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  • 14 march 2014
    Future of renewable energy
    A Round-table on “Prospects for energetic development in isolated and outlying regions of the Russian Federation” was held at the Analytical Center. The experts noted that in the outlined regions of Russia a big number of small stations (hydro-electric, geothermal, eolic, etc.) were build and functioning. What should be done for their development?
  • 13 march 2014
    Corporate conduct and compensation package
    Recently the experts of the Analytical Center Tatiana Eferina and Alla Salmina spoke out at the scientific-methods seminar “Possibilities to increase labor productivity in the public sector” that was held at the Central Office of the Federation Council.
  • 12 march 2014
    Public utilities sector becomes more transparent
    In order to raise the transparency of the public utilities sector the Analytical Center provides the organizational and methodological support for relevant regional executive authorities. The website of the Analytical Center provides all the necessary guidance materials and instructions; training seminars are organized as follows: on March 5 in Chelyabinsk Region, on March 11 – in Krasnoyarsk Krai, on March 13 one will be held in the Republic of Karelia.

  • 11 march 2014
    The energy services contracts will keep the growth of public utilities rates down
    The Analytical Center has developed a two-stage procedure which allows to keep the growth of public utilities costs under control without affecting the regional tariff policy and in the long term to reduce rates. At the same time it will not require any costs from the state budget for its implementation.
  • 11 march 2014
    An intelligent energy sector on a global scale doesn’t have to wait
    A new issue of energy bulletin, prepared by the experts of the Analytical Center, includes projects regarding energy poverty, increasing energy supply of different countries, global management in the fuel and energy sector, and other topics.
  • 5 march 2014
    Eastern Russian regions will be the new center of coal mining industry
    Discussions took place at the Analytical Center regarding the main directions for development of coal mining industry in the Russian Federation which were inserted in the provisions of the coal mining industry long-term development program for the period up to 2030.
  • 5 march 2014
    State environmental policy requires new legislation
    “The ongoing environmental policy requires new approaches which presume a search for legal measures to create a perfect legislation both at the federal and regional levels”, - said Mr. Vyacheslav Agafonov, Expert of the Analytical Center, speaking at the parliamentary hearings “Legal provision of state policy in the field of environmental development of the Russian Federation”.
  • 4 march 2014
    Economic relationship between Russia and Georgia will develop
    Economic relationship between Russia and Georgia will develop
    “10-12% of the Georgian GDP constitute outside money transfers, primarily from Russia, which links our economies more than trade”, - stated Mr. Leonid Grigoriev, Chief Adviser to Director General of the Analytical Center, speaking out at the International Conference “Georgia and Russia: prospects for relations - 2014”.
  • 3 march 2014
    Exploitation of underground natural resources needs private property and public-private partnership
    Exploitation of underground natural resources needs private property and public-private partnership
    “Analysis of law enforcement practice regarding the use of forest land for underground exploitation purposes shows the urgent need to develop a new conceptual model related to natural resources”, - said Mrs. Natalia Zhavoronkova, Head of Directorate for Legal Groundwork for Land and Property Regulations at the Analytical Center, during the II Conference “Use of forest land for underground exploitation”.
  • 28 february 2014
    Four mobilities that will change the world
    During the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum the Analytical Center has presented a report on the long-term global trends in innovation. Labor mobility, capital mobility, products mobility, education mobility – are, according to the experts, main factors that can make an economic and social revolution in their sectors.