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  • 31 october 2014
    Analytical Center invites experts to take part in polling on open data usage effectiveness
    October 31 to November 11 the Analytical Center conducts an on-line polling of trading companies, individual entrepreneurs, scientific and non-profit organizations on "Open Data Usage Effectiveness".
  • 28 october 2014
    Organizations for orphan children should be organized on family approach base
    During the roundtable, which took place in the Analytical Center, experts discussed positive and possible negative effects of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 481 05/24/2014 “On activity of organizations that provide protection and care of orphans and parentless children, and on sending the parentless children to such organizations” realization
  • 24 october 2014
    Prequalification results of Contest of projects on presentation of budget for citizens
    As the results of the Contest committee consideration of applications, which were applied for prequalification October 6-10, were sum up, a list of prequalified was formed and passed.
  • 24 october 2014
    What should be done to promote competition in oil and gas sector of Russia?
    Head of the Department for Strategic Studies in Energy Alexander Kurdin took part in roundtable “Russian oil and gas sector competition development prospects: market mechanisms and policy drivers” within National Oil and Gas Forum.
  • 23 october 2014
    Russia needs new energy structure
    “Processing changes in technologies and economy, varieties of structure and load characteristics, change in consumers’ preferences – these things make the creation of a new Russian energy structure actual”, said the expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho during the 14th Russian Energy Forum plenary session in the city of Ufa.
  • 23 october 2014
    Russian energy strategy will be reconsidered
    The Analytical Center was program partner of National Oil and Gas Forum, which took place in Moscow on October 22-24.
  • 23 october 2014
    Russian experts need to look at WTO practice more closely
    Roundtable “State support for Russian exporters: financial and non-financial tools and development prospects” took place at the Analytical Center. The experts have discussed state export support within WTO and OECD membership, as well as the foreign experience in this field.
  • 22 october 2014
    “Project Olympus” elimination round results
    Results of elimination round of the Contest in the field of professional project management in the public sector “Project Olympus” are reviewed. 30 finalists will take part in final round.
  • 20 october 2014
    Open education systems will broaden minds
    Counselor of Head of the Analytical Center Yuri Ammosov took part in a roundtable “Open educational resources and content” within the international conference for new educational technologies EdCrunch. According to Mr. Ammosov, open education for all differs from current higher education because it does not need prequalification.
  • 16 october 2014
    State policy in the field of informatization of housing and communal services sector needs to be improved
    “Ensuring a balance of interests between the complex composition of interested persons in the field of housing and communal services cannot be achieved without the use of relevant, trustworthy and processable information and high-tech tools for its collecting and processing, as well as consistent state informatization policy”, said the expert of the Analytical Center Maria Shilina in her report “IT development of the housing and communal services sector” at the II International Conference “Information systems and technologies in the housing and communal services sector”.