Russian long term energy forecast prepared by the Institute for Energy Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Analytical Center of the Government of the Russian Federation and a few days later, on November 16, 2016, another energy forecast was published by the IEA. The projections for key indicators for 2040 in the baseline scenarios found in the two forecasts are fairly close to each other, even though they are based on different assumptions. The different approaches to building up scenarios for the two forecasts allow to compare and contrast the consequences of macroeconomic and geopolitical shocks as well as of possible changes in the global energy policy: the latter prove to be more significant.