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  • 2 april 2014
    Competition policy: in search for effective balance
    The experts of the Analytical Center Alexander Kurdin and Tatyana Radchenko spoke out at the XV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development organized by the National research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE).
  • 2 april 2014
    Experts are talking about the need for new procedures for generating funds for capital repairs
    The Roundtable on “Opportunities and restrictions for the banking sector and participants in the public utilities market, regarding the opening of special accounts and accounts for regional operators that will generate funds for capital repairs” was held at the Analytical Center.
  • 1 april 2014
    Experts consider that it is necessary to involve all Russian citizens into the energy conservation process
    The First Russian National Conference “The Federal Law on energy conservation: 4 years of operational experience” was held at the Analytical Center, during which the key problems regarding energy conservation and increasing of energy efficiency in the Russian Federation were discussed. The participants were talking about the current problems and new trends in the energy conservation sector and increasing of energy efficiency based on accumulated experience in execution of such projects in different economic sectors. Discussion was mainly focused on the issues of development of concept for self-regulating energy services and energy research, planned amendments to the current Russian legislation.
  • 31 march 2014
    Visual representation of state programs as an instrument for promoting economic policy
    “Visual representation is not just some pictures, it is looking at the state program from a different perspective. There are a lot of examples, where the logic of visual representation required a new vision of the document itself”, - said the Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov in his welcoming speech during the Roundtable on “Implementation of state programs of the Russian Federation”.

  • 31 march 2014
    How to create a modern system of internal financial control and audit in Russia?
    Recently the workshop on “Development of the internal financial control and internal financial audit systems in federal executive authorities” supported by the Analytical Center was held. During the event the experts discussed the issues regarding improving internal financial control and internal financial audit systems.
  • 28 march 2014
    Analytical Center developed a procedure for modernization of public utilities within the energy service contracts
    Recently during the welcoming speech at the Roundtable on “Methods to involve energy service companies in modernization of regional housing facilities within the framework of energy service contracts” that was held at the Analytical Center, Assistant to the Head of the Department for Industry and Infrastructure of the Government of the Russian Federation Vitaly Kovalchuk noted the importance of energy conservation actions needed to be taken regarding the apartment buildings, and that the energy services coverage in this sector is insufficient.
  • 27 march 2014
    Development of the air transportation sector leads to economic growth
    The Analytical Center hosted the round table on “Competition development in the air transportation sector: pros and cons”, where the experts discussed measures of state policy regarding competition development in the air transportation sector.
  • 27 march 2014
    Capital repairs: effective ways for financing and stimulation
    “It will be helpful to involve a wide range of experts and taking into consideration the existing regional practice to create at the federal and regional levels the tools for development of a non-budgetary financing of capital repairs of apartment buildings. Such tools can be the following: guarantee funds, tax incentives, etc.”, - proposed the Head of the Directorate for Housing and Communal Services at the Analytical Center Maria Shilina, speaking out at the working group meeting on “Quality of life” organized by the Russian national social movement “National Front “For Russia”.
    The main topic of the meeting was the problems that appear in the process of formation of the regional programs for capital repairs of apartment buildings, as well as possible ways for their solution.
  • 24 march 2014
    Energy services: professional community getting organized
    The founding congress of the Russian association of energy service companies (RAESCO) was held at the Analytical Center. Joining affords the market professionals will take responsibility for creating opportunities in the field of energy savings and increasing of energy efficiency for both providers and customers of energy services.
  • 24 march 2014
    Two sides of import duties
    The Analytical Center published a new bulletin on competition development “Import duties: barriers for competition development and protection of domestic producers”.
    The establishment of custom duties which constitutes an additional entry barrier for foreign producers to gain access to internal markets affects import volumes and price situation in domestic market. In its turn, competing with foreign producers becomes a guarantee for reducing production costs, modernization and increase in domestic production efficiency. This bulletin describes some possible effects of liberalization of import duties. It also includes usual news review.