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  • 19 november 2014
    Open data portal functions but needs to be improved
    The Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vasily Pushkin spoke at the roundtable within Bishkek open data days under joint name “Open Government documents for socio-economic development and public services refinement”.
  • 18 november 2014
    Vasily Pushkin: state support measures should reach ultimate consumer
    5th Forum “Innovation. Business. Education” took place in Yaroslavl on November 13-14. More than a thousand participants from 20 regions of Russia and foreign countries discussed topical issues of regions’ socio-economic development, and the primary issue was the one on region management strategic planning system construction.
  • 18 november 2014
    Expert: outstanding political will is necessary to resolve energy crisis in Ukraine
    “Ukraine experiences a full-scale energy crisis, which combines 3 aspects: gas, coal, electrical energy industry”, announced the Head of Division of the Department for Research Works of the Analytical Center Alexander Golyashev during the roundtable in the INA “Rossiya segodnya” Media Center, where experts discussed energy security problems of Ukraine.
  • 17 november 2014
    Automation of public sector: shift from implemental model to cloud one is necessary
    “Companies working on automation of public sector should reassess the strategy of work with public client in the current context”, said the expert of the Analytical Center Maria Shilina during the CNnews Forum “Information Technologies Tomorrow”.
  • 14 november 2014
    Parallel imports legalization role in determination of state policy current strategic objectives
    Legalization of parallel imports debate has been going on for a long time, but despite best efforts experts, authorities and market members cannot trade-off. No final decision is made by the Government. Official position tends to believe that if legalization of parallel imports happens, it will happen stepwise, not earlier than 2018-2020 and inclusive of investors stand.
  • 13 november 2014
    Russia will be able to secure itself with provision
    “Legislation should have a long-range plan, determine milestones and solve import substitution problems”, said the Head of the Directorate for Legal Groundwork for Land and Property Regulations of the Analytical Center Natalia Zhavoronkova opening the roundtable “Topical Issues of Russian Food Supply Security Legal Coverage Update”.
  • 13 november 2014
    Moscow has constituent reserve of energy and eco-efficiencies rise
    The expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho took part in IV research-to-practice conference on environmental problems of Moscow. Plenary session and 8 roundtables on various environmental activities gathered more than 350 participants.
  • 12 november 2014
    Expert: Energy efficiency – throughout winning sector
    The International debating club meeting on “Energy efficiency in Russian industry: white certificates and energy saving voluntary undertaking” took place in the Analytical Center.
  • 10 november 2014
    Polling on open data usage effectiveness is prolonged up to November 14
    Due to the growing interest to the polling on data usage effectiveness, a decision on polling prolongation up to November 14 was made.
  • 7 november 2014
    Leonid Grigoriev: Russia is between developed and developing countries
    "The biggest question is not the one if we will survive in adverse economic conditions caused by sanctions against Russia. Russia will. The biggest one is: if Russia will make a bound forward", said the Chief Advisor of the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev during "Government Readings" in Tyumen.